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The Role of Psychedelics In The Most Primitive Civilizations

Ever since the beginning of the 20th century, all the Governments in the world have successfully censored and tabooed the aspect of spirituality through the use of psychedelics. The label of “Drugs” given to these sacred entheogens has made a major prejudiced impact on human cultures all across the globe. Surprisingly, even in the prominent new-age spiritual movement that our planet has been witnessing over a last couple years, censors the use of these psychedelics – the reason being the impact of the label “drugs” on their mind. The fact that psychedelics are our mind’s doorway to the divine realities and our connection to God remains a forbidden aspect of these entheogens.

This article deals with the most controversial topics in the myriad world of spirituality, religion and mysticism. If we look back at the world history, we discover that the most ancient civilizations of human mankind have used certain sacred plants and drinks to alter their states of consciousness to enter into the divine realms that they perceived as the human connection to God. If we were to fully explore and understand the true nature of psychedelics, we would have to study these ancient civilizations and the role of psychotropic plants in the building blocks of spirituality, mythology and religion.

The use of certain mystical substances has been mentioned in almost all different faiths and religions. The descriptions of the Soma drink can be found in the Bhagvad Gita and the Rig Veda of the Hindu Mythology. It has been written in these Holy Scriptures that the Soma drink allowed people to enter in the divine realms. In the early Zoroastrian faith, the mention of the mysterious Huoma can be found. It has been written that Huoma was used by the Magi and played a major role in most of their sacred rituals. The Bible itself talks about the enigmatic manna or the food that fell from heaven.

Moving to the ancient Greek mythology, we know of the mystical liquid, “Kykeon” that it played a remarkable role in the Eleusian mysteries. It is also believed that the Greek Oracles of Delphi and the Roman Sybil of Cumae achieved their prophetic states of mind by inhaling mind altering volcanic hydrocarbon gases that emanated from the Earth’s core.

Ancient Egyptian culture mentions the use of Blue lotus of Nile, by the high priests. This can also be related to the “Lotus Eaters” in the classic Greek myth Odysseus. This relation can make perfect sense when the spiritual symbolizations is carefully studied. The myth of a visit to the land of lotus eaters is an indirect reference to some psychedelic substance derived out of lotus.

There is one relation worth noting. The “Soma” mentioned in the Bhagvad Gita, literally means – to press out and extract, in Sanskrit. It is quite reasonable to make out that something was pressed out and extracted from a peculiar variety of lotus plants which was then prepared as a drink and ingested. Ancient Sanskrit texts also describe the Lotus plant as “Soma”.

Even in the ancient civilization of Babylon, the myth of Gilgamesh can be found. The myth of Gilgamesh is the oldest recorded story known to mankind. In this mystical tale, the hero, Gilgamesh is asked to seek out the plant of immortality, which points out a reference to a psychedelic plant.

Mayans are believed to have used psychedelics for the purpose of looking into the future. The area Mayans lived in was the highest concentrated entheogenic plants area in the world ever known! Therefore, we cannot rule out the possibility, that they could have used other substances as well, but most of the knowledge of Mayan culture has long since been destroyed. Mayans are believed to have used these plants and have consumed 4-hydroxy-DMT, 4-phosphloroxy-DMT, 5-methoxy-DMT and Bufotenine according to the modern day bio-chemistry.

Aztecs have used a fair share of psychedelics for the purpose of invoking divine visions, engage in prophesies and also for medicine and healing. The plants used include ololiuqui (Rivea corymbosa), teonanácatl (Psilocybe spp.), sinicuichi (Heimia salicifolia), toloatzin (Datura spp.), peyotl (Lophophora williamsii) and many others like psilocybin mushrooms, peyote, salvia divinorum and even the present day LSA (tryptamine d-lysergic acid amide). The Aztec use of entheogens has been widely researched and written of by many eminent personalities like Albert Hofmann, R. Gordon Wasson and Richard Evans Schultes. Other hallucinogenic entheogens that the Aztecs often used to cure disease and heal include Datura, Ololiuqui, Tlitliltzin, sinicuichi and many more.

There is a long history of marijuana associated with Hinduism, since about 3000 B.C.E by some records. Marijuana is considered sacred in Hinduism as it is believed to be the gift of Lord Shiva. Marijuana is most commonly consumed in a drink called bhang, which is mixed in with spices, milk and sugar and drunk during Holi and Baisakhi, two of the main festivals of the Hindu religion. Many Shiavites (Lord Shiva devotees) smoke it in clay pipes called chillums, believing it to be a gift from Shiva to help humans reach a higher spiritual level. As mentioned earlier in this article, records of the mystical beverage Soma has also been mentioned in the Hindu holy texts – Sam Veda, Rig Veda and Atharva Veda)

Islam condemns the use of marijuana and the use of any intoxicants as haraam, or forbidden. Sufism, the mystical faith in Islam, however, has a different view. This religion believes in understanding the true nature of God through ecstatic states of mind. Sufism is believed to have many records of use of marijuana over the centuries. In fact, in one of the Persians folks, it is believed that the founder of Sufism, a monk called Haydar was the first Persian to discover the psychedelic use of marijuana.

