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Agamemnon, The Legendary Character Of The Trojan War

Agamemnon is a name heard throughout several mythologies and histories. This article will focus on his roots in Greek mythology. In this sense of his name he was Atreus’s son and younger brother of the King of Sparta, Menelaus and husband to Clytemnestra at a rather young age.

His tale begins at his citadel in Mycenae. Here he sends for Greece to aid him in his quest for Troy’s destruction but to his dismay Greece is delayed in their arrival because of poor winds for sailing. For this, Agamemnon makes several sacrifices in honor of Artemis, the Greek goddess of wildlife and woods.

After the sacrifice Agamemnon sends his most beautiful daughter, Iphigenia, to Aulis, where the Greeks were held up from the lack of wind, to marry Achilles, greatest fighter in Greece. This part of the tale varies depending upon the story. Some sources argue that Iphigenia was sacrificed after bedding Achilles while others argue that she was saved by Artemis to become a priestess. Either way, Clytemnestra was angered greatly at Agamemnon for the loss of her most beautiful daughter.

At the sight of good tidings for the fleet to prepare for war against Troy, Agamemnon readied his men for a ten-year siege. During this time, Clytemnestra, still angered by the loss of her daughter, bedded with an enemy of Agamemnon’s father, Aegisthus, the son of Thyestes.

Upon Agamemnon’s return from Troy, Clytemnestra prided greatly how she longed for his return. Agamemnon, suspecting nothing, fell into her trap. His blindness and narrow minded attitude forced him to ignore the only person trying to save his royal life, a slave by the name of Cassandra. Her relation to the Trojan king, rendered her words lies immediately. But, they were not.

While changing cloths in a near bathroom, Clytemnestra snuck, quietly behind Agamemnon, tossing fishing net around his body and entangling him. She looked down upon her pray for merely moments before her secret lover, Aegisthus came into the room, looking at Agamemnon in discontent. Without warning Aegisthus struck Agamemnon with his axe, rendering Agamemnon dead. At the Pokemon go account, the face of the players will be glued to the screen. The playing environment of the game will be positive and energetic for the players.

This story is quite fascinating as it provides an account of Agamemnon, legend of the Trojan War, in his life before and after his fame. It is interesting to note that Agamemnon’s royalty bore no matter for Aegisthus, a rather minor character in Greek mythology, a rather common theme. Unfortunately, his life after fame ended within moments of his time home.