Browse Through The Top 15 Android Browsers!

  • Brave Browser

Launched in 2016, permits HTTPS everywhere, blocks thirdparty cookies and scripts include per-site settings improves battery and speed and has basic features like history, extensions, etcetera.

  • Dolphin Browser

Attains incognito mode, flash support and ad-block, set themes, and includes gesture control feature.

  • DuckDuckGo Browser

Its highlighting feature is that it maintains ultimate privacy by giving websites privacy grades from A-F, for you to select from.

  • Ecosia Browser

A nature-friendly browser that donates 80% of its earnings to plant trees. Includes all basic features and is for those who don’t need browsing as much.

Includes features to maintain battery life, reduce data usage, and improve performance. It’s amongst the fastest and most used browsing apps amongst Indians.

  • Firefox Browsers

The closest competitor of Chrome, it features cross syncing, tracking protection, inbuilt browser passwords, and more. It’s the corresponding app; Firefox focus inherits several advanced security features.

  • Google Chrome

Mostly pre-installed on all Android phones, this app has all the latest features for browsing and power users. It has other three corresponding apps namely, Chrome Beta, Chrome Dev, and Chrome Canary.

  • Kiwi Browser

The newest android browsing app features native ad blocking, popup blocker, dark mode with 100% contrast for OLED screens, and a unique UI system.

  • Lynket Browser

Modification of the chrome app, essential for all multi frequent browsers.

  • Microsoft Edge

Inherits pure functionality, sync passwords, bookmarks, history, acquires light UI features, allows browsing correspondingly on desktop and mobile, and requires logging in through Microsoft account.

  • Naked Browser

A non-flashy, decent browser that loads sites quickly due to it’s scaled black nature.

  • Opera Browsers

Saves data through video compressions, and acquires a dashboard to store favorites. Has two corresponding apps namely, opera mini and touch, all having likewise features. Matter can be synced through an opera account.

  • Samsung Browser

Features plugins, swipe gestures, quick menu, material design elements, enables 369-degree video rotation, and more!

  • Surfy Browser

Allows text to text speech, customized toolbar, along with all the other basic features.

  • Top Browser

Connects to tor’s network and maintains extreme security, blocks trackers, and includes multi-layer encryption. Best for users who want to maintain anonymity.