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Is Your Dog Fat

Fat dogs are a ‘pet peeve’ of mine. That’s funny, right? Good, because fat dogs are not. I’m sending out the memo now, once and for all, let me be clear. Food does not equal love.

While I’ve struggled with my own weight issues during my adult life, I’ve always managed to keep my dogs thin. How’s that? I believe it’s my responsibility as their owner-guardian-steward-pet-havin’-word-du-jour to keep them skinny.

It’s not that I have a think for fat mongrels but it’s just that I have a thing for weighty issues having suffered from them for a long time but still fat dogs do give me the chills which is why I mentioned pet peeve above as even though I can take my mutt to the pain management for dogs society to get it checked, I sometimes get revolted when they eat too much despite their skinny frame.

And it’s probably skinnier than you think it is. For our purposes today, Rocco will be our fine physical specimen. Rocco is oh about 25lbs-ish of fit as a fiddle. And pretty much has been his entire life. I only weigh my dogs every so often though, so I’m usually not worried about poundage as a number. Nope. It’s all about…

The Tuck. The visible tuck of their waist as seen from the side.

And above.

A clearly defined waist from all angles, with not much tummy hanging past it or bulging at the sides. That’s the goal. A little ribbage, seeing a rib or two, especially as a dog turns away from me, doesn’t even freak me out. It’s certainly preferable to those bones being buried under layers of flub.

For our fluffier dog friends, weight monitoring is a little more hands-on, but still involves the rib bones. Get in there and feel those ribs. Can you? Can you do it easily? Or do you really have to press and dig around in there? Fur or no fur, ribs should be easily palpable. If you are having to dig, its time to cut back.

On that cutting back, dogs cant open the fridge. At least mine can’t. They may forage on occasion – more on that later this week – but it doesn’t contribute to their calories in an appreciable way. If it does, I adjust accordingly. I’d swear my dogs are trying to eat us out of house and home. They do not lack for treats or bones or much of anything. They aren’t denied, but they certainly aren’t fat. Here’s why.

Excess Food. Wasted Money. You’ve seen my dog spending. Who can afford to have a fat dog? Fat dogs eat more. Fat dogs cost more. It’s that simple. If you have one dog or seven (who has seven dogs!?) every pound of overage equates to dollars down the drain. Or more appropriately, left in piles in the backyard. Because what they don’t store in their reserves, they leave as bigger gifts for you to pick up afterward. Canned, kibble or raw. This is true no matter what you feed them

One Word: Arthritis. Not really one word. Several. Diabetes, respiratory problems, tumors, or how about just gas? As with humans, obesity means a myriad of canine health problems. Different from us though, a little bit of weight can make a big difference to their small bodies. When Ford came to us he was 4lbs, that should have been 6. Those 2lbs accounted for 1/3 of his body weight, making 2lbs a big deal. Now that we’ve got a whopping three old dogs with mobility concerns, I am even more diligent about this. I can’t imagine taxing them further by having them carry around excess weight. Even if I’m not constantly monitoring their exact weight, I get concerned when we see about a 3-5lb increase. The low end of that for the little dogs (not including tiny Ford), and the higher end for the big dogs. Dont wait for weight to become an issue deal with it…

Daily. Every day you make the decision about how much food to put in that bowl. Just you. Not the dog. Hugo is a bottomless pit of hunger. He acts just as hungry after he scarfs down his breakfast as he does when he hasn’t eaten for 8 hours. He is a pug. His mission in life is to convince me he needs more food. And I could give it to him. And it would make him happy. Everyone likes happy dogs. But, long term that’s about you. Not the dog. The best interest of the dog is to limit their food. We look at our dogs at each meal time, and vary their amount of food accordingly. Are they looking thin or thick? How much exercise have they gotten? That’s how we determine how much goes in the bowl. Not by the squealing, pleading and black flips of one perpetually famished pug.

I’ll say again, fat dogs are not cute. To me, it’s not funny. I see wasted dollars and compromised health. For. No. Reason. Dogs are opportunistic scavengers, programed to eat when there’s plenty. If there’s always plenty, they are going to pack on the pounds. It’s not their fault. (Side Bar: If you have one of those gloriously non-food motivated dogs, you are an enigma to me). This is my solution: Think before you scoop.

