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Simple Tips for Keeping Your House Clean and from Reaching the Disaster Point

Regardless of your current life stage, there are always complications involved in maintaining an orderly household. For the singles out there, it may be a crazy busy schedule or crippling procrastination. Others may be able to narrow the cause of their messy abode down to the whirling dervishes that pose as their children. Whatever the reason for chaos and disorder, there are a few simple steps that can help get your affairs in order.

Set a time limit –

If your first instinct is to hide in a closet with a box of Oreos after surveying your cluttered kingdom, don’t fear – there’s hope! A big difference can be made with a timer, 8 minutes and some dedicated attention. Invest in either a portable timer (you can find an egg timer at the dollar store for under $5) or program 8 to 15 minutes on your microwave timer if that function is available. 8 minutes is the best minimum time limit; anything less doesn’t provide you with enough time to be productive.

Start small –

Procrastination mode is going to kick in full force if you decide to clean your entire house in one day; start small by focusing on one room, or even one area. The main reason behind mess is that things aren’t put back where they belong. Designate a pile or preferably bin or basket for groups of items that belong in a different location; one for items that belong in the kitchen, one for items that belong downstairs, etc. If the items belong in the room you’re concentrating on, make sure to do something with everything you touch; if it’s a pair of pants, hang it up in the closet, if you have a pair of shoes, put them in the shoe rack, etc.

Pace yourself –

Chances are you’ll have to dedicate more than just one 15 minute session to an area before its spic and span. If you don’t meet your goal at the end of 15 minutes, give yourself the option of resetting the timer for another session or picking up where you left off tomorrow. More often than not, sessions tend to have an addictive quality for me and I find that it’s not uncommon for me to end up spending an hour doing something I had only thought I could stand for 8 minutes.

Review and improve –

As you go, think about why items have been misplaced; are they located in the wrong spot? Is there a better place or better way to store them? One of my favorite discoveries has been hanging a laundry bag on the back of the bathroom door. Previously, I had designated hampers in each bedroom and given the small footprint of our house, this was not the most efficient option. Plus, Mistress Lazy wasn’t all that fond of having to pick up piles of clothes in three bedrooms. Now all the dirty clothes are centrally located in the mesh bag which offers the added bonus of being easily transportable to the utility room.

Keep it up –

Now that you have an initial plan, how do you keep to it so that you don’t backslide? Here are a few recommendations that I’ve found helpful:

Develop a habit –

Every weeknight after I’ve tucked the kids in and before I settle in for some R R; I pick an area and dedicate at least 15 minutes to organizing and cleaning it. I have been amazed at how much of a difference this small gesture has made for keeping on top of things. Throughout the course of the five day work week, you can put in a minimum of an hour and fifteen minutes of housework and/or organization!

Reward yourself –

Motivation is a powerful thing. Promise yourself a bath, facial, snack, glass of wine or extra fifteen minutes of sleep in the morning if you dedicate some time every weekday toward your goal.

Get others involved –

These steps can be a group activity; set 15 minutes after dinner where everyone cleans a designated area. For extra incentive and to get the kiddies more involved, have a competition to see who can get the most done. Make a friendly wager with your spouse or roommate. The more ways you can find to make this a fun exercise, the easier it will be to keep everything in its’ place.

There’s nothing like a nice bout of cleaning to keep your limbs going as this exercise would make you alert and active when it comes to household chores where your spouse can provide a helping hand, thereby reducing the need to hire some house cleaning service in Dallas that charge way too much for the simplest of tasks.

As nice as it is to have a tidy abode where everything has a place and is nestled snuggly in it, there are certain joys to having clutter. Personally, I don’t trust anyone who keeps a house that bares more resemblance to a museum than the site of a natural disaster; stray socks, used dishes and a field of toys are what make a house a home. Breaking major projects into minor ones and setting minimum time limits has been the key to helping me maintain a balance between appeasing my compulsive tendencies and making the most of my time with loved ones. Hopefully these tips will help you to do the same.

