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Everything That A Person Must Know Regarding The Singapore Soka Association

Singapore Soka association is basically a Buddhist association that has been developed to promote the practice of Nichiren Buddhism. This is an association that was established in the year 1972 with the registary of societies.

With time, all the association’s documentation was completed; in the year 1985, the Singapore Soka association became a registered charity.

What is Nichiren Buddhism?

This is a school of Mahayana tradition that was founded in Japan in the 13th century. Nichiren Buddhism is basically a philosophy that has been derived from the lotus sutra, which is the epitome of teaching Shakyamuni buddha.

Soka is a Chinese term that means value creation. It provides the description of the core spirit of Buddhism that teaches every individual to have the capacity to teach and that every individual can develop full potential. The life-affirming philosophy of Buddhism empowers one with wisdom and spirituality to live a life that has some value. And also have the positive impact on one’s life and world

SSA is an association that is a part of the international organization under the Soka Gakkai global movement that has membership with 192 countries worldwide.

Now we will discuss some more information here that a person must know regarding this association.

  • The theme offered by this organization is modern as compared to the traditional Buddhist funeral.
  • In this organization, there is less chanting and other formal rituals.
  • If we compare the Soka Gakkai services with other religious rites, then they are much more straightforward.
  • Decoration that is done by this organization is bright and the primary color included is white.
  • The designs and setting choices are bent on minimalist decorations.
  • When the ceremony is performed, you will watch the pallbearers that are wearing the same uniforms.