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What Makes A Good Accounting Student – Know it!!

If you’re thinking about becoming an accountant, it’s a certainly a respectable profession. As a person who helps to keep account of a company (or individual’s) money, it’s understandable that a business’s success would depend, largely impart, to the reports that accountants provide. After all, it doesn’t just affect their bottom line, but the government also relies on that information for tax purposes. This means that being an accountant is definitely a choice that you must look at from a literal and accountable perspective. FMD management for the clients is the best one with the accountants. The profession is the best one for the accounting of the business. The keeping of the account for the tax purpose is the correct one to have more income. The correct management of the book will offer the benefits. 

If you need a bit more help with making a final decision, keep reading below at what makes for a good accounting student, which can lead to a great accountant later down the road.

A good accountant is…

Responsible. Again, when it comes to the information that you provide, a lot of people will be depending on you. Therefore you have to take not just your work, but also your deadlines very seriously. Things come up in everyone’s life, but when it comes to the reports that accountants give, there isn’t very much room for excuses.

A math lover. Just like there are some people who consider being a doctor until they realize that looking at blood all day is not something that they want to do, the same goes for people who may like taking an accounting class, but don’t necessarily want to deal with numbers for the rest of their life. If you don’t like math or even if you do, you realize that you’re not very good at it, remember that accounting is a very precise profession. If you don’t want to fall into a regiment, and a pretty strict one at that, you might want to consider pursuing something else.

Honest. When people come to you entrusting you with their money, receipts and expense reports, on many levels, they are putting their financial livelihood into your very hands. That is a lot of trust that is being extended your way. There is no room for an accountant to manipulate records to fit a certain kind of bottom line; that way of thinking is dishonest at best, but could also prove to be fraudulent and illegal. A strong conscience is definitely a good characteristic for any accountant to have.

A good communicator. If you interview an accountant about what their day consists of, many of them will probably tell you that they spend a lot of time alone—just them and the numbers that their working with. However, just because they may be dealing with numbers most of the time, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have to have impeccable communications skills. For one thing, people usually hire accountants to perform tasks that they are not as qualified to do; this means that accountants spend a lot of time, not just working on a task, but explaining the work that they’re doing to their (potential) clients as well. Therefore, to do well, you won’t necessarily need an online masters in communication to do well in the field, but the more polite and patient that you are, the better of you’ll be.

Several confident businesspeople interacting at meeting

Diligent. Another side to working with numbers all day is that numbers don’t really have an opinion. This means that when the day is done, you’ll either come to the right calculations or…you won’t. This is good news if your findings prove to be exact; this is frustrating news if you messed up somewhere in ledger or reports. It takes a lot of internal motivation and diligence to keep at something until you get it right. To be a successful accountant, you would definitely need to be that kind of person.

Top Edible And Topical CBD Products By American Shaman

Do you want to try American Shaman CBD product but doesn’t want to taste the earthly natural taste of CBD? We got you covered. In this article, we will discuss the best products that allow you to bypass the taste of CBD while still enjoying its benefits. If you don’t like the natural flavor of CBD continue reading below. Meanwhile, if you are looking for the latest discounts, you can visit the American Shaman website here. Without further ado, let’s start:

CBD & Terpene Rich Hemp Candy

If you don’t like liquid edibles, you might prefer this CBD product in candy form. This product is available in 4 flavors, which can be purchased for $14.99 per pack. They are Cherry, Mint Chip, Watermelon, and Blueberry. Every pack contains 8 pieces, and each of those piece has a dosage of 25 milligram of CBD.

CBD Gummies

If you want an alternative to the CBD & Terpene Rich Hemp Candy but still want a sweet CBD treat, CBD Gummies by American Shaman is for you. These gummies come in many fruit flavors, and costs $50 for every bottle. Each bottle contains 30 CBD gummies, with each gummy having a CBD dosage of 10 milligram. American Shaman officially recommends a maximum dosage of only two gummies every day.

CBD & Terpene Cookies

If gummies and candies are not enough, American Shaman has another CBD edible offering. CBD & Terpene Cookies can be purchased from American Shaman at just $15 per box, and every box contains 6 cookies. There are four flavors to choose from Hermit, Cowboy, Pecan, and Chocolate Cowboy flavor.

