Know More About The Best Romance Anime Of 2020

There are various kinds of television series you get to watch, it is based on a different genre, some are sports-related, some are cartoons, animated movies, etc. Animated movies are generally known as anime in the Japanese language. Anime is widely viewed because of high and vibrant graphics, funny characters, anime quotes, and themes that are out of imagination. There are different types of anime. These are no different from cartoons, cartoons are the other name of anime and it is known outside Japan. 

Types of anime

The following are the most known types of anime-

  • Shounen-

These types of anime are most common among girls but are common among boys up to the age of 15 years. Some Shounen anime are Dragonball, Naruto, etc.

  • Shoujo-

These types of anime are the opposite of Shounen. These types of anime are directed for teen girls and are based on romance and drama. 

  • Romance-

These are based on romance and are most liked by girls up to the age of 18. These types of anime have a lot of episodes and have a story in an animated form. There are many other types of anime also.

The best Romance Anime of 2020

The best Romance anime of 2020 are s follows-

  • Majutsushi Orphan Hagure Tabi-

This is the top romantic anime with other types of genre action, adventure, romance, etc. 

  • Plunder-

This is another most viewed romantic anime with genre action, Shounen, adventure, romance, etc.

  • Koisuru asteroid-

This is another anime based on romance, school story, comedy, and a slice of life. 

  • Kyoukou Suiri-

This anime series is based on different genre including romance, mystery, comedy, supernatural, etc. 

  • Arte- This is another type of anime that is mostly watches due to kinds of the genre like romance, Seinen, drama, historical, etc.

Hence, these are various types of anime also. Apart from these few types, other wide categories attract the viewers. There are other many anime quotes that became most popular among teens.