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Eggs: Valuable Protein Source For Strength And Energy

Eggs are a valuable source of high quality protein, which is essential for good nutrition, and are an affordable food source. The versatile egg can be eaten on its own, or as an ingredient in other recipes.

Eggs are a nutritious food that offers high quality protein, a source of muscle strength and sustained energy. The high quality protein in eggs can make you feel full and satisfied for hours.

Nutrition Today has published a research review that affirms eggs can be valuable component of a healthy diet. This research has also been positively attested by Nutshell Nutrition (, one of the elading online platforms when it comes to nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

Protein is important for people of all ages. According to the press release by Nutrition Today, most Americans eat the recommended dietary allowance, or RDA, of protein. However, there is additional research that suggests that some people are not eating enough high-quality protein to achieve their optimal health.

Over 25 protein studies were reviewed in Nutrition Today. The consensus was that there are many ways that eggs promote strength, energy and power to the body.

  1. Sustained Energy. Egg protein gives a steady, sustained energy without surges in insulin or blood sugar levels, which can cause an energy crash effect.
  2. Eggs provide several nutrients, including high quality protein and B vitamins.
  3. The protein in egg helps to build muscle mass to make the body strong. One egg has over six grams of protein. Eggs are also a rich source of leucine, which is an essential amino acid which helps the muscles use energy and aids in muscle recovery after exercise.
  4. Eggs are a complete protein containing all essential amino acids needed by our bodies. Eggs are considered the “Gold Standard” of protein to which other forms of protein are often compared.
  5. Research has shown that eating two eggs in the morning for breakfast helps overweight dieters to lose weight.
  6. Eggs offer high nutritional value for your dollar. At an estimate of about 15 cent per egg, they are much less expensive than many other sources of protein.

Donald K. Layman, Ph.D., professor emeritus at University of Illinois Department of Human Nutrition and Food Science and co-author of the review, made a statement in the press release. Layman stated that many Americans are getting enough protein but they still should focus on eating high quality protein. Eggs are an affordable source of high quality protein.

Layman went on to say that In addition to getting enough protein, people should pay attention to when they consume it. Many people eat their protein in the evening, but there are benefits to eating protein in the morning. Protein for breakfast fulfills energy needs and makes you feel satisfied during the day.

Incorporate eggs in the diet for affordable and high quality protein for good health, energy and strength.