Anti-Inflammatory Topical Cream

Joint inflammation is as serious an anxiety and hopefully, CBD provides a relief for both. This topical cream specializes in relieving inflammation so it can help if you are experiencing unbearable inflammation. It is available for purchase at $109.99 for every 60 ml bottle.

Under-Eye Serum

As we grow old, it is normal to develop fine lines and wrinkles which can affect our self confidence. If you want to get rid of your fine lines and wrinkles, be sure to try Under-Eye Serum containing CBD for more effectiveness. Available at just $59.99 per 10 ml bottles, this is a great deal in exchange for a younger look.

Replenishing Face Cream

If you want to take your looks to the next level, pair Under-Eye Serum with Replenishing Face Cream. Other than CBD, it also features other ingredients that help with looking younger, such as aloe vera, lavender oil, pumpkin oil, and more. Every 60 ml bottle can be purchased at $30.

Terpene Rich Topical Serum

Another topical serum by American Shaman, this one specializes in dealing with skin irritation that can be painful. It is available in 15 ml bottle that can be purchased at $89.99.

Hydrating Body Lotion

Like its namesake, this product can be used as a remedy for severe dermatitis or just as a hydrating lotion. There are two sizes for this product, an 8 ounce version that costs $40, and a small, travel size 2 ounce version that costs $10.

How to Renew Your Soul With Health Retreats

What exactly are health retreats?

Health retreats are little getaways that help people get their mental and physical health back on track. This is done through a number of different ways. Some retreats focus on nature and meditation, and some focus on exercising and relaxing. All in all, health retreats are trips taken by people where they get rid of the stress and the toxins they might be carrying in their body. 

The experts at Wellbeing Escapes say that health retreats must be taken up by every individual in order to ensure that their mental and physical health is on track. Health retreats are tremendously beneficial for people since they provide a break from the routine that people are constantly caught up in.

How are they beneficial for mental health?

Health retreats are very beneficial for mental health. Using meditation, strolling, and other several exercises and practices to ensure that people are stress-free and mentally strong, they make up for great centres of maintaining good mental health. 

Here are the different ways in which health retreats are beneficial for the mental health of people.

  • Meditation:

Meditation helps people get rid of any stressful thoughts or emotions. It also helps people maintain inner peace.

  • Strolling:

Walking or strolling is a great exercise for mental health. It gives the person a break from their regular life, and they find themselves with their head clear. This exercise also helps blood circulation, which is good for your mental health as well.

  • Rest:

These retreats provide great resting opportunities. The rest makes your brain feel more relaxed and relieved. Getting enough rest is one of the best ways to ensure that mental health remains good.

These are some of the ways in which health retreats are good for mental health. These retreats act as great places to escape a regular lifestyle.

Revealed Keratin Hair Treatment Side Effects

In order to understand the Keratin Hair Treatment side effects we first must understand what Keratin is and how it affects our body. Keratin is amino acids unique properties formed to create the softness in your skin. Everyone has Keratin in his or her hair, nails, and skin. Our body sheds the dead keratin cells, and new cells are formed to replace them. When our hair has had treatments like perms, waves, coloring, and other things, we lose the keratin. In order to restore the necessary keratin in your hair many women are using the Keratin Hair Treatment.

Women complain that their hair is dry and brittle after they have used treatments like perms, coloring, and other treatments. That is why they want to use the Keratin hair treatment program to revitalize their hair. This is not a problem but the Keratin Hair Treatment side effects have become a serious problem. When you have an allergy to the product, you suffer from dry itchy scalp or you may suffer from sneezing.

Many times itchy watery eyes are a Keratin Hair Treatment side effect. Some women have had problems breathing when they are in the process of getting the treatment. This Keratin Hair Treatment side effect only lasts while you are getting the treatment. Some moroccan keratin hair treatment will have the side-effects on the hair and scalp. The use of the best tool will offer the benefit to the people. The treatment is the best one for the women and men.

The biggest Keratin Hair Treatment side effect is for those who get cancer. Cancer is a dangerous disease that can result in death. Not all Keratin Hair Treatment side effects are present in the mixture. The reason is that some of the Keratin Hair Treatments do not contain the chemical Formaldehyde. The chemical Formaldehyde is a carcinogenic substance that causes the cells to die. The Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment product contains the chemical Formaldehyde. When you are buying a treatment plan, you should check to make sure that it does not contain the Formaldehyde chemical.

