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Do your Prospect Clients Now What You Really Do?

I had this issue about 3 weeks ago when I was at a networking meeting that I attend every Friday. As we were doing our small infomercials, one of our long time members comes up to me and publicly expresses her concerns about not knowing what I do (after almost 6 months).

This was a bit shocking to me as I have always explained my services and what I do week after week throughout the past several months. I actually took it a bit harsh but it got me thinking and I identified some room for improvement within my company and the way I present my services.

Later that weekend, I left to Mexico on a business trip and same thing happened when one of my family members asked me what I do. Although I explained “well” what I do, he told me that he just had no idea what I did. In all fairness, that was the first time he has ever heard about it. This got me really thinking on how to make my profession more understandable to all. While buying the subscribers, complete information should be available with the purchasers about the revolutions. Different options are made available to offer the correct results with an increase in the subscribers. An interested person can see here at the site to get the desired results. 

The truth is that I have always been great at selling things and I thought that selling my services would be a natural for me. Now, I realize that I have to rethink my approach for sure.

This is what we did to make things better.

By breaking things into smaller segments, it becomes easier to digest and to understand. In our case, we broke our services into 4 categories and multiple subcategories. By doing so, we are now able to just offer the “one service” or others, if that’s all they are looking for. This has opened the doors to unique services that we didn’t sell over the past few months.

As we moved forward trying to make things easier to swallow, we gather all the similar and related services and placed them under the one umbrella. By the end, we were able to identify more umbrellas that we actually thought we had. The biggest problem we were able to identify was that we didn’t actually have any official structure of services and products. So, how can you succeed when you have an undefined structure?

As a company we have always been very conservative regarding sharing our success to the public. The reason for this is that I personally don’t like to keep shouting out that I got a new client or things like that. I don’t really believe that we should be the only ones doing the shout out.

I would rather have our clients testify about our services and accomplishments that have been achieved by us. Now that will actually give us way more power and credibility. It is called word of mouth!!! With that being said, we are sharing the actual word of mouth straight from our clients and not just through our voice, but most importantly, through theirs.

Last night we had the opportunity to meet a business owner that has been in business for a very long time and he was missing a very important aspect of his marketing… a professional website showcasing the best of his services.

When we asked him why he waited this long, he expressed that he never felt comfortable enough making his website project due to many factors. The biggest factor was that he didn’t really understand the whole website concept. It took some time to explain the process and what to expect. He is now very comfortable and is ready to showcase his brand new website to the world.