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My Fat Loss Program – Learn about the programs

This is your first stop on your way to finding out exactly how I lost more than 30 pounds in just 6 weeks.

While that might not sound that extraordinary to lose 30 pounds in a month and a half, what I believe is special about this program is that I continue to lose weight each and every week I follow my regimen.

Even more incredible to me is that I feel like I’m not on a weight loss program at all. I still enjoy many of the same foods I did when I was severely obese and I don’t need to destroy myself in the gym in order to achieve these results. There’s no need for me to do that anyway. I’ve finally found a method that works and allows me to lose weight without feeling restricted all the time. Now I’m not telling you that this is going to be easy. What I’m telling you is that this program is simple and uncomplicated. Once you understand what were trying to achieve and figure out how to implement the steps, all that’s left is to follow through and stay on your course.

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I know from personal experience that simply staying on the course is what usually causes the most problems when it comes to losing weight. It’s one of the reasons why I’ve had a tough time losing weight in the past. This is the hard part. Simply staying on the road and not getting off track. The most important thing to remember is that if you screw up, just get back going the right way and shake it off. If you can do that, then your well on your way to achieving your weight loss goals.

So let’s get down to business!

For my fat loss program I was extremely lucky to find a fitness site that was unlike any I had ever visited. The information I found was almost a complete 180 degrees from what I had learned in all my years in trying to lose weight. The first site that has contributed a huge amount towards my weight loss success is Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat guide. I can’t over emphasize how important the knowledge I learned from his course has helped me lose more weight then I have ever been able to lose before.

The second my fat loss program component is a workout guide that is geared specifically for shredding fat and allowing you to achieve what he has coined, “The Lean, Hollywood Look”. The basis of his program is promoting lean, dense muscles for a slim, ripped look. This was important for me because I didn’t want to bulk up and look like a huge body builder. I’d much rather have a slim, cut, super Hollywood actor body. Another huge plus for me wanting to use this program was that it integrates really nicely with the Eat Stop Eat program. The program is called Visual Impact Muscle Building and is written by Rusty Moore.

My Fat Loss Program Foundation

These two programs are the foundation of the my fat loss method. I’ve used both of these courses to lose more than 30 pounds in 6 weeks. I continue to use these courses even now because they are still helping me lose weight and more importantly, keep it off.

My Fat Loss Program Recommended Resources

The Eat Stop Eat Program was created by Brad Pilon. The main component of this program is using a method of weight loss called intermittent fasting. The gist of the method is that you go on a short fast just once or twice a week. By doing this you can cut approximately 30% of your calorie intake per day. This allows you to create a calorie deficit which is necessary for creating conditions that allow for weight loss.

What I really like about this method is that you aren’t restricted to eating only certain foods. There is no need to cut out all carbohydrates or any of that nonsense. Another huge plus with this program is the level of expertise that Brad brings to the table. This program has been his research and education for the greater part of his life. Everything that he reports in his guide is backed by solid research and is sited by studies that explain their results.

I will be writing detailed reviews of both programs to further dive into what makes them work and how to maximize your fat loss with them. So I’ll keep you posted on the future posts.

I found Rusty Moore’s program, Visual Impact Muscle Building by accident. I was just thinking about how nice it would be to lose some of the tire that had accumulated around my mid section and was searching some article’s on Ezine Articles. I came across an article from this guy that was talking about how to get a lean “Hollywood Look”. I have yet to see anyone else talk about how to go about doing this. Most of the programs being talked about today are from body builders or are coming from the point of view of a body builder.

I wasn’t interested at all in getting bigger. I was already big enough and wanted to slim down and get ripped. Well, I followed the link to his blog and he was giving away a free report called the Vacation Body Blueprint. I was blown away by the amount of information that he was giving. It was unlike anything I had read before. I started using some of the techniques and they made a huge difference in my training and my fitness in general.