Many salon professionals are using masks in order to prevent the fumes of the formaldehyde from getting into their lungs and eyes. This helps to a certain extent but the Formaldehyde is still absorbed into the skin. Formaldehyde is a chemical that induces cancer. Keratin Hair Treatment side effect is created because of the use of the Formaldehyde chemical that is mixed with the Keratin. When you mix the Keratin, the Formaldehyde, and water, you get a very noxious fume. This fume is highly dangerous to anyone who breathes it or is close enough for it to get into your skin. The Keratin Hair Treatment side effect not only harms the person who is getting the treatment but anyone else that is in the area.

When it comes to the Keratin hair treatment side effects, the best prevention is to buy a treatment program that does not contain the chemical Formaldehyde. There are now Keratin hair treatment solutions that will keep your hair look shiny that do not use the harmful chemical. Those who select to use this product are reducing any possible Keratin Hair Treatment side effects.

Those who use Keratin Express are able to get rid of frizzy, dull, unmanageable hair while maintaining shiny luster in their hair. This product does everything that you need for your hair, and you do not have to worry about the cancer-causing chemical Formaldehyde. You can order it online or buy it at your local pharmacy and use it as a spray for your hair. Many women are selecting the new Keratin Express spray for their hair in order to prevent getting any of the dangerous Keratin hair treatment side effects when you use the full treatment program.

Paving Bricks Best Decorative Material – How it is useful!!

Paving bricks is considered one of the best decorative materials in the paving and improvement areas. Paving is deservedly popular among the millions of homeowners and builders.The advantages of paving bricks are not only excellent physical-mechanical and performance properties, but also they are more in harmony with the natural landscape than other materials for road paving.However, it is also used to develop open space in front of representative buildings and facilities like office and administrative facilities, shopping centers, exhibition halls, etc.

Paving bricks produce successful result when it is constructed with a correct chemical composition in combination with building and finishing material, selected for their processing. On busy city streets paving bricks helps to insulate greenery from vehicles and pedestrians.

Paving bricks has increased its strength to a great extent and this is achieved through the Technical firing at 1200 degree Celsius. Themost important properties of the bricks are high frost resistance, resistance to humidity and aggressive chemicals (salts, alkalis, etc.). Paving stones do not change over time due to its homogeneous structure throughout the thickness. Tänavakivi müük is available with the decorative material as it will offer a unique and different look to the stones. There are no changes in the pave stone and they offer the best results to the individuals. The gathering of the information about the stone is necessary for the people to make the correct use.

Paving bricks can withstand high static and dynamic loads, thereby it is recommended for the paving of the territorial areas with heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic.The reason behind the popularity of bricks lies not only in excellent appearance of the coating. Of course, an important and excellent quality possessed by paving bricks is it has High resistance to stress as well as excellent wear resistance. Sett paving allows you to forget about the eternal pits and ruts on the track.

Paving bricks at the site will make your house more stylish and attractive. It is said thatsett paving or paving sidewalk tile – is a necessary element of a country decor. Paving can be done in any part of our city.For example, the areas near the shop, beauty salon, restaurant or other institution, a private entrepreneur, according to the requirement. It will provide decent appearance and will attract the customer towards it. It’s safe to say that the paving bricks are one of the most popular and affordable types of flooring used all over the country.

Paving bricksare laid on some of the underlying strata: compacted sand base, ready to frost layer, spreading of gravel and a preparatory layer of sand. Paving of sidewalk tile and paving stone blocks occupies a special place in the development of a firm. Shape, size and color of the paving bricks should be planned before its construction.

The small size of paving bricks allows the production of equipment and original decorative motifs. Similarly, interesting compositions of materials and colors create rich perceptions. The paving bricks also play an important role on creating the expressiveness of the premises. This traditional material suits both classic and contemporary style and offers great freedom of creativity to the project proponents.Beyond its use for outdoor housing, brick paving is found increasingly in development of public and private projects on larger scale. The choice for brick paving is based on technical and aesthetic qualities of paving bricks.

Purchasing A Double Bunk Beds

Recently double bunk beds was considered the most flexible and practical type of beds nowadays. Children are eager to have one of their own. Some parents may have doubts in buying it because of the danger that they might fall. However, it seems that bunk beds have become very fashionable lately, as a result manufacturers has created wide variety of styles that are available at different stores nationwide.