Do you have a fat dog? A non-eater? A dog you struggle to keep weight on or off? What are your strategies for dealing with pooch portion control?

Using Social Media For Personal Branding

We’re at an interesting crossroads in the global business climate. If you’re online in any capacity, you know there’s a lot of buzz about social media: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, the list goes on…and there are some great up and coming sites to watch out for.

If you’re not part of the online buzz, you might be feeling overwhelmed, or left out, or maybe you just don’t care. I’ve been doing a sort of random poll lately when I talk to people, asking whether they are on Facebook or using Twitter and I’m fascinated by the response. Most people who aren’t using social media seem to think it’s: stupid, pointless, a waste of time.

If you point out how they may have a personal us for it, the eyebrows up, the head starts to nod. Keeping in touch with kids or grandkids for example. My cousin said recently: yeah, well, why not email or a phone call? I said: because that’s not where they’re hanging out! She got it.

Of course, it has a lot of different uses. I think we’re going to find out before long that it has changed our lives in some profound ways. Everyone is more visible, and more accountable. Even big corporations. They can still hide, but as long as their competitors aren’t, they’ll suffer. There are several well-known examples of big corporations that have stepped in to fix customer complaints and problems because they were dialed into their customers on Twitter. For gathering all the information about purchasing views, a click can be made at the Homepage. The quality of the likes and views is provided at the platform to enhance the experience of the person. The information about the correct and right likes should be made available to the people available at the platform. 

Just last week I had a beef with Macy’s. They really screwed up on a big purchase. Twice in one week. In the past I wouldn’t have expected any corporate accountability. Now, all I can think about is how you can’t get away with that any more because the world is watching – through Twitter and Facebook. It might not make a difference today in my example, but over time, there’s no escaping. React to your customers and care about what they think/need/want from you or die.

For the first time ever, small business can compete with the big boys. You don’t need a Super Bowl budget to reach the world – you need to be creative and ambitious, and focused and brand yourself to the world. It’s free, it’s simple and it’s accessible. This is life changing. And, it’s not too late – it’s just the right time. You might think it’s all passed you by, but believe me, NOW is the time to create your personal brand.

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Know How To Use A Numerology Calculator

In order to understand something of this mystical system of numbers and letters, which some believe to have a bearing on their lives both on earth and after their deaths, we need to go back in time to take a look at its origins. Many of the ancient cultures that fascinate us even today, such as the Babylonian, Chinese, Egyptian, Greek and Indian, have been found to have some form of numerology in their belief systems; and thus you can use a numerology calculator to help understand the principles of these great belief systems.

Numerology has been around for millennia, certainly for many hundreds of years before the Christian era, and probably for as long as man has used numerical and alphabetical symbols to leave behind a history of his time on planet Earth.

It is impossible to pinpoint the time period to when and how numerology originated as it is as complex as solving the Rubic’s cube even though it is pretty different today in the modern era as today is the age of angel number 333 or devil number 666 that decides your fate alongside the positioning of the stars during the time of birth although its rich history continues to inspire modern day astronomers in a big way.

The two main forms of calculation used in numerology nowadays are those of the Chaldan and Pythagorean systems.

In the Chaldean system of numerology, it is believed that every letter vibrates to its own degree, as does every single thing that constitutes our universe. Each letter is therefore given a number that corresponds to the value of its specific vibration. The Chaldean system began in ancient Babylon and uses two other major belief systems in its make-up – that of the Hebrew system of Kabala, and that of the Indian method, known as the Vedic system.

The Pythagorean system, on the other hand, is completely different, in that all the numerical values given to the letters were allotted according to a mathematical formulation devised by the famous mathematician Pythagoras, who was born on the Greek Island of Samos in 580 BC.

Even though we are now in the 21st century, the practice of numerology still has people around the world divided down the middle – there are those who believe the symbolism of numbers has a definite bearing on their lives, and then there are those in the other camp who think that this belief system is nothing more than some form of astrological mumbo-jumbo – and are therefore sceptical about the effect it has, or may have, on their everyday lives.

Numerology involves adding up the component numbers of a person’s birth date and the numbers assigned to the letters relating to their name. It is estimated that 50% of the result produced by adding all these numbers together is said to come from the birth date, while the other 50% comes from the numerical version of the letters in their name. All of these factors are used by numerologists to produce a human map of that person which is believed to relate to their personality, their strengths and weaknesses, their emotions and their innermost thoughts.

