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How To Lose Weight Fast At Home For Free

Every overweight person wants to lose weight fast; indeed an entire weight loss industry has been built around serving the needs of the dieters. However while there are many gym’s, weight loss programs and outdoor activities which can help burn fat; many dieters find it a challenge to lose weight from home .Thankfully with a little bit of innovation it is possible to lose weight from home, fast and for free.

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Basics of Weight Loss

In order to lose weight, it is necessary to burn off the excess calories, which created the weight gain in the first place. For instance 1 lb. of fat contains 3,500 calories, consequently in order to burn off 1 lb. of fat, the dieter needs to reduce their calorific intake by 3,500 calories. Furthermore if they drop calories too quickly, then they will run into problems with their metabolic rate slowing down ( for more information on metabolism, please read this suite 101 article).This means that the dieter needs to lose weight slowly over time, which means that weight loss is a marathon rather than a sprint.

So, how to lose weight fast? Well, fast is a relative term, while there are a lot of advertisements which suggest a weight loss goal of 5 or 6lbs per week, this is really not a very realistic target for most people over the long term. Some dieters will achieve this initially because they are excessively over weight in the first place, however the rate of fat loss will slow down over the long term. Realistically, with a strategic approach to weight loss, approximately 1.5 to 2lbs per week, over a period of many months is a very viable long term objective.

Home Based Weight Loss Challenges

The challenges, which are faced by the home based dieter, are as follows:

Lack of motivation.

Exercise limitations.

Necessity of personal discipline.

The dieter who is attempting to lose weight quickly from home for free, lacks the motivational boost which comes from attending an external weight loss program or gym. Furthermore it is difficult to burn off significant amounts of calories by exercising at home. Finally, dieting from home requires great personal discipline.

However do not despair; with the right approach it is possible to lose weight fast for free, at home.

Home Based Weight Loss Strategies

The first thing to remember about losing weight fast from home, is that the essentials of weight loss are always the same. Once you overcome the challenges, which are presented by basing your efforts from home, then the weight loss will proceed as quickly as can be achieved by an external program.

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Four Things You Need Before You Lose Weight

The best starting point for all weight loss programs, is to set a target for the weight loss, which you are aiming for. The easiest way to find your target weight, is to look up one of the many online BMI (Body mass Index) calculators. The following link will take you to the BMI calculator on the scientific psychic website; simply enter your personal statistics and discover what your ideal weight should be.

The second step involves tracking your progress; while this is important for all dieters, this is especially important in the case of dieters attempting to lose weight fast from home. Alex Lluch’s book “Lose Weight Fast Diet Book” is a particularly good resource for dieters who want to track their progress. It outlines in detail how to go about tracking your progress, as well as lots of really useful weight loss tips.

Applying these two basics to the unique setting of your home, it becomes important to create a targeted plan .This plan allocates both a weekly weigth loss target, as well as a daily calorific expenditure ,and which takes into account, both dieting and exercise requirements too.

The Monthly Weight Loss Target

In order to keep your home based weight loss program on track, it is necessary to create a realistic time frame in order to lose this weight. Working from the BMI ideal weight target and bearing in mind that a weight loss of 2lbs per week is realistic, once the initial few weeks of rapid weight loss been taking into account, it becomes possible to outline a workable time frame. This can then be further subdivided into monthly goals.

Daily Calorific Expenditure

The link to the BMI calculator above will also present you with information entitled “Minimum Caloric Requirements”, in simple English this is your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate).In order to lose weight it is necessary for you, to average a daily calorific expenditure which is below this figure. This can either be by dieting alone or by excercise or via both.

So for instance, if you want to lose 2lbs per week, then this equates to 1000 calories, less than your daily BMR, which is difficult to achieve by dieting alone. It is far easier to burn off fat by implementing both diet and exercise too. So in the above example, 500 calories could easily be achieved by dieting and a further 500 via exercise.

Overcoming Home Based Diet and Exercise Limitations

So if you want to lose weight fast even if you have a plan, there are still the limitations imposed by the sedentary nature of the person at home. Fortunately, where there is an obstacle, there is always a strategy to overcome it.

In the case of dieting, because of the high inactivity levels, it is really important to watch what you eat. There is only so much food restriction, which can be carried out on a daily basis. Rather it is better to integrate foods into your daily diet, which will help you to keep calories at a low level. This suite 101 article outlines some really useful diet foods.

Exercise is also important, naturally it is not possible to engage in really high calorie burning workouts, such as running for instance. However it is possible to do some home based cardio, such as outlined in the website, fitnesstrainerstogo. The level of burnt calories may be on the low side, nonetheless it will still be a great help.

Lose Weight at Home Fast Through Innovation

Far from been impossible, there really is no restriction, when it comes to losing weight fast from the comfort of your own home, and it’s for free!

All it takes is focus and a little bit of innovation!