If you shop around you will notice that there are three main kinds of bunk beds in the market. The most popular is the bunk bed made of steel. It is modern looking, quite sturdy and is the cheapest. There is also a wooden bunk bed which always looks good and painted well that is best at home. And there is also the decorated bunk bed which helps to match the style or theme of the present bedroom furniture.

Most children need bigger area to huddle with their games and toys. The problem is that children’s bedrooms has limited space and having two beds in one room means having limited space to play with. To solve this problem you need to purchase double bunk beds. It may double the amount of playroom assigned for your children.

Children always enjoy climbing in the top bunk. To their imagination, the top if the bunk can be their own turf. However, these bunk beds should have the necessary safety gadgets to ensure that children are safe to go up and down the bunk. This way, even if you can’t supervise your kids all the time, you won’t feel worried or hesitant to leave them alone in the room. Teenagers can also invite friends to stay in their room and have a cool slumber party. If they also want to make their room spacious they can ask you to buy a bunk bed to create a space in their area.

Some children prefer to lower down the upper part of the bunk. Since the size of it is perfect for smaller rooms, you can still have the floor space that you need even if you bring the upper part of the bunk down. This just shows how flexible bunk beds are. Buying Reisivoodi is also a good option. For new born it is highly beneficial as your little one requires more sleep and can be easily stressed by travelling. This will be there to comfort them whenever they will require. 

Double bunk beds can be bought in land based and online stores. For people who don’t have enough time to shop choose to buy bunk beds online. The advantage of buying it in land based stores is that you will be able to check at once the safety features of the beds. And you can use the bed right away upon. In buying a bunk bed it is important that you consider the following factors: the size of the person using it, his/her age, the floor area and the available space in the room and safety features such as guard rails. Of course before buying the bed it is best to check your financial capacity. Bunk beds can be costly so you need to make careful planning and wise decisions before buying one. Check out girls bunk beds.

Pros And Cons Of Self Directed Ira Real Estate Investing

If you are looking for total control of your IRA investments and are tired of having to refer decisions over investment strategies to unimaginative advisors who tie your hands behind your back when it comes to making investment choices, or who is simply limited to his or her company’s range of products or investment policies, and of custodians who over-stringently interpret IRS investment regulations, then a self directed IRA is for you.

But if you want a truly self directed IRA and don’t want to be bound into traditional investment choices or limited in your ability to invest your money as you see fit when you see fit you need to take a step further. Then you should be looking at setting up a self directed IRA LLC. In other words, you become in effect the director of a limited company responsible for building your own IRA.

The advantages of this move are immediate and obvious –

Since you effectively become the custodian of the IRA, you will no longer have to pay transaction costs for every move you make with your self directed IRA LLC.

Since you control and handle all the transactions, the custodian for our IRA can be paid a flat annual fee. You can benefit from the lowest IRA custodian fees in the market. It does not matter if you have one million dollars in your IRA or one billion. Your custodial fees are fixed.

You have absolute decision making power – no ifs, no buts, no maybes; you do not have to ask permission of anyone else, you are the decision maker. It really is a truly self directed IRA.

A truly self directed IRA plan can be used as funding for a down-payment for a real estate purchase.

Because it is set up as a limited liability company (LLC), your self directed IRA assets are protected from creditors and litigators. Without the LLC, your retirement funds could be directly exposed to a frivolous lawsuit.

Investment Variety

You can benefit from massively extended range of investment choices; of course, you can still choose to invest in the traditional choices of stocks and mutual funds, but other choices include real estate, tax liens, tax deeds, options – any legitimate business investment opportunity that doesn’t breach IRS rules (which is most of them)

Having such a wide range of choices enables you to diversify your holding; essentially, you reduce your risks by spreading your investments over several choices (the opposite of putting all your eggs in one basket)

You can invest in international or foreign real estate in such places as Costa Rica with your IRA – LLC without asking for your custodian’s permission.

Finally, moving to an IRA LLC is an affordable choice for almost everyone; it is estimated that it is less than a half of the cost of having an IRA facilitator

In short, your self directed IRA LLC is a truly self directed IRA because it maximizes your ability to control how your IRA is invested. You are no longer limited by other’s choices, investment options or company policies. It is your IRA, your way.