The information gleaned by using a numerology calculator can also be used by a numerologist as a tool in deciphering and deriving the four (and most major) core elements as well as certain modifiers, in order to provide the person with a complete and accurate character analysis.

Top 2 Potential Health Advantages of CBN!!

Nothing is better than CBD that can treat sleep, anxiety, and other important elements. CBD or Cannabidiol is getting on its hype. The majority of the folks are making the use of CBD for pain relief. It can improve the sleep patterns and will relieve the anxiety. It is well known as Cannabinoid. Such chemical compound is available in the cannabis plant. Tetrahydrocannabinol & Cannabidiol are considered as one of the great Cannabinoid. CBN is available naturally in the cannabis plant and you can buy CBN online

Tetrahydrocannabinol is a high-end psychoactive compound which is available in the cannabis. It will able to alter the mood of a person.  This compound is continually offering the potential sleep & healthy benefits of the CBN.  The majority of the folks are investing money in the CBN that is eradicating the chances of Anxiety and other disorders. 

The following are 2 potential advantages of CBN. 

  • Glaucoma Therapy

CBN is the most important Cannabinoid that is proven to be effective as a treatment for glaucoma. If you are suffering from any sleep-related problem, then you should opt for CBN. It is antibacterial that will able to fight with a lot of bacterial infections. It has become a powerful neuroprotectant. This powerful tool will able to fight against the neurodegenerative & LAS conditions. 

  • Anti-inflammatory

Nothing is better than CBN, that is a potent anti-inflammatory agent that is helpful for those who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. CBN is available in older cannabis. All you need to find out a reputed and certified company that can offer the best Cannabis products.  You don’t have to leave the cannabis in the open air that isn’t a reliable way of getting the CBN. Plenty of brands are featuring the best quality products with isolated CBN.

Additionally, if you are getting the CBN, then you will able to get these benefits.

Tips To Lower The Energy Bills And Keep The Boiler In Good Shape

Have a central heating system and is worried about the utility bill that it might gather in the winter season? Well, it is natural to think so. These days when one has a larger space it is quite common to have steep bills. Heating the space, heating water, and keeping the temperature-controlled require a lot of energy. However, the main pressure is put on the boiler. Therefore, one must pay attention to the health of the boiler. A boiler breakdown can cost a lot. Also, a malfunctioning boiler can increase the bills even more. Get the boiler checked before checking how much are Worcester bosch boiler prices.

There are a few things that one can do to increase the life of the boiler.

Keep the place sealed

Having a cold breeze entering the home continuously can put a lot of undue pressure on the boiler and the central heating system. This will not only lower the life of the boiler but will also increase the bill. Keep the doors closed; make sure there are no gaps under the doors or in the window frames.

Bleed the radiators

At times the pipe in the heating system may get blocked by air, and this increases the pressure to drop. To release the pressure and to make sure that the boiler is not working overloaded, bleed the radiators. It can be done using a radiator key and a few clothes spread on the floor.


Keeping the tanks, pipes insulated at all times is very important. During winters the temperature difference can lead to bursting of the pipes. This can be damaging as well as expensive. Make sure to add some DIY insulation covering to avoid damaging the boiler. Learn how much are Worcester bosch boiler prices.


Keeping the drains unclogged in very important. If the drains get clogged they can cause pressure to build and can cause the boiler to malfunction. Keep the debris out of the drains and keep them covered at all times.

One of the most important things to make sure that the boiler works fine and also the utility bills are low is to get regular maintenance on the boiler. This should be done especially before the winters so that there is nothing problematic with it.

Potsdam Germany City Guide – A Summer Destination

Potsdam Germany, this leafy city near Berlin has just a quarter of its area covered with buildings and streets – the remainder consisting of lakes and wide green spaces. Frederick the Great, the 18th century King of Prussia, chose Potsdam for both his court and summer residence. The magnificent Sans Souci Park with its formal gardens, fountains and delightful buildings is a highlight of modern Potsdam, though it seems rather grand for the literal meaning, ‘without worries’. This was Frederick’s idea of a little place to get away from the cares of state, perhaps explaining why he was called ‘Great’.

