Making Money with Expired/expiring Domain Names

One of the most popular methods of making money on the internet is to purchase expired/expiring domain names and either resell them for a potential profit by selling on an auction site, creating a content site with links and product Reviews and then selling on one of the many forums or marketplaces that exist or you can even keep it and try and monetize it yourself using various methods such as PPC ads, CPA offers, and affiliate product listings.

Just type in google search expired domain names and plenty of websites such as tdnam, expired domains will appear with numerous available domain names.

Here are some of the key factors to consider before buying that potential profit-making domain name

Quality Of Name: there are several key factors here, if the name is over 15 characters then this could arguably be too long. A lot of surfers search on the basis of a word or phrase so if you have versus the first name is more likely to be useful. Also look for hyphens, numbers and the domain extension, these can all reduce the value of a name a .com and .net extension are worth a lot more than .biz or .mobi for example


in some of the examples below, where required change the to the domain name you are checking


Older names are worth more than newer ones and if you plan to resell the name with no website then this should be considered. It was believed that google at one point gave higher rankings to older domain names than to newer ones.


If you can find a domain name with traffic then that is great but be aware of the source it may be fake traffic particularly on expiring domain names that are listed for auction to bump up the price of them. Genuine traffic is great as this means visits to your new site, you tend to get this on expiring domains but not on expired domains.

History Of domain name:

Check out using Wayback machine what the domain was used for, was it an adult site, gambling site, or another dubious source. You may find there is a reason why it is expired, perhaps it has been banned on Google Search for example. Type in the following to see what is listed at the web archive*/


Is it ranked by Google, if it is and obviously the higher the PageRank then the more valuable the domain name is. Watch out for fake page ranks. A free service to check the validity is

Indexed Pages In Google:

Has the Big G visited the site and indexed it, if so then this is a potential source of some traffic here. Type in the following q; btnG;=Search

Google Searches for a domain name:

Is anyone using google actually looking for the website if you have got 1000’s or more then you may be on to a good thing. Type the following into Google search, q; btnG;=Google+Search. If you remove the .com you will also get results for other domain names such as .net, .info, and so on. The first example is obviously better because that is targeted at your domain name.

Open Directory Listed: used to be the pinnacle of listings, if you could get listed in there it generally meant a good source of traffic. Nowadays the value of this has lessened somewhat but a listing here generally indicates a well-established domain name and therefore can increase the value of the site. In your favorite browser type the following

Google Backlinks:

Find out if anyone is linking to the site, in google’s search type in the following q; btnG;=Search.

Yahoo Backlinks:

Again this is similar to Google and even though Yahoo is not so highly regarded, backlinks equal potential traffic. For example, I found a domain name with 10000+ backlinks listed which resulted in plenty of visits to my fledgling site. To check this out type the following into your browser bwm;=i bwmo;=d bwmf;=s.

Thats the end of Part 1, and I believe that these are the most important factors to consider, some may dispute the order. Indexed in Google being the top priority for example but this is what I look at, in Part 2 we will look at other factors.