Pokemon Go Starbucks Leak Sets New Date December 8Th

Pokemon Go Starbucks leak started a few weeks ago when an unnamed Starbucks employee shared a Starbucks memo about the upcoming Pokemon Go update this December. The rumored leak spread rapidly to many Pokemon Go community from forums up to social media. There are lots of feedback on whether this leak can be real or fake.

Now, more information has surfaced again about the possible upcoming update in Pokemon Go exclusive for Starbucks. Will there be a Starbucks event or sort? Out of nothing, new confidential screenshots and details of a possible event were shared on Reddit. According to the leak, Niantic and Starbucks are collaborating for the new update this coming Thursday, December 8th.

As reported, Starbucks branches will be converted into Pokestops or gyms and those who stop by and spin the Pokestop will unlock a special drink, the Pokemon GO Frappuccino. This kind of information was shared between managers and other employees of Starbucks only.

Unlike the first leak, Generation 2 Pokemon details were not mentioned in any part of the newly leaked information but the memo mentioned the new Pokemon and new Starbucks beverages. Does it mean the Gen 2 Pokemon are also coming? It’s just a few days away until we this update. Besides that, to take full advantage of the event, players should check out these Pokemon go accounts for sale as well.

  • Here are a few things to note for this leak:
  • How is the credibility of the source?
  • The leak is still unconfirmed.

Generation 2 Pokemon is not coming?

No one knows. As we all know, the new 100 Pokemon is already in the game data. This can be activated anytime soon from their server just like what happened when Ditto was released.

Will there be a client data update around the world?

It is possible that there will be a client update when it is released but we are not sure if all countries will get it. This leak came from the US and we haven’t heard any leak from the other countries.

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