Social Media

I AM a Social Networking Junkie

For the past year, I have been addicted to social networking communities and learned about amazing tools such as I am not looking for a cure, maybe just another friend or two. In fact, I can barely wait to join another social networking community. Should I be concerned absolutely not! I am totally happy to be a social networking junkie.

It isn’t hard to understand why social networking communities are and can be so addictive. Social networking communities are giving people the opportunity to express themselves. Anyone can design their own personal profile page and share it with the entire world for FREE! It is an Internet marketer’s dream come true.

Lonely people can find friendship or true love. Businesses can network and watch their business grow. Aspiring artists, musicians, and comedians can seek out fame and fortune. Doesn’t matter who you are social networking has something for everyone.

I truly love social networking and definitely what to hear the down-low on the latest happenings. One thing I have noticed is the contradiction over the stability of online social networking communities. Some people feel social networking communities are just another Internet craze. They believe once something new and more appealing comes along social networking will be history.

Other people feel social networking is here to stay and it will only get better. I totally agree. I can’t imagine the Internet without a place for people to mingle, share their stories, and express themselves. Social networking communities are definitely the wave of the future. I don’t believe people will just stop visiting social networking communities. Hey, I have friends!

I do believe the popularity of some of the larger social networking communities like Myspace and Facebook will diminish and lose their appeal once people begin to realize there are much better social networking communities online. Maybe they will stumble upon a social networking community better catered to their needs.

A recent article I read said the two giants in this field, Myspace, and Facebook, collected 91% of all traffic to social networking sites in August 2007. Myspace has over 200 million members and Facebook has 14 million members. There other 9 % of traffic is generated from little niche social networking communities.

I wasn’t always a social networking junk. As a matter of fact, I joined Myspace because my daughters insisted I needed to have a Myspace page. It was as they said the “IN” thing to do. Well, I personally did not enjoy the whole Myspace thing. Let’s just say I am over 40 and felt a little out of place and leave it at that.

It doesn’t matter how big Facebook and Myspace are. I am a fan of an addict to small niche social networking communities. I love these smaller social networking communities because they offer me something the larger communities don’t! A lot of the smaller social networking communities are allowing members to earn a share of the revenue generated on the site. Hence the reason for my addiction. Shame on me or not!

Each social networking community has its own type of revenue sharing program in place. Some of these communities have partnered up with Google Adsense and/or other ad networks. By doing so, it allows you to place your Google Adsense ads on your profile page. If you wish to participate, you would be agreeing to share your Google Adsense earnings with the social networking community. Your share can range from 50 to 100%.

Other social networking communities reward their members for their participation. Most award points convert to cash once you accumulate a certain amount. Some networks offer money for referrals, commissions on your referrals earnings, or page views. There is money to be made in these niche social networking communities!

All I need to hear is a social networking community is a revenue-sharing community and I’m in. Okay, I know what you are thinking, she isn’t addicted to social networking, she’s in it for the money! Hey, you may be right. Either way, I am addicted, having a ton of fun, meeting new people, and making money to boot! I know My Google Adsense earnings have definitely increased.