But, as with everything in life, there is a downside – at least, potentially.

I have already hinted that traditional financial advisors are not best placed to give advice on other kinds of business investment such as real estate. They will have a good understanding of stocks and shares. Would you ask your dentist to do an angioplasty? By the same token, a traditional advisor will not know how to leverage the best deals in real estate or in other kinds of business investment.

It is important therefore that you choose an IRA advisor who can help you structure complex IRA and real estate entities, evaluate investment opportunities and avoid infringing on the self directed IRA rules in setting up investments.

Consequences of setting up your IRA-LLC incorrectly: “Internal Revenue Service could step in and simply disqualify the IRA, resulting in huge tax bills along with additional penalties for account holders who are younger than age 59˝. A lot of people are going to get themselves in trouble and wind up losing their IRAs over this,” says Ed Slott, an IRA consultant.” (Wall Street Journal, You Did What With Your IRA?, author Kelley Greene, October 15, 2005).

Investing in a single property is no more difficult than buying your own home. Where real estate deals become complex is when you are seeking to fund developments, real estate lots, buying into apartment communities or other larger scale investments. This is where extensive knowledge of self directed IRA rules is paramount. Only someone with a strong background in real estate can supply these skills.

Rehabilitating residential real estate is a good example of where things can go wrong – badly. How can you tell a genuine opportunity from a poor deal? How do you know how much to invest in rehabilitating a property? Too often, people with little experience in the area spend over the odds on a property and fail to realize a return on their investment. Effectively, they pour money down the drain.

As well as a lack of familiarity with the business, without a solid knowledge of self directed IRA investment regulations, you could end up facing stiff penalties (up to 10 %25 plus taxes) or even disqualify your retirement altogether along with the fixed price conveyancing melbourne. As much as 50%25 of your IRA could disappear due to an unintentional violation.

Basically, once you set-up your IRA-LLC correctly, it comes down to being careful of whom your IRA does business with and who benefits.

You as the IRA owner cannot live in an investment owned by the IRA.

You cannot directly or indirectly buy, sell, or lease property between the IRA and a disqualified party except in cases where this is exempted.

Your IRA is not allowed to transaction business with your spouse, lineal descendants or their spouses (i.e. your grandparents, children, grandchildren, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, step-children) as they are considered disqualified persons. However, you can do business with your brother or sister, their spouses, nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts or uncles, which are relatives more distantly related to the IRA account. For example, if your IRA purchased a holiday home, your brother and his family could stay there for a holiday, but you could not.

You cannot take real estate property you already own or occupy and stuff in your IRA, even if you sell the properties to the IRA at fair market value (FMV). If you have to liquidate a portion of the IRA’s ownership in the property at the time of required minimum distributions – 70 ˝ in order to remain IRS compliant – you can do so incrementally. In doing so, the portion that is sold off can be taken as an IRA distribution.

You cannot extend personal credit to your IRA. For example, if wanted to use your IRA as a down payment on an investment property, then you could not personally acquire a loan in your name, take title to a property owned by your IRA. However, there are financing strategies that combine debt financing and your IRA and there are competent lenders who understand the IRA – LLC.

Investing in collectibles is a no-no. You cannot invest in artwork, antiques, rugs or a purchase a 10 carat marquise diamond ring for your spouse or your fiancé and pass it of as an investment.

Real Estate Financing and your IRA

Where you use a non-recourse loan to help purchase your investment because you do not have enough money in your IRA to do so, you may also face a tax known as Unrelated Debt Financing. But this can be mitigated through long term property holding where your use the property as a rental and the debt goes down. If you are terribly concerned with UBIT, then partnering with another IRA holder or a non-disqualified party who puts up the remaining cash could be the best way to eliminate UBIT all together. To learn more about pooling IRA holders together for larger real estate deals visit

In order to defer UBIT you can decide to 1031 exchange the UBIT part of the transaction forward to another investment property and by doing so reap the benefits of both worlds: receive tax deferment through the 1031 exchange on the indebted portion and tax deferred benefits on the gain in the self directed IRA when you decide to exchange the property.

In addition, because the IRA is already a tax favorable vehicle, your IRA cannot receive additional tax deductions or depreciation as you would if it was your own home.