Fix Your Credit Yourself Or Hire A Professional

Do you have bad credit and you need to find a way to get your credit fixed? There are a couple of different things you can do to fix your credit. You need to research both ways to figure out the best way for you. Now there are pros and cons to each, so this article is going to tell you what the pros and cons are for each option. So, what are the options available to you?

The first option to fix your credit is to do the repair yourself. This is something that some people prefer to do but first, you need to know the pros and cons of it. Here they are.


  1.  You can learn a lot about credit which will help you in the future. Once you fix your credit you will know how to keep it that way.
  2.  Fixing your own credit means that you will be able to fix your credit again in the future should something else happen.


  1.  When you fix your credit yourself, you will have to more than likely hire an attorney to help you get it done. This can be very expensive.
  2.  You as an individual don’t have the resources or knowledge that a professional has, which means that it will take you more time to get your credit fixed on your own.

Now you need to know the pros and cons of hiring a credit repair las vegas NV to help you repair your credit. Here are a few of them.


  1.  A credit repair company has the knowledge, resources, and years of experience that can be beneficial to you in getting your credit fixed. They can work directly with your creditors to help you find a way to get out of debt.
  2.  The credit repair companies can help you set up a budget so that when you are out of debt you will never have bad credit again. This budget will be helpful especially during the credit fixing process.


  1.  You will need to pay them for their help after they fix your credit. This is a big disadvantage for some people but for most people it is well worth the money. So, you will need to decide if this is one of the pros or cons.
  2.  A credit repair company will require you to do what they ask you to do such as, control your spending habits, and not get any new loans and other things like that. Some people have a problem with this.

These are not all of the pros and cons that you need to know about each. You can easily find out about the other ones with a little bit of research. You have to think hard about whether you want to fix your credit yourself or hire a professional. For most people, the smart thing to do is to hire a professional because for most individuals there is not enough time, resources, knowledge, and other things to get the job done.

Social Networking with Ning

Social networking is the internet boom these days. Sites like MySpace and Facebook boast millions of users, all posting information about themselves and connecting with others. Other sites try to draw users in specific niches, like writers and photographers. Social networking sites keep springing up, trying to take advantage of the boom – yet anyone who saw the dot-com bubble burst in 2000-2001 knows that only a few are likely to survive profitably.

To survive, a social networking site needs to offer something unique that MySpace and Facebook don’t already have.

Ning entered the social networking scene in October 2005, and seems to be surviving well thus far. What’s Ning’s difference? Ning allows users and companies to create their own social networks, rather than signing them up for one big one.

Ning was founded by Marc Andreessen (also a founder of Netscape) and Gina Bianchini, and is headquartered in Palo Alto. According to its website, Ning powers over 76,000 social networks. Would you like to know How to See Private Instagram Profiles? The information will be provided through the experts without any problem. The creation of the private profiles will be done then the information will be correct and accurate. The power of the social network sites will be effective with the availability of the tips, 

Ning offers both free and premium network services. A free network gives users a network address in the format of, where they can invite members, set up groups, and hold forum discussions. Each network member is given a member home page, which he or she can personalize with text boxes, music players, and other widgets. Members can also post photos, videos, and blog entries. The discussion forum offers threaded commenting, and the ability to place discussions into various network-defined categories.

Network creators can customize the group’s home page, which can include text boxes, recent forum posts and blog entries, member photos and videos, and more. Network creators also set up the categories and settings for the discussion forum, and create groups for network members to participate in.

Premium features are available for a monthly fee. For $5 per month, a company, group or individual can put its network under its own domain name (e.g., rather than Networks can also purchase additional storage space and bandwidth, and for $20 per month can opt for an ad-free network, or contract for their own ads and keep the revenues. The free networks, naturally, are advertising-supported, although the advertising (in the form of Google AdSense) is not bothersome at all.