Potsdam Germany inevitably suffered serious damage in World War II, and afterwards the Communist government of East Germany (GDR) flattened many monuments, damage or otherwise, that stemmed from the city’s long association with Prussian militarism. Since reunification in 1990. There have been a number of historic reconstructions in 1990, there have been a number of historic reconstructions of the sort that have worked well elsewhere, though some major schemes (like that to rebuild the imposing Stadtschloss, former winter residence of the Kaiser) are on hold, though its Fortunaportal (Gate of Fortune) was rebuilt in 2002.

The old town was centered on the stadtschloss, beside an Old Market Square now dominated by the dome of classical St Nicholas Church. The 18th century Old Town Hall crowned with a gilded Atlas is also here. Other worthwhile sights include the oval French Church, an 18th century Dutch quarter with its red-brick houses, built to remind craftsmen from the Netherlands of home, and Potsdam’s version of Berlin’s more famous Brandenburg Gate. There is also a Russian quarter built by émigrés in 1825.

The importance – and appeal – of Potsdam Germany may be judged by the fact that its palaces and parks have three UNESCO World Heritage Site listings (1990, 1992 and 1999). The reaching to the destination is an amazing experience when there is availability of the best services. Leiebilnord will compare the prices of the services and make them available to the customers. The prices are cheap in comparison to the other one. The traveling to the destination Is with less efforts and money. 

When To Travel To Potsdam Germany

This is a summer destination, with all those wide-open green spaces to enjoy.

Don’t miss to Visit This Place In Potsdam Germany

  • The Calienhof Palace, close to lake Jungfernsee, now a hotels and museum, scene of the famous post-war cofrence between victorious Allies Truman, Churchill and Stalin.
  • The picture-postcard Babelsberg Castle in its attractive riverside park. Created by some of germany’s most famous 19th century architects and garden designers.
  • The lakeside Marble Palace, built in the late 18th century – guided tours of house and gardens available.
  • The Potsdam Film Museum, housed in the Old Stables – all that remains of the once-mighty Royal Stadtschloss.
  • The lighthouse-like Einstein Tower – an astrophysical observatory in the Albert Einstein Science Park, built in the Expressionist style between 1920 and 1924.
  • The Belvedere lookout tower, on the edge of Sans Souci Park, – as an example of Germany’s meticulous rebuilding of monument destroyed in World War II (as this was)

What Is Bitcoin?

Many people are wondering what Bitcoin is. Here we’re going to tell you exactly what Bitcoin is. Don’t feel like you’re in the dark if you don’t know what it is. Many people around the world have no clue about Bitcoin. It’s a new form of currency that has taken the internet by storm. That’s the very reason why you’re reading this now. You’re looking for some helpful insight as to exactly what this is and how you can use it. That’s the information you’ll find here in this article.

Bitcoin is a form of digital currency that’s used to buy and sell things online. Think of it as money that can only be used on the internet. No country prints or makes Bitcoin. That means you can’t actually touch and hold it. Bitcoin doesn’t exist in paper notes or coins. That means you can’t pull out some Bitcoin while you’re paying for things at the grocery store. Simply put, Bitcoin doesn’t exist the way fiat money does. You can’t touch or see it like you would other currency.

You keep your Bitcoin in what’s called a wallet. Your wallet can be used to buy and sell things over the internet. Many companies these days accept Bitcoin as a payment option. You can be paid for a product or service that’s delivered online. Then you can take your earnings and spend it online. Just because Bitcoin isn’t paper or coins doesn’t mean you can’t buy actual items with it. There are plenty of online stores where you can spend your Bitcoin. You can even purchase a airline ticket using Bitcoin. It’s proof that this technology is way beyond just computer nerds using it.

Speaking of Bitcoin wallet, people often look forward to Bitcoin (BTC) Price Live as it is an enduring platform for people to showcase their skills in the trade even though Bitcoins have had a not so enduring legacy of turning all the people into rich folks but that doesn’t stop the online stores from investing into this business due to it being the age of social media with technology at its peak and Artificial Intelligence being just round the corner.

Always remember that Bitcoin is the same as money. You can even have your money converted into Bitcoin. Think of it as having your money converted when going on vacation. If you’re traveling to another country, you can’t spend your money there. First you’ve got to get your money converted to what the locals are using. Think of Bitcoin as what the locals on the internet are using. Major online retailers are using Bitcoin or leaning towards doing so in the near future. This is why there has been so much development and hype regarding Bitcoin in the past few years.

