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Want To Install Paver? Know About Excavation

For installing paver, excavation is very important, and thus it is considered for reaching a height that will be exceeded. When you are using a slab here, then it should be a slope in the downward direction so that you can keep your house away from here. It also comes with water drainage through which you will manage a slope at the height of 4 feet. By using a stake as well as a parameter, you will be able to mark all the things in the stake so that declining a slope will become easier for you. 

Using a string:

Tänavakivi müük allows you to use a string so that all the stakes will be managed and indicate a certain level through which you will reach the height. Further, it is important for you to calculate the entire depth so that excavation will be done. In case you need an extra inch, then you can undergo the process of excavation. 

How to complete the excavation process?

While placing bricks, you are required to complete the excavation process so that all the things will be added here. It also comes with a rectangular area that will help you double up material by using the right slope as well as height. It requires a high depth through which you can maintain the thickness level of the paver. With the total depth, you need a base material so that you will complete all the things out there. 

Always use the right material:

When you are done with the process of excavation, you can now further proceed so that you use the right base material. You can use a crushed rock so that you can choose the right type of stone and size for the maintenance. You can also use a material that is sharp and comes in a certain size.