The folk tale says that Haydar was once walking out in the midst of a depressed mood, he came across a marijuana plant and ate a few of its leaves. He then found himself in an improved state of mind that affected his mood dramatically after eating the marijuana leaves. When he returned back to his monastery, he recommended that his brothers should try it too!

Ancient Chinese Taoists were at initially very sceptical about the use of marijuana and psychedelics. Taoism regarded cannabis as “the liberator of sin” for some time. But they continued to condemn the hallucinations brought on through excessive use of marijuana. However, around the first century AD the followers of Taoism used marijuana seeds in their incense sticks that they used for meditation, believing that the milder effects of the cannabis gave them a heightened consciousness and a higher spiritual awareness. Several scholars believe that Taoism, the native spiritual tradition of China, was derived from Siberian Shamanism. Almost without exception, shamanistic practice and psychedelics go hand in hand with each other as these psychotropic substances act as catalysts in their spiritual rituals and practices.

Christianity like most of the religions condemns the use of psychedelics. However, some historians have researched that the oil derived from marijuana seeds was a primary ingredient in Jewish and Christian holy oils. Some of healing miracles of Jesus have been attributed to the marijuana in these oils. The healing uses of marijuana are widespread as it can relieve the effects of menstrual pains, skin ailments, glaucoma and even cancer. Besides marijuana, the Bible talks about manna, the food that fell from heaven and was called “enigmatic” – this points out at some psychedelic substance.

In addition to this, Rastafarians and some modern Gnostic Christians believe that the Tree of Life referred to in one Biblical passage (“the leaves of the Tree of Life [that] are for the healing of the nations”) refers to the marijuana plant.

Like in most religions, marijuana use is controversial in Buddhism. The Buddhist scholars are against intoxicants, but in many sects of Chinese Buddhism, marijuana has been used in initiation of mystical rituals since the 5th century BC. Some Tibetan Buddhist priests believe it to be the most holy plants, and there are many written records that suggest that the founder of Buddhism, Gautama Siddhartha, lived primarily on marijuana seeds and leaves in the years before his enlightenment. In our modern days, people do buy magic mushrooms online Canada. It seems that over the years, plants have always been one of the common food of people from the history up to this very moment.

From the above records and information, we can clearly see that the primitive people of the most ancient civilizations involved the use of psychedelic substances with a purpose to open their doors to the Divine. This view can also be supported by the role of psychedelics in several indigenous religious practices that are performed by some native tribes of the world even today. If we look back and study the role of psychedelics in ancient civilizations, it seems as if our ancestors had discovered the door into the divine realms and higher dimensions and that it was purposefully set up that way by the Cosmic Intelligence so that we may someday enter it. One thing can be said undoubtedly that certain plants found on our sacred Earth do act as gateways to the transcendental realities we are unaware of. The visions, the psychic experiences and the insights that our ancestors had is exactly what we have faith in as our religion today. By the 20th century, we, human beings had already started walking the path of destruction, fast enough with world wars and the invention of nuclear weapons. This is the last cycle – Kaliyuga- the reign of destruction . It is quite ironic how nuclear weapons in our present world are legal and marijuana is not!

Diabetes Medicine- Welcome Relief for Patients All Across the Globe

We have various diseases floating around the globe and human beings are prone to almost all of them which is why today people have become more health conscious of late so that they don’t take to it that easily.

The age old theory of health being wealth is slowly being taken seriously by the citizens as they feel that there is nothing profitable in an indulgent lifestyle where you are inflicted with vices like alcohol, drugs, gluttony and so many others.

However, even the people that are keeping good health right from childhood, it so happens that they inherit the ailments of their parents or ancestors because diabetes/sugar is a hereditary disease, which is why we shall look for some solutions.


It’s a well known fact that people that have a sweet tooth cannot suppress their desire for sweet items like chocolate, desserts or even sugar as a solution itself and simply want to satisfy the taste buds on their tongue.

There are nearly 10 million diabetic patients in the world and the numbers keep growing each day which is why the Pandemic Pal has come up with some important changes in their work culture so that things ease up a bit.

Online medical stores are replete with orders for these medicines and you too can try them out if you place an order early so that it reaches your residential address on time because diabetes needs to be monitored at regular intervals.

Create your own treatment plan before going for a medicine so that you will have an idea of what to look for because there are different medicines for different stages of diabetes where some are early ones while others are quite prolonged in nature.

The American Diabetes Association has its own official website where you can follow the given procedures in detail so do visit the site and gain detailed info about their plans well in advance.