It’s important to note that the price of Bitcoin isn’t stable. The price is very fluid and it fluctuates. Many people look at Bitcoin as an investment. They buy low and try to sell high. It’s possible to make money investing in Bitcoin. Like any other investment, make sure you fully understand the risks involved. There are risks when investing in Bitcoin for profit. The same could be said of anything that you plan on investing in.

The future of Bitcoin is bright. It will continue to be so for quite some time to come. Bitcoin finally gives the power back to the people. It enables businesses to buy and sell things without the high costs of online transactions. It also gives Bitcoin owners the ability to pay for things lightning fast. Combine those two things together and it’s a sure bet that Bitcoin won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Cosmetology For Weight Loss.

It turns out that in order to lose weight, do not sit on a diet. On the contrary, we must eat a lot – with the help of creams, lotions and other cosmetic preparations, made on the basis of marine products. “Sea-menu” can change the body in the shortest possible time. And change it without causing any harm to the body. Of course, everyone has heard about the SPA, Thalasso, Algo and therapeutic qualities. It would be boring to talk about another magical water treatments. Therefore, we explain how marine cosmetology helps get rid of blemishes and buy something that we are seeking.

Maritime Beauty –

a division of cosmetology, which uses sea water, seaweed and mud of marine origin. It has several large sections: thalassotherapy (treatments and treatments with sea water), algoterapiya (treatments based on algae), fangoterapiya (mud packs and gryazeozdorovlenie) and balneotherapy (bath with sea water and algae). But when it comes to marine cosmetology professionals involve primarily algae and sea water. Seawater interesting due to its composition: it contains about 120 species of micro-and macro.

Trace elements –

a substance that requires a person of more than 10 milligrams per day (calcium, potassium and magnesium – key intracellular elements). Trace elements – a substance contained in the body in trace amounts. Some of the trace elements are poisons, for example, arsenic and lead. However, in small quantities they are needed to man – in order to properly flowed all the biochemical reactions, as the minerals are the catalysts of these reactions. Their deficiency can lead to many diseases. When stressful situations in which lives year-round average citizen, macro-and micronutrients the body needs more than the norm.

Get them is difficult:

our body does not produce them, and extracts from food. But our food leaves much to be desired: fast foods, diet, quality of the food. Stress provoked an increase in losses of these substances. For example, we know that “the disease of Chiefs” – a lack of magnesium: Magnesium is lost in a big psychological stress. Because this element regulates the nervous system, seventy percent of the magnesium “stored” in the brain. For lack of it violated the appetite, sleep, accumulated fatigue, increased susceptibility to stress. Get the food in the right amount of magnesium is extremely difficult, perhaps with vitamin complexes.

But vitamins and minerals have one big disadvantage:

they are artificially synthesized in the laboratory, literally imposed on the body, ie the body when they are forced to take use of magnesium is not as much as he wants, but that he was offered and he was able to learn. Maritime Beauty also offers all the necessary material to get in another way – through the skin. At the same time the body gets valuable ingredients in a bioavailable form, that is, take as much as he wants. Thus, the marine cosmetology may be called an alternative power supply. When you check bluechew reviews, you will see a lot of positive comments and feedback from customers. In relation, marine cosmetology is also considered to be very effective that’s why it also ahs a lot of positive feedback. 

Maritime Beauty achieves excellent results with no dieting. It is not to be confused with weight loss, decrease the volume. In good, no matter how many pounds lost man after the procedure, it is important – how much he lost. Sometimes at sea procedures, you may lose a few sizes in clothing, but the gain kilo and a half.

Subject to strict diet with the fat lost nutrients. The diet can lead to rapid weight loss, but, according to WHO recommendations, you can lose no more than three pounds per month, or will be irreversible changes in the internal organs – the omission of the kidneys, liver tsirrozirovanie and so on.

Man wants to lose fat, but under strict diets in the first place just does not melt the fat and start losing fluids and nutrients. Adipose tissue is light, it does not give great weight loss, which mainly is due to structural elements – calcium, magnesium and so on. In a healthy person just calcium and bone tissue only in one and a half pounds. But there are also calcium in muscles, ligaments, blood vessels. After losing a few pounds of nutrients, the ligaments become flabby, stretched atrophy. Hence – the omission of the kidneys, heart problems. When this happens thalassotherapy.

