Green Smoke Electric Cigarettes Review

Change has hit the smoking industry with White Fox is an all white snus and e-cigarettes. The new alternative to those expensive, objectionable tobacco products is the smokeless Green Smoke electric cigarette.

The starling volume of holiday sales attests to the growing popularity of Green Smoke e-cigarettes. This innovative, new age smokeless product has become socially and environmentally acceptable as a form of enjoyment and as a means to stifle dependency on traditional tobacco-based products.

With no tar, no carbon monoxide, and without the dangerous toxins in conventional cigarettes, Green Smoke provides a safer, cleaner, and less invasive alternative to the treacherous tobacco cigarette. The main ingredients in Green Smoke e-cigarettes are water, nicotine, and propylene glycol, the additive in food coloring.

With no secondhand smoke, with a variety of pleasant aromas and favors, Green Smokers can enjoy a cleaner, more tasteful smokeless experience. Throw away those lighters and ashtrays and forget about that obnoxious tobacco odor in clothes, hair, cars, and smoking areas. Relax with the smokeless experience devoid of ashes and risk of fire. Enjoy your Green Smoke in any social environment.

Green Smoke features a patented two-component smokeless cigarette. Each Green Smoke cigarette utilizes a flavor-of-choice cartridge, which is integrated with the unit’s atomizer and nicotine pad. The unit itself looks and feels like a conventional cigarette and delivers a fresh, enjoyable taste without any tobacco or flame.

Users simply touch the tip to the mouth, which activates the atomizer to produce a flavored nicotine vapor. The e-cigarette is activated by use, not by an on-off switch. The warmed vapor is instantly ready for the user to inhale.

Sounds safe and fun, right? How about tasteful? Green Smoke provides many popular flavors:

The cartridges are color-coded and disposable. Users can select the strength of the mixture. Former tobacco smokers reduce the strength as they gradually wean themselves from the tobacco habit.

Green Smoke cartridges are available in four different nicotine strengths. The 8 mg is comparable to the Marlboro Red. The 6 mg compares to the Marlboro Light while the 4 g is similar to the Marlboro Ultra Light. There is also a 0 mg strength for those users that simply are comfortable with the smoking action.

As consumers have warmed to the e-cigarette experience, the manufacturer has backed the product with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a full one- year warranty on the battery. Consumer feedback lists the advantages of Green Smoke electric cigarettes as:

Green Smoke consumers report significant savings. One flavored cartridge costs about $3.00 and is comparable to 1.5 packs of tobacco burning cigarettes.

Green Smoke has put together a number of intriguing starter kits for users of all activity levels. A paltry initial investment can reap thousands of dollars in savings.

Each kit comes with a USB home charger unit, a USB adapter, and a wall adapter.

We all know tobacco smoking is a dirty, dangerous addiction. Green Smoke offers a safe, non-invasive alternative. Find out what record numbers of holiday gift-givers realized; that there is a palatable option to traditional tobacco products.