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Crown Electronic Cigarette Batteries

Charged Up and Ready to Quit Smoking!

Battery alternative products include all electronic cigarette products. If you disconnect from a tobacco product and replace it with an electronic product, can you quit smoking? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by those that are looking to quit smoking.

Since e-cigarettes are battery-operated devices, it’s important to know a bit about the power behind the vapor. The battery is the most important part of the electronic cigarette. With this power pack, you have a liquid encased cartridge waiting to come to life.

Crown7 eCigarettes use Lithium-ion batteries. These differ from the old nickel-cadmium batteries – the type you probably buy for your wireless mouse – in many ways.

  • Can be charged before the battery is dead
  • Maximum capacity is the same as the first charge as with the 50th

With no memory, the battery takes the same amount of time to charge each time. It has no way of knowing how much life is left! It is this element that prevents you from having to prime the battery when you first get it. In other words, you don’t charge it for 8 hours when it first arrives: you charge it for 1.5 – 2 hours every single time.

If you are going to be leaving for the day, you can fully charge the battery first thing in the morning to ensure it will last all day. Or, you can give it a partial charge, and it will still last most of the day. This is because it has no memory and does not require that it be discharged before you ramp it up.

Every time you charge the battery for the maximum time of 2 hours, it takes a full charge. It doesn’t matter how long you used it. However, with the Crown7 batteries for e-cigarettes, you need to understand that their life expectancy is about 300 charges approximately.

But, you don’t want to overcharge any lithium-ion battery! Overcharging Lithium-ion batteries causes corrosion. It will not cause them to leak, but it will kill the lifespan of the battery.

Instead of lighting up a tobacco product, you need to charge your battery. Here are the manufacturer’s tips.

  • Remove the battery immediately at that point.
  • If you do not intend to use your eCigarette product in the next 5 hours or more, remove the cartomizer from the battery. Carry them separated in a protective case.
  • Do not charge your batteries overnight

The Crown7 Imperial battery is meant to be used exclusively with Crown7 Imperial products.

Crown7 Hydro Imperial is the newest edition eCigarette in the Crown line of products. When choosing to purchase a battery, you indicate whether you want an Extra or Replacement battery. Unlike many other manufacturers, Crown7 has one battery that is used for all its products.

You can choose from the following color choices:

Crown7 has a new kit called “W” Women that is emblazoned with the pink “W.” The “W” battery is especially cute for women, and one comes included in the kit.

Anyone who has used electronic smoking products – o.k. Vaping units – will tell you that have two or three batteries on hand are always a good plan. Having one in the unit, one charging, and one for a spare when you reorder more prevents you from going down in flames and substituting your Zero-nicotine fix with a hot tobacco product.

After using battery-operated cigarettes, you’ll find out how bad the “real” ones taste. They do burn your throat. But, smokers get used to the heat and don’t realize it until they try one again! If you are using electronic items to quit, the worst thing that you can do is “try” a real one.

Using Batteries from Other Sources

Every manufacturer of electronic cigarettes designs specific batteries for that particular product. You would not consider switching a battery from an android phone to an iPhone that uses iOS technology because it could destroy the other components of the phone.

Some companies make “adapters” for electronic cigarettes. They claim that these adapters can be used to allow you to use any make, model, and type battery with your eCigarette, regardless of the brand. These adaptors are unsafe.

  • Never, ever, ever use an adaptor product to use another company’s battery
  • Never, ever, ever, NEVER use stacked battery packs with an adapter

There have been reports of e-cigarette users purchasing the adaptor products and the matching alternative “longer lasting” nickel, lead, or stacked battery packs. After using the altered battery, the e-cigarette exploded during use, causing major disfiguring to the smoker.

Crown7 wants you to know that the use of any battery other than the Crown brand has not been tested and verified as safe! Batteries are mini-generators that produce low-voltage electricity. Using the wrong battery or an alternative battery can cause fire and explosion.

Charged Up and Ready to Quit!

Quitting smoking is more than just switching brands or finding an alternative. The key is in knowing what keeps you attached to the end of a paper stick that emits stinky odors and fills the air with mold-embracing spores.

Once you identify your reason, you have a better chance of actually stopping permanently. This doesn’t mean that you have to give up the habit of holding a cigarette. With e-cigarettes, you can have a zero-nicotine experience that offers the simulated flavor of tobacco.

eCigarettes as a quit smoking device replace the need for four elements that many smokers find grips them to their addiction – social blanket, oral gratification, the action of inhaling, and forcing themselves to take a break.

If holding a cigarette helps you feel comfortable in a crowd, then e-cigarettes are a definite step in the right direction! Oral gratification and the action of an inhaling are addictions of their own. Smokers who hate the smell and taste of cigarettes usually suffer this addiction. Workaholics are known to use cigarettes as a reward to take a break from working. These types use cigarettes as a tool to control and set their pace rather than work to exhaustion.

Quitting smoking can be done using Crown7 zero-nicotine electronic cigarettes with herbal tea or exercising to help ease the tension of withdrawal. In this way, you are satisfying the other needs and relieving tension.

Just one hit of nicotine – whether from a real cigarette or an e-cigarette – is enough to electrify your brain cells into hoping that you will give them the “feel good” drug again. Unfortunately, your brain only “feels good” the first time! That high is never duplicated again, no matter how much you feed it the addiction.

You are not just a brain cell. Worse, your entire body deteriorates while you try to get your brain to feel in “happy.” Your brain is the battery to the rest of your physical body. Switch to eCigarette for the real smoke-free experience!

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