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Choosing A Baby Safe Disinfectant You Can Use At Home

If you are a mother, disinfecting is a subject that holds great importance in your household. Infants and toddlers have immature immune systems. That is why mothers make sure to clean and disinfect on a regular basis. However, you do not want to use standard disinfectant solutions that use harmful chemicals. They may effectively kill microorganisms, but have harmful effects to your children as well. Kids love to put things in their mouths. Thus, you need to be careful when choosing disinfectants as they may leave residues that have detrimental effects to children. An example use for a baby safe disinfectant would be cleaning plastic baby toys. Using a baby safe disinfectant will help give you peace of mind.

All of the disinfectant products in the market pose certain health risks. But there are those that are safer to use around children and are more environment-friendly. These are disinfectants registered with the EPA or the Environmental Protection Agency. Examples of these products include:

Hydrogen Peroxide

Disinfectants that use hydrogen peroxide as an active ingredient are widely used in many childcare centers as an alternative to bleach. This chemical compound breaks down to water and oxygen, and unlike bleach, does not leave harmful residues. Hydrogen peroxide-based products do not emit irritating fumes to the air. These products are effective in killing bacteria, fungi and some viruses. They do not have to be rinsed off after application. But when buying hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectants, always check the label for EPA registration. Follow the directions for disinfecting. Examples of these products include Oxivir Tb and Oxivir Five 16.


Another example of a baby safe disinfectant is Benefect. This product is not only EPA registered but is also Eco-Logo certified. It is effective against bacteria, fungi and certain viruses. Like hydrogen peroxide-based products, Benefect does not need to be rinsed or wiped off after application. But it must be left on surfaces for 10 minutes, with the right hydrogen peroxide disinfectant ratio in order to kill most microorganisms. It is sold as wipes or as a liquid. It is more expensive than bleach, but when it comes to kids’ safety and health, parents are willing to pay a higher price.

Silver Ions

Silver has low toxicity levels to humans. It has been used for years in medicine, water purification and other applications. Now, products containing silver ions stabilized with citric acid are also being used as disinfectants. They are approved to be used in schools, hospitals, and other facilities and even in homes. Silver compounds do not cause skin and eye irritations and are not known to have carcinogenic potential. They are not classified as respiratory sanitizers as well. However, large doses of silver can cause kidney and lung lesions, although this is less likely to happen from exposure to disinfectants with silver ions. They are EPA-approved and are safe to use for toys.

If you live or work with children, there are basically 2 guidelines to live by when choosing a baby safe disinfectant. One, check the label for the ingredients used. Watch out for ingredients that are known to have harmful effects, like bleach, and others. Second, see if it is EPA registered. An EPA approval means that the government has tested the product in terms of its efficacy in killing germs and bacteria, and for possible health hazards. A product with an EcoLogo is also preferable. That is, if you want a home that is clean and environment-friendly.

When the family has the existence of the babies, the house must be sanitized extra and there should be no bacteria on the surfaces. To avoid diseases there must be minimal contact of microbes and other infectants in your house. It should be a safe zone where you can let your baby live. This is only done because babies do not build a good immunity in the beginning and it is best to build a clean environment.