How to Profit from E-mail Marketing Without Even Having a Website

Many people don’t realize the earning potential involved with e-mail marketing. This article will focus on two specific groups of people: those who have an existing non-internet related business and those who have a subject of interest but no website, no business, etc. Let’s see how these two groups of individuals can profit from e-mail marketing without investing any money.

Group #1.

Non-Internet Business owners. If you are not doing so already, you will need to collect e-mail addresses from your clients. Most of your clients will be happy to give you their e-mail addresses (it is their phone number that they are leery about). Once you have collected their addresses you need to create a message for them. Think of a discount or special offer you could give them that compliments the products you sell or the services that you perform. It should only take about 10 minutes to create this e-mail. Make sure you click send. Not only is this easy, but it’s free. It’s just like getting the same benefits of choosing a cheap and best web hosting 2020 service.

Here is an example from my father’s newspaper. My father owns a local newspaper. He collects the e-mail addresses of his clients. One month he realized he was running low on ads and had spaces left over. He whipped up an e-mail offering 10% off any ads placed for the next issue. He sent it out and within 24 hours had enough ads to fill in his ad spaces. So you can see how collecting e-mail addresses is a great way to boost your company’s profits.

Group #2.

Individuals with a passion for a certain topic, but no website or current business. To make money with no investment all you need to do is create a free newsletter. Yes, I said free. Make sure the newsletter stays focused on your one topic of interest. Where will you get content to include in your newsletter? There are plenty of sites on the Internet where you can find useful articles on your topic to include in your newsletter. These sites will even give you rights to reprint the article free so long as you agree to include the author box. So how do you make money giving away a free newsletter? Simple, find companies you can become an affiliate for. Only become an affiliate for products or services that compliment your newsletter. Remember that is the subject your subscribers are interested in. When you become an affiliate you will be paid a commission whenever someone buys the product through your link. How do you get subscribers for your newsletter? Just visit some forums or newsgroups that are on the same subject as your newsletter and post a little ad. Your newsletter is free, but trust me you will not have any trouble getting subscribers. People love the word FREE! Once you have a decent amount of subscribers, you can also sell some of your space for ads. If you have a good number of subscribers you will find that people will want to pay to get their link on your newsletter.

Now you know a little more on e-mail marketing. If you are looking for some software that can help keep your e-mail campaign’s organized and personalized check out Mailloop (the link can be copied and pasted into your browser from the resource box).