Picking the Right Self Directed IRA Advisor

With the assistance of a competent self directed IRA advisor, you can petition the IRS successfully and structure your real estate transactions so that you can make your real estate purchase outside the IRA. By doing so, prohibited transactions go away, UBIT goes away; you can receive personal benefit from the investment property, take title personally to an investment property without infringing on the rules and without facing stiff IRS penalties.

A self-directed IRA is specifically made for a person who wants to make decisions on his/ her investments and would want to expand their horizons by wanting to invest elsewhere without anything restrictions. Your IRA can not conduct business with your immediate family, but you can. Investing on articles is not an innovative idea, it is considered a blunder.

Choosing A Baby Safe Disinfectant You Can Use At Home

If you are a mother, disinfecting is a subject that holds great importance in your household. Infants and toddlers have immature immune systems. That is why mothers make sure to clean and disinfect on a regular basis. However, you do not want to use standard disinfectant solutions that use harmful chemicals. They may effectively kill microorganisms, but have harmful effects to your children as well. Kids love to put things in their mouths. Thus, you need to be careful when choosing disinfectants as they may leave residues that have detrimental effects to children. An example use for a baby safe disinfectant would be cleaning plastic baby toys. Using a baby safe disinfectant will help give you peace of mind.

All of the disinfectant products in the market pose certain health risks. But there are those that are safer to use around children and are more environment-friendly. These are disinfectants registered with the EPA or the Environmental Protection Agency. Examples of these products include:

Hydrogen Peroxide

Disinfectants that use hydrogen peroxide as an active ingredient are widely used in many childcare centers as an alternative to bleach. This chemical compound breaks down to water and oxygen, and unlike bleach, does not leave harmful residues. Hydrogen peroxide-based products do not emit irritating fumes to the air. These products are effective in killing bacteria, fungi and some viruses. They do not have to be rinsed off after application. But when buying hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectants, always check the label for EPA registration. Follow the directions for disinfecting. Examples of these products include Oxivir Tb and Oxivir Five 16.


Another example of a baby safe disinfectant is Benefect. This product is not only EPA registered but is also Eco-Logo certified. It is effective against bacteria, fungi and certain viruses. Like hydrogen peroxide-based products, Benefect does not need to be rinsed or wiped off after application. But it must be left on surfaces for 10 minutes, with the right hydrogen peroxide disinfectant ratio in order to kill most microorganisms. It is sold as wipes or as a liquid. It is more expensive than bleach, but when it comes to kids’ safety and health, parents are willing to pay a higher price.

Silver Ions

Silver has low toxicity levels to humans. It has been used for years in medicine, water purification and other applications. Now, products containing silver ions stabilized with citric acid are also being used as disinfectants. They are approved to be used in schools, hospitals, and other facilities and even in homes. Silver compounds do not cause skin and eye irritations and are not known to have carcinogenic potential. They are not classified as respiratory sanitizers as well. However, large doses of silver can cause kidney and lung lesions, although this is less likely to happen from exposure to disinfectants with silver ions. They are EPA-approved and are safe to use for toys.

If you live or work with children, there are basically 2 guidelines to live by when choosing a baby safe disinfectant. One, check the label for the ingredients used. Watch out for ingredients that are known to have harmful effects, like bleach, and others. Second, see if it is EPA registered. An EPA approval means that the government has tested the product in terms of its efficacy in killing germs and bacteria, and for possible health hazards. A product with an EcoLogo is also preferable. That is, if you want a home that is clean and environment-friendly.

When the family has the existence of the babies, the house must be sanitized extra and there should be no bacteria on the surfaces. To avoid diseases there must be minimal contact of microbes and other infectants in your house. It should be a safe zone where you can let your baby live. This is only done because babies do not build a good immunity in the beginning and it is best to build a clean environment.

What Are Botox Cosmetics

Botox” is the short name for Botulinum toxin that is often used as a cosmetic. It has become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments for wrinkles on the face. But, what is it exactly? What are you putting in your face when you get a “Botox” injection? Essentially, you are putting a toxin in your face.

Botox was introduced to the world in the late 1980s by eye doctors, who began using it to treat eye muscle disorders. Approval from the ‘Food and Drug Administration’(FDA) for the treatment of moderate to severe forehead lines lying between the actual eyebrows came in 2002, and its popularity has risen ever since. Botox is consistently one of the top five non-surgical cosmetic procedures performed each year. So, why are so many people keen to put a toxin in there face?

