Witcher 3- Guide to Perfection

Youngsters are suckers for video games and the 80s and 90s generation is living proof of that as most of them are still addicted to it as they cannot forget those days even now and always take time out to try their hand out at the joystick on their PS4 and XBOX 360.

This is something that merits an article of its own because video games are not taken seriously by the elite working class but that does not demean its value in the eyes of its admirers which has taken over the current generation as well.

The all time best video games that immediately come to mind are super Mario, Contra, Minesweeper, Dave the Hunter, etc. to name a few but we are going to talk about something different that has taken the youth brigade by storm.

Mod List

Witcher 3 is a more recent venture that came out in 2015 which is an action adventure that is bound to give you an adrenaline rush as it is quite different from other video games of the same genre.

Witcher is the main protagonist who has acquired the title of monster slayer that has made him a hero in the eyes of the kingdom but his original name has been cited as Geralt of Rivia, which is quite unique and sounds more like an honorific title of a renowned king.

The best witcher 3 mods come under varied hues but what is important to note that they don’t go beyond the bounds of the storyline where the merger is mentioned with the protagonists and his army soldiers.

The background music is so enthralling that it adds to the adventurous tones that the game promises which the graphics too being of top quality. Witcher 3 is a game that other gamers should also try out atleast once to understand it better.