Network creators can also access the network’s source code, making networks fully customizable by developers.

Users on Ning have created networks around a wide variety of topics and interests, such as writing, weight loss, wakeboarding, cycling, religion, politics, and television. A Ning Network Creators Forum allows network creators and managers to ask questions and learn more about how to use Ning features more effectively. Bands, businesses, and nonprofits also use Ning networks for promotional purposes. Networks can be public or private, so Ning is ideal for a family-only network, too.3

Ning manages its service well, with a strong staff presence on the Ning Network Creators Forum, and quick and effective responses to help requests. It’s still a developing service, too, so Ning keeps adding and changing features to provide better services for its users. For instance, Ning recently added the Groups capability to its networks, and is now providing its own music player, which can be easily added to member pages.

Can Ning overtake MySpace and Facebook? It doesn’t seem likely at this point. Ning does, however, have a valuable and unique service to offer, and is doing it successfully.

How to pick up the best fitted car accessories?

Car accessories are the most important aspects and they are basically considered as the ornaments to any vehicle. If you are capable of finding the best car accessories then your vehicle can be upgraded easily and efficiently. 

Best tips for getting right car accessories

  • Get the right store online:

Now, you need not require visiting stores physically for car accessories rather you can visit the websites for accessing stores online. In this case, you have to verify the site properly from the reviews, customer comments, press releases and other online sources in order to know that you are at the right source. In this case, you are strongly suggested visiting at

  • Know car requirements:

The requirement for accessories normally varies from one car to another. The wheels that are used in SUVs might not be the same for other car categories. Therefore, you should learn regarding what your car in need of. Make a list of the accessories that are required for upgrading your car and then only you will be able to get the right things without any time and money wastage.

  • Follow the trend:

This is one of the best tricks that can take you to the right kind of accessories suitable for your car. You can check out different websites or articles regarding the updated and trending accessories that can bring charm and grace to the kind of car you have. Read out the reviews and comments of those customers who have already installed the most fashionable accessories in their car. 

Accessorizing a car or a vehicle has now become a great necessity not only for beautification but also for enhancing the level of productivity. In fact, if you have brought the most luxurious accessories then you shall get the right price at the time of reselling your car. 


A Blog Needs More Than Just a Good Idea

Blogs are used all over the internet advertising anything and everything. You can’t surf the internet without seeing a blog pop up or different reviews in a search that you performed. Blogs are everywhere so if you want to make something of your blog, you have to have more than a great idea in order to make your blog different from any other on out there. You can do so many things with your blog to make it stand out and there are many things you can add to give your blog that flare that catches everyone’s eye as soon as they see it. When making your blog you want yours to be different from all of the rest but give the information that matters to the customer. The main thing you need to do is to pick a niche or topic that you know really well and something is really popular to the public that you are trying to sell your product to.

All blogs start with a good idea, but you won’t be able to make your site last with that alone. So many sites are aimed at bloggers and more and more are being added every minute and it shows no sign of slowing down. In order to make your site stand out from the rest, you need to offer something unique, something that no other site offers. If you are offering the same thing as the other sites are providing, at the very least you have to really make your product stand out. Blow your customers out of the water with your presentation of the product you’re offering and your site will do great.

If you are looking for great ideas for your blog, do your research and look at other sites that have a lot of traffic that visit the blog every day. This way you can get some good ideas for the direction you want to go in. you don’t have to copy the site, but you can use some of the same features that they using just make them your own. This way you can make your vision of your blog come into your sites. If you know the direction you want to go with your blog, you now know how to go about doing it. Just remember to make your blog your own though, nobody wants to be accused of copying a site.

Once you have your idea and you know the direction you what to go with your site now you can focus on building your blog and get your product out on the internet. Make your site your own and let your feelings and personality show in your site. The words you use are powerful on the internet because that is the only thing that potential customers have to judge you and how you are presenting your product. All bloggers knew that if you don’t have a good idea, your blog will sit there and make you no money.

