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Cosmetology For Weight Loss.

It turns out that in order to lose weight, do not sit on a diet. On the contrary, we must eat a lot – with the help of creams, lotions and other cosmetic preparations, made on the basis of marine products. “Sea-menu” can change the body in the shortest possible time. And change it without causing any harm to the body. Of course, everyone has heard about the SPA, Thalasso, Algo and therapeutic qualities. It would be boring to talk about another magical water treatments. Therefore, we explain how marine cosmetology helps get rid of blemishes and buy something that we are seeking.

Maritime Beauty –

a division of cosmetology, which uses sea water, seaweed and mud of marine origin. It has several large sections: thalassotherapy (treatments and treatments with sea water), algoterapiya (treatments based on algae), fangoterapiya (mud packs and gryazeozdorovlenie) and balneotherapy (bath with sea water and algae). But when it comes to marine cosmetology professionals involve primarily algae and sea water. Seawater interesting due to its composition: it contains about 120 species of micro-and macro.

Trace elements –

a substance that requires a person of more than 10 milligrams per day (calcium, potassium and magnesium – key intracellular elements). Trace elements – a substance contained in the body in trace amounts. Some of the trace elements are poisons, for example, arsenic and lead. However, in small quantities they are needed to man – in order to properly flowed all the biochemical reactions, as the minerals are the catalysts of these reactions. Their deficiency can lead to many diseases. When stressful situations in which lives year-round average citizen, macro-and micronutrients the body needs more than the norm.

Get them is difficult:

our body does not produce them, and extracts from food. But our food leaves much to be desired: fast foods, diet, quality of the food. Stress provoked an increase in losses of these substances. For example, we know that “the disease of Chiefs” – a lack of magnesium: Magnesium is lost in a big psychological stress. Because this element regulates the nervous system, seventy percent of the magnesium “stored” in the brain. For lack of it violated the appetite, sleep, accumulated fatigue, increased susceptibility to stress. Get the food in the right amount of magnesium is extremely difficult, perhaps with vitamin complexes.

But vitamins and minerals have one big disadvantage:

they are artificially synthesized in the laboratory, literally imposed on the body, ie the body when they are forced to take use of magnesium is not as much as he wants, but that he was offered and he was able to learn. Maritime Beauty also offers all the necessary material to get in another way – through the skin. At the same time the body gets valuable ingredients in a bioavailable form, that is, take as much as he wants. Thus, the marine cosmetology may be called an alternative power supply. When you check bluechew reviews, you will see a lot of positive comments and feedback from customers. In relation, marine cosmetology is also considered to be very effective that’s why it also ahs a lot of positive feedback. 

Maritime Beauty achieves excellent results with no dieting. It is not to be confused with weight loss, decrease the volume. In good, no matter how many pounds lost man after the procedure, it is important – how much he lost. Sometimes at sea procedures, you may lose a few sizes in clothing, but the gain kilo and a half.

Subject to strict diet with the fat lost nutrients. The diet can lead to rapid weight loss, but, according to WHO recommendations, you can lose no more than three pounds per month, or will be irreversible changes in the internal organs – the omission of the kidneys, liver tsirrozirovanie and so on.

Man wants to lose fat, but under strict diets in the first place just does not melt the fat and start losing fluids and nutrients. Adipose tissue is light, it does not give great weight loss, which mainly is due to structural elements – calcium, magnesium and so on. In a healthy person just calcium and bone tissue only in one and a half pounds. But there are also calcium in muscles, ligaments, blood vessels. After losing a few pounds of nutrients, the ligaments become flabby, stretched atrophy. Hence – the omission of the kidneys, heart problems. When this happens thalassotherapy.

Maritime Beauty –

it’s food, saturation of the body with useful substances. Because of this saturation and accelerated normalization of many processes. And if, for example, a person suffering from osteoporosis, it is not enough calcium, then after the procedure with marine substances can increase its weight due to condensation and recovery of bone, while the volume decreased markedly. The body gets out of the sea algae and all that he required; accordingly reduced metabolism, normal hormonal balance. Volume decreases, because a healthy body fat loss is not necessary, but the skin, muscles, ligaments, bones are what they lack in the right quantity. That is why the effect of marine cosmetology is not measured weights and measuring tape.