Internet Marketing

Learning to Become an Internet Marketer

Internet Marketing has really been around since the Internet itself, but with nearly every household is developed countries having access to the Internet, there has never been a better time to take advantage of starting up a business or second income online.

There are plenty of places out there to learn how to become an Internet Marketer, but most of them charge $100 or more for information you could find elsewhere for $5 or so. Therefore, there will probably be a lot of junk sites which will not be able to put up the information you want for free. Well, fortunately there is one. A recently launched blog by “BMXRider”, a full time Internet marketer making over $1 Million a year from simple techniques. He promises all information on his site is completely free, requires no investment and will work every time guaranteed.

On the blog, there are a collection of articles and tutorials. He has 2 main categories which he divides his marketing up into. The first is White Hat, this is the good and honest side of marketing. This usually requires paying for advertisements on other websites and only getting what you pay for. People who worry too much about legal possibilities usually choose this option. However, the “Darker” side is known as Black hat. Black Hat Marketing is often a very efficient way to get more sales for a website or drive visitors to your website, but it can be risky if you take it too far. The website provides training courses for both sides, absolutely free so you may take both and decide which one works better for you.

However, he did set this blog up and time is money. So, people ask him why is he giving information away which could ruin his business for free? I decided to mail him personally and here is his response:

“Dear James,

I’m quite sure you are not a marketer yourself as if you had marketing knowledge, you would understand that I never do something if I can’t make money from it. As you may notice, I have 2 main incomes from my site. Firstly, I have several products on offer which are “premium”, to stop their markets becoming saturated and to simply the process of making money whilst actually multiplying the amount you earn. Secondly, I have some small text advertisements on the bottom and side of the page. Although small, they bring in plenty of profit. With the training of Deal Dash for products, then becoming of an expert will be easy. The creation of the awareness among the person will be beneficial. The multiplying of the amount will be there with less production cost. From top to bottom, the advertising of the products and services will be effective.

Good marketeers always make money discretely as if the audience discover they are making money, it may put them off.

I hope this answers you question.