How to Construct Your Own Rain Garden

If you find yourself trying to figure out what to do with those low spots in your yard that tend to collect water during the wet seasons, then a rain garden might be the answer. A rain garden isn’t just a hole or a divot in your yard. Instead, it’s a designed water collection area. It acquires the water that runs off a building or from the landscape and holds it until it seeps into the ground below. It’s fairly easy to construct your own rain garden if you have a few tools, materials and the know-how.

Rain gardens actually help the environment. They collect dirty runoff water and filter it through plants and vegetation. They also help reduce the consequences of drought. Rain gardens also help keep rain and melted snow from running over driveways, sidewalks and other waterproof areas. By collecting water and allowing it to seep naturally into the ground, rain gardens can actually help lighten the load that a public drainage system endures. For the benefit, here’s a bonafide horticultural nut that will offer all the essential information to the person related to the gardening. The results will be as per the requirement and need of the person for gardening at home with effectiveness. 

Besides helping the environment, rain gardens can also add spots of beauty to your yard. And, another plus is, they’re relatively low-maintenance. All you need to do is water them during long, dry spells, remove pesky weeds, trim or replace plants and maybe add additional mulch from time to time.

Before you actually begin to construct your own rain garden, you’ll need to find the ideal location. It should be located near driveways, sidewalks and other areas where the water can’t seep into the ground. Place a rain garden underneath a downspout and it will collect the rain water and melted snow as soon as it comes down from the roof of your house.

As far as the size of your rain garden, there is no definite calculation to determine how long and wide it should be. Because, there are too many varying factors. The size of your rain garden will mainly be determined by the size of your roof and the amount of rain or melted snow it will need to accommodate at one time.

Your rain garden will need to be constructed so it’s deep enough to accommodate plant life. The plants will act as filters that will remove the pollution from the run off water. The best plants will be native to the area. They will be grasses and wildflowers that will provide a habitat for beneficial birds and insects. Of course, if the runoff water is polluted by lawn chemicals, snow melting products, oil, grease and the like, you’ll need to choose hardy plants that can survive the pollution. And, choose wildflowers and grasses that won’t spread and take over your rain garden.

If the ground in the bottom of your rain garden is clay or another hard substance, the run off water won’t be able to seep into the ground properly. Therefore, you’ll need to dig it out with a shovel (and maybe even a pick if it’s too hard). You’ll then need to fill in the bottom with sand mixed 50/50 with topsoil, small gravel or clean mulch.

No matter what material the bottom of your rain garden consists of, adding clean mulch around the plants will help keep weeds at bay.

And finally, you won’t have to worry about your rain garden being a breeding ground for mosquitoes. As long as your garden is constructed so it only holds runoff water for a few days, mosquitoes won’t be able to take advantage of the standing water. Mosquito eggs need to be in water for approximately ten to fourteen days in order for them to develop into mature insects.

2020: Changing Faces of Social Media

In the last decade, social media has been a forerunner in technological advancement, and every day and week brings in new updates that keep it constantly evolving. Social media has been used for family and friend’s social networking, allowed businesses to closer correlate their products with customers, and has become important as a political campaign tool for the 2012 Presidential Election. This year is going to mark the height of sweeping changes in social networking. In recent times, the face of internet marketing has been changing with the development in the economy. Buy Instagram views with instant delivery so that there will be no wait for an increase at the profile of the business person. The promotion will be done according to the requirements. 