Maritime Beauty –

it’s food, saturation of the body with useful substances. Because of this saturation and accelerated normalization of many processes. And if, for example, a person suffering from osteoporosis, it is not enough calcium, then after the procedure with marine substances can increase its weight due to condensation and recovery of bone, while the volume decreased markedly. The body gets out of the sea algae and all that he required; accordingly reduced metabolism, normal hormonal balance. Volume decreases, because a healthy body fat loss is not necessary, but the skin, muscles, ligaments, bones are what they lack in the right quantity. That is why the effect of marine cosmetology is not measured weights and measuring tape.

Data Center Plans – What does they mean for the business organizations?

One of the most important things that a data center employer can offer their employees is a group health insurance plan. When it comes to the success of a business, their employees are critical to that goal. It makes perfect sense that if you have unhealthy, sick employees that cannot afford health care on their own or for their families, this will greatly affect their work which will negatively affect the company.

As a matter of fact, most data centers now offer healthcare insurance as a part of their benefits package to employees. This has even become critical to attracting workers since many people have reported that they are more interested in companies that offer good health care plans. Factually speaking, according to the Kaiser Deloitte Survey, 99% of surveyed employees indicated that sponsored insurance was extremely important to them and 63% indicated that their company’s health care plan was the main reason why they stayed with the company. As you can see, health care insurance is simply critical to employee retention as well as performance. Data Room Services Providers offers different plan to the business organizations to attain the desired results. The functioning and operations of the business owner are effective and provides increased profits. The performance is excellent to meet with the results of retention of the employees. 

Most companies and businesses see the need to offer various benefits to their employees to improve overall satisfaction as well as provide incentives for morale. Some of these benefits and incentives usually include transport allowance, credit allowances, vacation packages, health insurance etc. Out of all of these benefits, health insurance still remains the most desired and most attractive benefit of all. Family health care plans are even more desired than just individual plans so that they can take care of their family and loved ones.

So, how do these group medical plans work? Well, a corporate health insurance plan is usually purchased for the entire company where the group shares the financial expenses among each of the members of the company. This means that all the risks and benefits are shared by all the people who contribute financially to the pool under one contract. Therefore, when an employee has a medical problem and seeks medical treatment, these expenses are covered wholly or in part by the group plan. This does not apply across all cases as there are certain conditions that apply according to that individual group plan/contract.

Even though corporate insurance isn’t cheap, it is not as expensive as individual health care plans. This makes it the more economically viable option as the premium per person is much lower when paid for as a group. Another great advantage is that corporate plans are usually easy to tailor to each different employer’s needs. This means that an employer can select or remove options such as dental coverage , accident coverage, prescriptions etc.

In closing, the benefits to employees are huge and these plans offer unbelievable savings that can literally save their lives or the lives of their family members due to the high cost of health care. However, employers also experience great benefits by offering health insurance to their employees as they will attract and retain good employees and reduce their employee turnover rate.

Here are some tips to catch more crappie fishes in the water

Most of the time crappie fishes are the only one which is hard to catch and if you are here to catch them then you should make sure of one thing which is to stay till the end of this article. In this you will get to know about carp fishing tips for beginners.

Those tips will be going to make it easy for you to catch crappies which is why you should not ignore them at any cost. Some of the tools will be required in order to catch them.

Essential tips for you are as follows

People who are beginners should follow all the tips which is going to be discussed but before them some of the basics needs to be clear of. Crappie are the most cunning fishes out there in the water which means you need to be patient enough while catching them. 

  1. Slip bobbers- You should use a bobber which can be attached to the rope and that will be going to help in measuring the depth of the water as per your demands. It is one of the best tips you should consider in mind.
  2. Gang hooks- It is also known as pair of small hooks which are attached to the rope. Now this pair helps in catching the crappie from their lips which makes it easy and also fish cannot be able to escape it.
  3. Mother nature- You need to understand the combination of weather and moon as there is a specific weather in which crappie fishes are more likely to get out in the water. Also they love the moon so try to catch them in the dark times.

These are some of the tips you should consider to catch more crappies.

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