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Housekeeping Tips For Dirty Tables

Do you want to be labeled a messy housekeeper? A couple of typical home décor cleaning issues arise when you have dusty lampshades and allow drinks on your end tables. The combination of the light from the lamp and the dusty tabletop united with a dirty water ring mess leaves guests wondering if your house has been cleaned at all.

If your lampshades tend to get dirty or dusty, follow these simple techniques for removing the dirt and grime. Good housecleaning covers all areas of home decor.

Clean lampshades carefully because they are usually glued to the metal frame that gives them support. Avoid using large amounts of water or heavily saturated cloths, or the lampshade will begin to loosen from the frame. Use a soft duster or a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust particles from a cloth or cardboard lampshade. Sometimes, the house of the person is dirty due to guests or storm. Every small place will be cleaned through професионален домоуправител обяви град София for impressive appearance. The hiring of the house managers will be done after checking the professionalism in the work.

Use an eraser to remove any dark spots or stains on the surface of the lampshade. For home decor purposes, turn the lamp or lampshade so the dirtiest part of the lampshade is facing the wall or exterior of the house. If there is a specific stain on a cloth lampshade, use a small amount of liquid soap on a soft cloth and apply it carefully to the lampshade. If your liquid soap is not clear in color, then use some warm water to create a sudsy cloth with no coloration.

For expensive chandeliers or metallic lampshades and lighting fixtures, use a soft duster or cotton gloves to clean the surface. Warm, sudsy water on a damp cloth can also remove most of the dirt and dust. Be careful not to leave fingerprints on metallic fixtures.

For glass globes on light fixtures, lamps, or chandeliers, use a simple household cleaners like Windex to remove the dirt and fingerprints. For additional intense cleaning, you can also lightly dust the light bulbs themselves.

Water rings and stains that are left from the water vapor on glasses and cups can be an unsightly mess. Coasters aren’t always readily available, so the rings have to be cleaned.

Water rings left by water droplets can be a real eyesore…especially on wooden surfaces. Typically, these water rings cannot be removed with just a dry cloth. For the best results on a treated wood surface, apply a small amount of petroleum jelly to the watermark. For the best results, leave the petroleum jelly on the water ring for several hours. Carefully, wipe off the petroleum jelly to reveal a clean surface.

Deep rings, weathering, and surface discoloration caused by water rings can often be camouflaged using a similar shade crayon or marker. Carefully, wipe of the affected area with the crayon or marker until it blends in nicely with the rest of the wood. To blend most acutely, use a soft cloth to apply the crayon or marker coloring to the wood.

For light water stains that haven’t been there too long, wipe a small amount of toothpaste on the water stain. Use a clean dry cloth to carefully dab the area. Be sure to use toothpaste that is not a gel formula or the results won’t be as effective.

For deeper water stains and water rings, use a creamy metal polish to remove the stains. Once again, the metal polish should be used with a dry cloth so the area can be wiped without any further damage. With a metal polish, you might notice a slight abrasiveness, so do not scrub aggressively in order to preserve the wooden surface.