Facebook’s IPO

Similar to when Google decided to go public, Facebook is going to change the face of global media. Since its creation in 2004, Facebook has been gaining popularity and the upper hand on social media influence. This IPO is going to change how people view social media and is going to be influential in the value of viewership and promotion of social media. Additionally, Facebook is going to see an increase in people excited to buy a share in that future; however, this is going to put a face on Facebook focusing on their shareholders and their profit margins instead of online users. In order to increase profit margins, they are going to have find ways to follow their user’s behavior or bombard them with more advertisements; whereas, the new user timeline introduced earlier this year has already started marketing user behavior’s by following user’s use of new integrated apps and embedded television, music, and news articles. If they are not careful, these factors could hurt the company and could make them a weaker powerhouse in similar to Myspace.

Google Integration and SEO

Since 2011, Google has been on the heels of Facebook and is now in competition with its new Google Plus. Google’s creation of its SEO was a social media marker in how it helped to drive up page views. At the beginning of this year, Google revolutionized its search engine with the creation Search Plus Your World which allows search results and Google Plus to be integrated. This new piece of technology is going to allow Google to integrate all of its technology to target its users with similar searches from the user’s contacts and friends, while still allowing its users to maintain their privacy. The benefits for Google are going to allow them to market analyze their user’s behaviors on a closer level; additionally, market analysis is going to be big in this coming year as companies are trying to target more people with their products.

Up-and-Coming Pinterest

Pinterest has been taking off faster than anyone could have imagined and is unique social networking compared to its counterparts. It encourages a lot of do it yourself stuff such as making clothing and cooking. Its central platform to make people more self sufficient is helping to increase its popularity. Its unique interface is even more varied and simplistic at targeting its audience’s needs and wants than Facebook or Google.

Learning to Become an Internet Marketer

Internet Marketing has really been around since the Internet itself, but with nearly every household is developed countries having access to the Internet, there has never been a better time to take advantage of starting up a business or second income online.

There are plenty of places out there to learn how to become an Internet Marketer, but most of them charge $100 or more for information you could find elsewhere for $5 or so. Therefore, there will probably be a lot of junk sites which will not be able to put up the information you want for free. Well, fortunately there is one. A recently launched blog by “BMXRider”, a full time Internet marketer making over $1 Million a year from simple techniques. He promises all information on his site is completely free, requires no investment and will work every time guaranteed.

On the blog, there are a collection of articles and tutorials. He has 2 main categories which he divides his marketing up into. The first is White Hat, this is the good and honest side of marketing. This usually requires paying for advertisements on other websites and only getting what you pay for. People who worry too much about legal possibilities usually choose this option. However, the “Darker” side is known as Black hat. Black Hat Marketing is often a very efficient way to get more sales for a website or drive visitors to your website, but it can be risky if you take it too far. The website provides training courses for both sides, absolutely free so you may take both and decide which one works better for you.

However, he did set this blog up and time is money. So, people ask him why is he giving information away which could ruin his business for free? I decided to mail him personally and here is his response:

“Dear James,

I’m quite sure you are not a marketer yourself as if you had marketing knowledge, you would understand that I never do something if I can’t make money from it. As you may notice, I have 2 main incomes from my site. Firstly, I have several products on offer which are “premium”, to stop their markets becoming saturated and to simply the process of making money whilst actually multiplying the amount you earn. Secondly, I have some small text advertisements on the bottom and side of the page. Although small, they bring in plenty of profit. With the training of Deal Dash for products, then becoming of an expert will be easy. The creation of the awareness among the person will be beneficial. The multiplying of the amount will be there with less production cost. From top to bottom, the advertising of the products and services will be effective.

Good marketeers always make money discretely as if the audience discover they are making money, it may put them off.

I hope this answers you question.

Milk and Cereal Diets Marketing Campaigns Claim Weight Loss for Women

We just stopped seeing Jared promoting the Subway diet on every set of television commercials, and now we have cereal diet commercials and milk weight loss ads in Jared’s place. You’ve probably seen these promotional commercials and magazine ads on how you can achieve weight loss by replacing two meals per day with Special K cereal on the Special K Diet. You’ve probably also seen the ads on how drinking several glasses of milk per day stimulate weight loss in women. It’s not all a lie; meal replacement diets do work, but it isn’t because of the brand of cereal you choose or because you drink cow’s milk rather than soy.

