Activities Guide Kids Outdoors

Have Fun With Your Toddler Outdoors

The toddler years are important in developing a child’s motor and social skills. This is then the time where you are needed to guide him and spend a lot of time with him for him to develop his confidence this early.

Spring is a great time to spend outdoors, and for you to be able this season with your toddler on the great outdoors will spell not just fun, but learning and quality bonding time together. Listed below are some activities that you can enjoy with your toddler.

Before getting into them, it is important to mention that the given activities have been classified as the best that you can think of for any child to enjoy himself by

You can visit a local zoo, and for a minimal fee, you can be able to show your little one and make him learn at the same time about the different animals. Stay away from the big zoos (almost safari like) where animals like lions and liger are free to run around. Opt for the small zoos as your child may be interested only in the colorful fishes and birds. Bigger and wild animals may be an off-limits zone as well because chances are he might be scared of them and may end up crying.

Planting saplings in the backyard can also spell fun for your child. As he plays with the soil or water, he knows he is helping mom at the same time. This is the opportunity where he can play with soil and not get yelled at for it. Since it is your backyard, you know which areas might be a little too dangerous for him (being near ants or beehives).

You can go near the beach and collect seashells. You can both collect them and decorate your little sand space with it. Get colorful ones with different shapes (be careful with jellies and sharp edges of the shells though) and create houses or sand castles with them. Make them into necklaces or small mementos that can be used for decorating the house, spring wedding favors, or beach themed gifts. These little keepsakes will remind you of the great time you two have had together.

No matter what outdoor activity you choose, remember that what is most important is that you both get to enjoy and maybe even capture them in photographs so when he gets older, you can always look back at the wonderful spring outdoor activities you have had. As any parent would know, there are only a few short years where your child gets to be amused and spend time with you. So make the most out of it and make his toddler years with you as special as it can be.