Get Pumped Because the Jigglypuff Spotlight Hour is Here

Jigglypuff – The Fan Favourite

Anybody who knows anything about Pokemon surely knows about Jigglypuff, made famous by the mic/sketch pen carrying delight from the anime series. A fairy type pokemon, Jigglypuff is famous for its sonorous voice that puts all listeners to sleep. A beautiful but fiery Pokemon, it is very desired in the Pokemon Go community both for its abilities and for its sentimental value to those who have been longtime fans of the franchise.

The Spotlight Shines

Pokemon Go always finds new and innovative ways to keep their fans excited and engaged, and the Spotlight Hour is one such fun activity. During this hour, a selected Pokemon appears more in the wild than is usually normal, and any Pokemon caught leads to the addition of two times the experience points than normal.

In a move that would have certainly made Jigglypuff very happy, Pokemon Go has announced that this creature would be the focus of the Spotlight Hour this week. For an hour’s duration, varying by local time, Jigglypuff would appear twice as much in the wild than is usual. Thus, players have a much greater chance of getting their hands on this pokemon.

With 50 Jigglypuff candy in hand, players will also have the chance to evolve their Pokemon into a Wigglypuff, the final form of this species of Pokemon. Since the number of Jigglypuffs appearing increases, this also means that one has the chance to get their hands on a shiny Pokemon, the rare members of a species that are differently colored than their brethren. Shiny Jigglypuffs are identifiable by their green eyes, which are different from the normal blues.

Pokemon Go is thus a great place to be during the Spotlight Hour, and one should certainly join in on the fun, such as through the services of Remember that Spotlighted Pokemon keep changing, so there’s always more to catch!