First Dates in Las Vegas that Won’t Cause Bankruptcy

First dates are risky. As a male, I find myself paying for most of them and my most common concern is: How much should I spend and where? If, for whatever reason, your date doesn’t work out, then you’ll not want to have spent too much on it, while, at the same time, you don’t want to spend too little and give a poor impression if she winds up being someone special.. That said, I’ve complied the three best spots for a date in Las Vegas, without it hurting your wallet too badly.

Date location number one: Regal Cinemas at the Aliante.

The Aliante Hotel and Casino isn’t anywhere near the strip, located at 7300 Aliante Parkway, in North Las Vegas. The Aliante boasts an IMAX movie theatre capable of rivaling any of the big name casinos while leaving out the big name’s price hike. Adult IMAX tickets cost $17.25 while regular movie tickets cost $10.75. Your date will appreciate not being taken to a standard movie theatre and your wallet will appreciate not taking a beating.

Date Location Number Two: Town Square.

Las Vegas Town Square is an outdoor mall of sorts featuring all the big name clothing stores as well as a wide variety of restaurants. Located at 6605 Las Vegas Boulevard South, it features one of the nicest atmospheres in all of Las Vegas, complete with tree-lined streets and old-fashioned light poles and camouflaged speakers providing mood-setting music. For a first date location, I’d recommend going to California Pizza Kitchen or Brio’s Tuscan Grill, both of which will run you around $15-18 a plate, without losing the nice atmosphere. Then, go on a walk, buy dessert from one of the many stands set up in the park in the center of Town Square. It’ll make your date feel special and give you ample time to talk, (and your wallet ample time to breathe a sigh of relief).

Date Location Number Three: Picnic on Mount Charleston.

Las Vegas in summer averages over 100 degrees — hardly the weather for a picnic. Fortunately for those of us who enjoy the outdoors, Mount Charleston typically is 10-20 degrees lower, providing the perfect atmosphere for a picnic. Grab some food from the grocery store or a good place for take-out (such as Café Rio) and head on up to the mountain. It’s got several designated picnic areas, as well as scenic hiking roots. Naturally, don’t head up there if your date isn’t much of an outdoor person, but if she likes lovely views and a relaxing outing, Mount Charleston is perfect.

Those three places have yet to fail me in determining whether or not a second date is a good idea, as well as letting me afford said second date. Enjoy.