Come On, Let’s Go on a Motorcycle Ride

Hello, just call me Fat Cat. I have been riding my motorcycle for 2 years now and have greatly enjoyed the freedom and thrill that comes with it. In the 2 years I have been riding, I experienced the good and the bad sides of riding. I have almost wrecked once, almost been run over by several 4 wheeled motorists, but most importantly I have experienced the awe of natural and man-made landmarks in a way that you can’t experience them in a car. I would like to share these experiences in future articles with my fellow motorcycle riders and people who have not, for whatever reason, had the chance to enjoy the open roads on a motorcycle.

Throughout the year of 2012 I will be participating in several motorcycle poker runs. During these trips I will be taking photographs, notes, and interviewing people. I hope to share these experiences and encourage others to join in these good causes. My interviews will vary from interesting bikes and their riders to the organizers of the ride. My photos will consist of riders, bikes, and landscaping throughout the ride. I hope to show people that do not understand riding motorcycles, the freedom and good heartedness of riders and maybe encourage more people to at least try and experience motorcycle riding.

For those of you who don’t know, a motorcycle poker run is a motorcycle ride with a starting point and ending point. In between the start and ending points there are scheduled stops in which you will draw a playing card. At the ending point you will draw your last card and this will be your poker hand. There are different variations of poker runs, but this explanation should give you some idea of what to expect.

I will also be chronicling my personal rides and the rides that my buddies and I take just to relax. As much as I enjoy riding in motorcycle poker runs I also enjoy riding by myself and/or with just a few people. With just a few riders your opportunities to stop at a “hole-in-the-wall” restaurant or to take that interesting looking narrow road safely are much more enjoyable because you are on your own schedule. When you ride in a motorcycle poker run you are riding with a large group of people which is scheduled to run within an approximate time frame so sometimes you can feel rushed.

Generally, motorcycle poker runs are for charities of varying causes. Myself, I will not ride in a poker run that is not for, in my opinion, a good cause. In other words, if someone organized a poker run for a political faction you can bet I will not be there, but if it is for needy children and I am able I will be there. It is up to you to choose what you think is a worthy cause or sometimes you may go on a charity ride simply because a bunch of your friends do. Not only do I consider the charity, but I also consider the area where the charity motorcycle poker run will begin and/or end. I like checking out new rides for different sites to see and also for different areas for me to ride on my own or with my buddies.

I always fill up my gas tank and then clean my motorcycle the night before a poker run whether it needs it or not. Personally, I am embarrassed for someone to see my motorcycle dirty especially at any type of motorcycle or automobile function. Filling the gas tank up before I go on a poker run allows me to enjoy the ride and comradery without having to waste time during the ride to fill up. Every poker run I have been on I have had enough gas to complete the ride and return home.

Now, that you may have an idea of what a poker run is find one and ride!