What’s Really Going On?

It is rather sad that such large corporations have chosen to stoop to this level of marketing, but since diets and weight loss are such big markets to cash in on, I guess we shouldn’t blame them. After all, Milk is trying to compensate for the loss of healthy customers who have switched to soy and other cow-free milk substitutes, while the cereal companies are trying to gain back some of the customers lost to the low-carb diet boom. Thus, the milk for weight loss and cereal diet campaigns were born, and we are digging in. Noom diet reviews are there to help you in learning more about all this and will help you in choosing the best diet plan according to your needs. 

The Simple Secret of Diets That Work vs Diets That Fail

The secret to weight loss? Eat fewer calories and burn more energy. This is the concept behind any successful diet plan, and this is the very basis of these cereal and milk diets. What the companies behind these latest diets aren’t telling you, because the entire point of their diet campaign is to increase sales and make more money, is that their product is not the key ingredient to weight loss. You could replace two meals per day with a piece of wheat toast spread with peanut butter, or with an apple and a bowl of oatmeal, or anything at all with the same amount of calories and fat as a bowl of cereal and glass of milk, and reap the same rewards. No special “diet” is necessary to achieve this weight loss.

The main problem with these types of diets is that they are not a long term weight loss solution. Unless you stick to their plan of eating only one real meal and replacing the rest with cereal and milk for the rest of your life, you will gain the weight back. Even if you do stick to their diet for the rest of your life, your metabolism will likely slow down to compensate for the lack of calories, and you will probably put the weight back on.

What Can You Do to Experience Lasting Weight Loss?

To achieve lasting weight loss, adjust your diet to cut out excess calories and fat without limiting yourself to an extreme diet that you will not be able to continue in the long-term. Make changes slowly enough that your mind, body, and metabolism do not go into shock. Gradual weight loss makes for a much better chance to succeed. This sounds like common sense, doesn’t it?

So, why are so many people jumping on the latest fad diet bandwagon? The same reason the diet pill industry is doing so well. We want weight loss, but we don’t want to work for it. We want instant gratification. The majority of us want to eat what we want and be as lazy as possible, but at the same time, we want to look like the anorexic looking girls on America’s Top Model. The exceptions are the truly overweight people who really do want a real solution to weight loss and who are ready to work for it. However, I highly doubt that these people will find long-term weight loss solutions at the bottom of a milk carton or cereal box.

Video Games: 4 Astonishing Health Benefits Of Playing Them!

Parents always think that video games make their children ill or unhealthy, and these must be avoided. They tend to limit their time for playing video games to a minimum. Through research, it has been noticed that video games have a positive impact on mental, physical, and emotional health. There are amazing benefits seen in children, adults, and teenagers. You can log in to Https:// and play casino games and get cashback on referrals.

Here in this article, we will talk about the surprising health benefits of playing video games:

  1. Ability to trounce Dyslexia

Video games are considered best to trounce Dyslexia. This is an issue that is due to attention problems. Video games can help you to concentrate for a more extended period on screen, and you won’t even realize your problem. It would be best if you focused so much that your brain changes the method of it.

  1. Improves vision

According to an old belief, if you spend hours on the computer, your eyes will get damaged. Studies have shown that games can, in fact, get better your vision. By looking at the screen, you will be able to distinguish between different colors. In fact, there is improvement seen in people that have lazy eyes.

  1. Creativity benefits

Creativity in children leads to health benefits as they develop creativity; they become more productive. Creativity teaches children and adults to handle situations in life through different perspectives. This will definitely boost up mental health.

  1. Forge deeper friendships

People tend to feel isolated, and more they feel isolated, they end up with anxiety and depression. Video games help people to forge good and deeper friendships as some of the games are multi-player. People tend to play and talk with other people playing and make a social bond as well.

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