A Complete Guide To Transport A Cake Using Boxes

The most wonderful thing about weddings and other celebrations is that you can always bring a cake with you. Of course, the venue will usually have one on hand for you, but sometimes it’s good to take your own along as well. While most people know how to bake their own cakes, a lot of us don’t know how to transport them without breaking or damaging them in some way. There are different types of cake boxes available now, each designed specifically for transporting cakes. The first step is choosing which type of box to use. 

Choosing A Cake Box 

There are basically two kinds of cake boxes that are appropriate for transporting cakes. One kind is made from cardboard that has been folded into a square shape. These types of boxes are quite flimsy so they’re not really recommended unless you have a very small cake that doesn’t weigh much at all. They also tend to be rather expensive and are typically only used by large companies and catering services because they’re easy to clean. The other kind of cake box is made from plastic. This type of box tends to be less expensive than the cardboard ones and is generally more durable. It comes in various shapes and sizes depending upon what you need to store. Some are flat while others are cylindrical, but almost all are fairly sturdy and will protect your cakes from damage. However, if you do choose to go this route, make sure to get a few extra boxes so you’ll have enough for any special occasions that may come up. 

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How To Transport Your Cake With Boxes 

Now that you’ve decided on the right kind of cake box for your needs, there’s still one last step before you begin transporting your cake: wrapping it in bubble wrap. If you plan to transport your cake in a cardboard box, you’ll want to place your cake on top of the box and then cover it entirely with bubble wrap. This protects both the cake itself and the cardboard box. Once that is done, you can place the entire container in your vehicle and drive safely to wherever you need to go. 

If you’re planning to travel with a plastic box, you will probably want to do something a little bit different. You can either put your cake directly inside the box or wrap it in plastic wrap first. Most plastic cake boxes have cutouts in the sides and bottom so you can easily remove your cake once you reach your destination. Either way, you’ll want to follow these same guidelines when traveling with your cake: 

– Do not overfill your box with too many layers. Too many layers will cause your cake to become unstable and will likely fall out of your box during transportation. 

– Never stack boxes on top of each other. Doing so will increase the risk of toppling and potentially causing damage to one or more of the boxes. 

– Make sure that you pack your boxes properly. Place the larger box on top of the smaller box and ensure that the lid fits snugly. 

– Pack your boxes carefully so that they don’t move around during transportation. 

– If you’re using multiple boxes, try to keep them together. It’s best to avoid placing them in separate bags, especially if you think they might shift around during transportation. 

– Avoid storing your boxes outside. The heat can cause them to warp and crack, making it difficult to open them later. 

Transporting Your Cake Safely And Effectively 

If you follow the above tips, you should be able to successfully transport your cake. Just remember that this process takes time and patience. It’s better to start early and pack everything ahead of time instead of trying to rush through it the night before. If possible, leave yourself plenty of time to drive to your destination and back again. Most importantly, if you ever feel like your cake will be damaged even after following these guidelines, simply call someone who knows how to bake cakes and ask them for help. 

Another important factor to consider is whether your wedding location allows the use of boxes. In some parts of the country, it’s illegal to transport a cake using boxes. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), it’s prohibited in most places. Before you decide to use boxes, you’ll want to check with your venue to see if they allow them. If they do, you should be fine! 

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