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A Vending Machine With Cigarettes

The business of selling cigarettes is one of the most profitable and promising as you can learn about it here Especially in our country. Accurate statistical data are not available, but the estimated number of smokers can be visually assessed while walking in the street. The sales technology is also not standing still, you can find it in stores and on the street, and ice cream vending machines and coffee. The vending machines selling chocolates and coffee are all clear.

As for the vending machines of tobacco products, the question is quite complicated. Yet these machines in our country are prohibited and this is understandable because the machine can determine the age of the buyer even when the seller in the shop sometimes is not able to do it?

The contents

  • 1 the Problems of determining the age of smokers
  • the Problems of determining the age of smokers 2 Installation of vending machines of tobacco products in our country
  • Installation of vending machines of tobacco products in our country 3 the profit of the vending machine with cigarettes
  • the profit of the vending machine with cigarettes 4 the solution of problems with age determination
  • The problem of determining the age of smokers

This is the main problem when finding vending machines for cigarettes. But those who figure out how to use this situation to determine the age of the buyers, no doubt is a monopolist in this segment of the market. Because this way you can patent a way to gain a monopoly.

Abroad similar machines installed for quite a long period. For example, in Japan, however, as in other States, there are some age restrictions on the sale of cigarettes. When you consider the fact that among other things, the Japanese crammed with this machine, all kinds of electronics. For example, vending machines selling tobacco products are equipped with cameras that can determine the age of a person in some respects (the gray hair, wrinkles, and so on). The definition thus takes place with nearly 90 percent accuracy.

The installation of machines for the sale of tobacco products in our country

One of the variants of installation of such machines in our country is their installation in places where access to minors is prohibited even if only theoretically, for example, bars, night clubs. But the negative side of this arrangement is that in these places the visitors come with their cigarettes.

Such machines it is advisable to install in public places: public transport, shopping centers and supermarkets, railway stations and other public places. But, here again, the problem with the law on age restriction. So anyway the main problem is the determination of the age of the potential buyer.

The profit of the vending machine with cigarettes

Such a machine is approximately 3600 euros. This gun holds about 150 packs of 20 types of cigarettes. The purchase price of one bundle is approximately 0,6-0,8 Euro, and retail – 1-1,2 Euro. Approximate difference in the average of 0.3 EUR for the pack. Of course, the payback period of such “cigarette” machines big enough, not such as coffee machines or food, but this is the case when you have only one or two vending machines for cigarettes. Into the machine, we can add related products: chewing gum, lighters, and so on.

The solution to problems with age determination

As already noted, one hundred percent method of determining the age of the machines has been invented. One of the possible options is available is that these machines in places to which access by minors is simply not allowed, although a significant disadvantage of this, is a small demand.

Very popular in high tech, the definition of different personal options on the retina or fingerprint.

So if you have an outstanding talent of the inventor, can develop such a system and patent it, and continue to lead coordination with government authorities on the establishment of this tobacco business. Another option is to determine the age of the purchaser of cigarettes for the driver’s license. After some coordination with the authorities to obtain permission to provide such information, but clients can only be Smoking drivers.

After reviewing the above, we can conclude that the tobacco business is a promising and profitable business, despite greater competition. Installing vending machines with tobacco products, it is possible to gain a monopoly in this segment of the market, and in place with this and a good income. This should resolve the issue with the age limit by searching for the device, which you can use to determine the age of customers and which will enable the machine to automatically distinguish an adult man from the minors and will eventually be able to become a monopolist in this sphere.