Botox has a long history to its name where in the initial stages it was merely about wrinkles but now it has turned into something big as it involves plastic surgery as well and the fact that FDA has approved of it speaks volumes of its hold on the citizens that are anyhow obsessed with looking good and forever young, which is why they always ask What Is The Cost Of Botox in Calgary? Because Canadian provinces are the best in the entire North America when it comes to Botox surgery at a reasonable price with 100% success.

Obviously, there are risks involved in putting something in your face that was originally thought to be a poison. Here’s the laundry list of bad stuff that can happen: These may include asthenia (loss of strength), all body muscle weakness, diplopia (double vision), ptosis (drooping eyelid), dysphagia (difficulty swallowing), dysphonia (losing your voice), dysarthria (difficulty talking), urinary incontinence (loss of bladder control) and breathing difficulties. These symptoms have been reported hours to weeks after injection. So, you may not just have an initial rection with a doctor right there, but much much later when you are by yourself. Swallowing and breathing difficulties can be life threatening and there have been reports of death. The risk of symptoms is probably greatest in children treated for spasticity (muscle problems) but symptoms can also occur in adults treated for spasticity and other conditions.

Children receive Botox treatments, not for anti-aging, but for muscle problems. It can also be effective for children with over-active muscle problems caused by cerebral palsey. Botox is also approved to treat a variety of medical conditions, including eye muscle spasms, cross eyes, severe armpit sweat, migraine headaches, having to urinate frequently, urinary incontinence related to nerve damage from conditions such as multiple sclerosis and spine injury.

Botox is being studied to determine if it might be useful in treating conditions such as knee and hip arthritis, and TMJ, also called lock jaw. In fact, many articles state that any side effects have never been reported in people who have used Botox injections for purely cosmetic reasons, but only in those who use them to treat medical conditions. The risks, therefore, are minimal for those using Botox for cosmetic reasons.

To further minimize any possible problems with Botox, Botox should only be injected with sterile instruments in a doctor’s office or a medical spa. You may even want to do some research to make sure you are going to a reputable local Botox practitioner. Botox parties at your local nail salon or neighbor’s living room are NOT a good idea. Botox injection is usually performed with some local anaesthesia (numbing cream). You may feel some minimal discomfort from the shot, but today’s needles are so thin that the procedure is often painless.

If you like the way Botox works for you, you can get a regular treatment plan to help maintain them. You can receive injections every 3 to 4 months as long as you don’t have any serious allergic reactions (see the above breathing and muscle problems). The wrinkle-preventing effect of Botox normally last about three to four months, but can last up to six months. Botox is used to get rid of crow’s feet, frown lines and furrows in the forehead. Treating crow’s feet with Botox was for many years an off-label use. The toxin got the official FDA approval for treating crow’s feet in late 2013.

How does Botox work though?

Why does a toxin injected in the skin make people look younger? Botox actually blocks a release of chemicals especially one called acetylcholine. This is responsible for and starts contracting the muscles that actually create our wrinkles.

Botox essentially paralyses the specific muscles responsible thus stopping them from contracting. Some doctors suggest that Zytaze, a new prescription zinc supplement, can extend these results if taken in the days leading up to your Botox injections. You should ask your doctor about Zytaze before your Botox injections if you want to use it to extend the effects.

What is involved in the treatments? The procedure can take from a few minutes to 20 minutes. According to most doctors, selecting the correct injection points is important to the efficacy of the procedure. These points are first delineated with a marking pen. Your doctor will probably choose many injection points for each area to be treated. These points are found where the muscle contracts. This does not mean they will be injected where the wrinkle you are hoping to erase is found. The Botox injection is placed at a marked point just under the skin. You can go back to normal life immediately. Your doctor may suggest you keep well covered up if you are to be in the sun though. No sun bathing post procedure!

For those who are scared of the possible side effects of Botox, there may be alternative treatment options. Other procedures include Restylane, collagen, fat fillers, Laviv, and Gortex. For more prominent wrinkles surgical procedures may be more appropriate, facelift, forehead lifts and eyelid surgery for example.

Your doctor may also recommend additional treatments for you in conjunction with Botox. These might include chemical peel, laser skin resurfacing, or microdermabrasion. All these procedures are safe and will not interfere with your every day routine.

