The Benefits of Concrete Roof Tiles

Tiles give a distinct appeal and uniqueness to homes. After learning about roof restoration cost Melbourne you might find this even more lucrative. They are fire safe, durable, and long-lasting. They allow better circulation of air than other roofing materials above and below the tiles, and as such can release heat energy better. There are many benefits of concrete roof tiles, in particular, the most stand-out being their extreme longevity, even for tiles. 

While they may cost a little more, you will save lots of money in the long run as they can last for over 100 years. Concrete tiles are, as you would imagine, concrete based. They are made by mixing the concrete with sand and pigment, which can be almost any color. There are two ways to install these tiles, either by lugging the underside to wooden strips that are nailed on the roof or by setting them directly onto the roof and then screwing or nailing them in. 

When laid correctly, concrete roof tiles are snow, ice, and watertight. As they are made of cement, they cannot rot, curl, rust, or burn. They are interlocked and secured to the roof on every row, resulting in an almost impenetrable roof. A very large benefit of concrete roof tiles is not only that they can be made almost any color, but that they can also be fixed to any surface, including close to vertical. As such, they can be used not only for roofing but also as a decorative feature on gables or exterior walls. 

They can also be used to add protection and curb appeal to a home’s curb or tie it into the whole look of the lot. If you are considering re-roofing from a metal roof to a concrete tile roof you will need to engage the assistance of a builder to install new trusses and ensure the roof is constructed to take the weight of the concrete tile roof. 

These tiles require a good deal of skill to fit, so make sure that the roofing crew of your choice specifically works with concrete tiles. This is the most important aspect of installing concrete tiles, as the quality of the team will decide the quality of your roof. Also, be sure to look at the warranty that they offer for their work. The tiles can easily outlast you, but only with proper craftsmanship and installation. Another thing to consider is that because they do last so long, they may get a build-up of grime and hide their color, so give them a good power wash occasionally.

All in all, the benefits of concrete roof tiles far outweigh any of the cons. The long-lasting nature of these tiles alone makes them very appealing to most people, not to mention the customization and general aesthetic they bring to a home. Selecting the best tiles for your roof and the effect you want is achievable with the help of a professional team of tilers with many years of experience with tiles. As long as the right product and team is chosen, with very little maintenance over their lifetime, a concrete tiled roof can create an ageless look that can be enjoyed for generations to come.