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Factors to Consider for Theater Room Plans

The place that you select to set up your Movie Theater System will have a huge impact on how it actually turns out in the end.

So make sure that you spare no expenses in this step and then spruce up the room/space after selection.

Our extensive experience in the matter tells us that hiring professionals like us is the right option to make sure that all the boxes get ticked.

  • Shape

Try using a rectangular room as square rooms can create harmonic distortions. We recommend placing the main speaker(s) and display screen along the shortest wall for better sound projection.

  • Room Openings

Windows, Doors, etc. must be accounted for while making theater room plans, as they can cause audio distortions, light reflections, etc. Try soundproofing and blackout window treatments for the best results.

  • Walls

You need not fret over your regular drywall, since it is a decent surface for walls of a Home Theater System. Make sure the walls are not made of Concrete or Concrete Block. Hiring professionals will bear fruit here, as they can give you tips for this like, bigger flat surfaces should be broken up using furniture, drapes, etc., or that frames that have glass should be avoided. You can also install acoustic wall panels for better audio.

  • Wall Colour

When we do theater Room Plans, we make sure to cover all bases, including wall color. Here’s a tip, avoid using strong colors to minimize light reflection.

Making plans for the room can seem like a daunting task at first, but a well-defined room plan will accentuate the quality of your Home Theater System. So hire a professional for guidance, and get cracking.