Comfort Your Pet’s Paw Problems

Your pet’s paws are an essential part in their life. Without healthy paws your pet cannot roam around their terrain like they wish. If your pet’s paws are making them uncomfortable there are a few things you can do to help comfort your pet’s paw problems. First thing to do is to check your pet’s paws for any redness, swelling, bleeding, or other signs. If your pet whines when you touch their paw take a closer look. Make sure you give your pet a soft, gentle rub to comfort them while you are checking their paws. It will help them to relax.

It could be burrs – prickly seed that can stick to between your pet’s toes and the pads. To remove burrs, grab it firmly with a pair of tweezers and gently wiggle it free. If it has become tangled in the hairs clip it out with scissors, but be very careful not to cut any skin in your pet’s paws, this could cause damage to their joints. You can add some oil to help you remove the burrs. If you are not sure about doing this procedure, take your pet to the vet. Another thing you can do to help comfort your pet’s paw problems is to cut off some hair. If your pet has long hair it could get matted between the toes causing irritation. Again, be careful when clipping and cutting. Also, make sure you remove mud that may have build up between your pet’s paws.

Make sure you keep your pet’s paws dry. Pet’s paws get wet often so make sure once you bath them or they get wet that you dry their paws. Although pets usually try to stay off of the hot ground, there maybe times when they are not able to find a cool place on the ground. Standing on a hot ground may cause burns, so if your pet is suffering from hot paws, clean thoroughly with soap and warm water to prevent any infections. Make sure you dry the paw with a soft towel this will help comfort your pet’s paw problems. You should also bring your pets to exotic pets grooming. With their reliable service, your pet will certainly get the best service. 

To prevent dry paws, keep your pet’s paws protected with moisturizers but don’t over do it. Pet’s paws have a natural moisturizer built in. Just like humans who step on a wad of gum, pets stumble across the same wads of gum. To remove the gum, use dishwashing liquid or gum removers found at hardware stores. If the gum is really stuck between the toes you may have to cut it out, just be careful not to cut any skin. Following these tips should help you provide some comfort to your pet’s paw problems and get them walking without pain once again.