Dirt Devil Upright Vacuum Cleaners

There are certain things you look for while trying to buy a vacuum cleaner. Does it store easily? The type of handle is important. Is the handle easy to grip? Does it make your hand tired? The weight of the vacuum is important. Is it too heavy to pick up? Is it easy to move around? Do the wheels move easily? Does it have pickup power? Are the dust bags easy to find? Are the dust bags easy to put on? Is the cord long enough? Does it have the tools needed to do curtains and, corners? Will the tools dust above the window seals and the ledges? Will it fit if I want to vacuum my stairs? The task at hand has a large effect on what the consumer is looking for. These are a few of the questions asked. The Dirt Devil Vacuum has been satisfactorily answering these questions for years.

The Bagless upright has finger tip controls reaches corners easily and cleans stairs and the cord is retractable. The price is $ 296.99. A special filtration system in the vacuum cleaner catches dust and pet hair in your home.

A Reaction Dual Cyclone with extra tools cost about $153.99. This vacuum has a scuff bumper and a five level height adjustment.

The Dirt Devil Vision is self driven, has a filter and has a 30 inch spread. It is priced at $99.99. The E drive in the Vision upright adjusts to your work pace.

The Vision self propelled that sells for $170.49 is a bottom empty design and traps almost 100% of allergy causing materials. It carries extra large dirt capacity.

This Vision Has two stick. Self propels backward and forward; bagless design, with a 32in. cord. This little vacuum cost about $115.00.

The Featherlite Bagless is $76.99. Weighs a little less than 14lbs; with a handle that folds down this makes the vacuum an easy storage item.

Spinnergy is priced at 80.00; also easy to handle. The handle converts into an extension wand. The Sinnergy vacuum carries a large dirt capacity holder; with a five position height adjuster.

The Dirt Devil Dynamite is not a full sized vacuum. It is light weight, but still gets the job done; priced at about $60.49.

The Dirt Devil Reaction Fresh Upright has more suction with the dual tunnels for dust. This separates the dirt making for better suction and the dust bin is easy to empty. This little work saver sells for about $ 153.00.

Reaction Dual Cyclone cost about $170.00. This vacuum has no messy filter cup and has a pet brush that rotates making it easier to clean pet hair.

The Featherlite Carpet Extractor cleans carpet with five strong brushes and sucks up excess water. Cost about $99.99.

The Ultra Swivel Glide has a filtration system for allergy sufferers. It swivels and is one of the easiest vacuums to handle and it has a system to let you know when you need to change the bag, no guess work and sells for $87.99.

These appliances are household necessities, and are put on sale from time to time. Discounts are sometimes 20 to 30 %. These are all very good vacuum cleaners. The utility of the vacuum determines the price, but the average price is around $100.00. The Dirt Devil is one of the standard vacuum cleaners in the appliance section of most stores.