How much does it cost? The cost ranges from $125 to $400 per treatment area. Several areas may be treated at one time and repeat treatments are needed every three to four months. That can be quiet expensive if you include the other treatments that are recommended to go with Boto. Payment plans are also an option for those who have an understanding and accommodating doctor.

Overall, there are many ways to get rid of wrinkles, and Botox seems like one of the least invasive ways. There is no anaesthesia, knives, or lasers to scare away potential customers and the cost is in the hundreds, not the thousands. It is no wonder that Botox is one of the more popular treatment options available.

How Teaching Social Media Has Changed – Know the reality!!

I started teaching a course called Social Media & Mobile Marketing in Fall 2013. At this time we were working on developing our MS in Social Media & Mobile Marketing program and coming up with new courses to enhance the digital offering. We chose the title Social Media & Mobile Marketing rather than digital marketing because it was frankly, sexier.

Now it is 2016 and teaching social media has really changed. Here are some of the things that are different than they were in 2012 that marketing faculty should consider. These days teaching social media is about evolving and continuously learning new elements of digital strategy. The same old graying notes just don’t work anymore. The servicios de redes socials will provide the education on how to use the services. The benefits are enormous and massive for the individuals. The results are in the favor of the business people for the availability of the targeted audience. The work of the services is excellent for the business people. 

What has Changed about Social Media Marketing

  • Reduction of organic reach, but not gone

There was so much initial excitement over reaching people for free on social media platforms that teaching social media was about how to create beautiful Facebook pages and Twitter feeds. The focus was on getting new followers or ‘likes,’ which meant that people were opting-in to see your content. And, they were seeing your content. In the early years your video could ‘go viral’ and get attention without paid media. Today there is so much clutter it sometimes become necessary to consider traditional media – imagine that. As a result faculty should be prepared to include a discussion of traditional media and how they fit with a total integrated marketing communications strategy.

There is still some organic reach, but now marketers have to think about how to build reach by encouraging others to share content or using paid media. Getting your stuff in front of eyeballs is now more important than matching the right platform with the right message. Content management tools can really help.

  • Importance of content sharing for SEO -no more gaming Google

The wild west of the internet is over. In 2012 we taught students about black hat tactics and white hat tactics for gaming Google’s algorithm to get to the top of the results page. Now, the algorithm is set to give preference to companies that create great content that is shared, emphasize links that get a lot of clicks and prefers stuff on Google+. SEO is a very important part of teaching social and I recommend using Search Metric’s Rankings Factors:

Search Rankings Factors

  • More B2C brands using social

Back in 2012 the biggest users of social media were B2B firms. Today, 84% of B2B firms still use social media ( What is different is that B2C firms have increased their spending in social. According to the Content Marketing Institute:

B2C marketers have made impressive progress over the past year with documenting their content marketing strategy (37% have a documented content marketing strategy vs. 27% last year).

  • Growth of new platforms- teaching the specifics of any one site is useless

As the demand for social media grows so do the market entrants. In 2012 we had Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Pinterest was just coming onto the scene and Instagram was a baby. Now we have a whole host of newer social media applications that surprise, are harder to manipulate as they are less public. Teens are moving to sites that allow them to share privately and away from marketers. Sure there is Snapchat, but kids also use text-message services.

Facebook may have reach, but it just isn’t as cool. What is a marketing prof to do? First, do not teach the details of using any social media platform. The students already know how to post on any site. You have to teach 360 degree communications strategy and how to integrate.

Another key to teaching social media is to teach students about goal setting. They should always ask: what are the goals I want to achieve and how will I get there? Of course, these should be measurable, reachable and time specific.

What has NOT Changed about Social Media Marketing

  • Marketer still say they do not know how to measure results from social media

According to Social Media Examiner’s 2015 study, 88% of marketers still want to know how to measure their social strategies.

This is the real opportunity for teaching social. Marketing professors should teach analytics to students so they know how to track and manage social media strategies. These include: return on investment, key performance indicators, goal setting, A/B testing and Google Analytics. And, for some platforms marketers have to build in methods for tracking success prior to executing the campaign. For example, using coupon codes. That is the real value of a social media course in 2016.

We marketing professors no longer have a free ride when it comes to teaching marketing. Digital media evolves so quickly that we have to stay on top of current tools to keep up with the times.