How To Train An Uncontrollable Puppy That Jumps And Bites

How to Train an Uncontrollable Puppy That Jumps And Bites If you just got a new puppy and find it uncontrollable, donít worry, as there are tips for training an uncontrollable puppy that jumps and bites, so that you donít have to consider giving it back to the pound or the pet shop where you got it. Puppies donít want to act out and be bad, itís just that they donít know the difference between right and wrong. Itís up to you, the dogís owner, to teach it the difference. And you can do it, though it takes a lot of patience and a lot of love. Soon, your puppy will become the good dog you expect it to be. Donít Forget The Praise

There is a certain breed of dogs that might be difficult to manage given their extreme temper tantrums, but if you follow the instructions of the pet shop owners then you can comfortably manage them with ease and praising them when they have accomplished a particular task is an excellent way to do so, which is why you need to Find Shiba Inu in Dogs & Puppies for Rehoming as they are quite a popular breed that are managed in a similar fashion.

The first tip for training an uncontrollable puppy that jumps and bites is to praise it whenever it does something that you want it to. For instance, if your puppy jumps and bites at you and you tell it no, and it listens, donít forget to pet it and tell it good job. 

These actions teach your puppy that every time it does something you want, it gets lots of love. This will eventually teach your dog the difference between right and wrong. This may take time, but itís only through repetition that your dog will learn what you expect of it.

 The second tip for training an uncontrollable puppy is to crate train it. Make sure the crate is big enough for it to move around in. Use the crate much the same way parents use a corner for time out. If your puppy does something you donít want, such as jumping all over you and biting you, put it in the crate for ten minutes. Donít give in no matter how much it cries, as you will only teach it that youre a push over. Over time, your puppy will learn that jumping and biting lead to the negative experience of the crate, and it will learn not to do those things. 

Over time, you will learn the behaviors your new puppy responds to, so you will learn to come up with more tips and guide to handle a jumping or biting puppy. Just remember to give your puppy lots of love and attention, punish it when it jumps and bites, and remember that it doesn­t know that itís being bad. Puppies arenít born bad so the best tip for training an uncontrollable puppy that jumps and bites is to be patient, because your dog will want to please you but only you can teach it how to go about doing that.

Know More About The Best Romance Anime Of 2020

There are various kinds of television series you get to watch, it is based on a different genre, some are sports-related, some are cartoons, animated movies, etc. Animated movies are generally known as anime in the Japanese language. Anime is widely viewed because of high and vibrant graphics, funny characters, anime quotes, and themes that are out of imagination. There are different types of anime. These are no different from cartoons, cartoons are the other name of anime and it is known outside Japan. 

Types of anime

The following are the most known types of anime-

  • Shounen-

These types of anime are most common among girls but are common among boys up to the age of 15 years. Some Shounen anime are Dragonball, Naruto, etc.

  • Shoujo-

These types of anime are the opposite of Shounen. These types of anime are directed for teen girls and are based on romance and drama. 

  • Romance-

These are based on romance and are most liked by girls up to the age of 18. These types of anime have a lot of episodes and have a story in an animated form. There are many other types of anime also.

The best Romance Anime of 2020

The best Romance anime of 2020 are s follows-

  • Majutsushi Orphan Hagure Tabi-

This is the top romantic anime with other types of genre action, adventure, romance, etc. 

  • Plunder-

This is another most viewed romantic anime with genre action, Shounen, adventure, romance, etc.

  • Koisuru asteroid-

This is another anime based on romance, school story, comedy, and a slice of life. 

  • Kyoukou Suiri-

This anime series is based on different genre including romance, mystery, comedy, supernatural, etc. 

  • Arte- This is another type of anime that is mostly watches due to kinds of the genre like romance, Seinen, drama, historical, etc.

Hence, these are various types of anime also. Apart from these few types, other wide categories attract the viewers. There are other many anime quotes that became most popular among teens. 

Green Smoke Electric Cigarettes Review

Change has hit the smoking industry with White Fox is an all white snus and e-cigarettes. The new alternative to those expensive, objectionable tobacco products is the smokeless Green Smoke electric cigarette.

The starling volume of holiday sales attests to the growing popularity of Green Smoke e-cigarettes. This innovative, new age smokeless product has become socially and environmentally acceptable as a form of enjoyment and as a means to stifle dependency on traditional tobacco-based products.

With no tar, no carbon monoxide, and without the dangerous toxins in conventional cigarettes, Green Smoke provides a safer, cleaner, and less invasive alternative to the treacherous tobacco cigarette. The main ingredients in Green Smoke e-cigarettes are water, nicotine, and propylene glycol, the additive in food coloring.

With no secondhand smoke, with a variety of pleasant aromas and favors, Green Smokers can enjoy a cleaner, more tasteful smokeless experience. Throw away those lighters and ashtrays and forget about that obnoxious tobacco odor in clothes, hair, cars, and smoking areas. Relax with the smokeless experience devoid of ashes and risk of fire. Enjoy your Green Smoke in any social environment.

Green Smoke features a patented two-component smokeless cigarette. Each Green Smoke cigarette utilizes a flavor-of-choice cartridge, which is integrated with the unit’s atomizer and nicotine pad. The unit itself looks and feels like a conventional cigarette and delivers a fresh, enjoyable taste without any tobacco or flame.

Users simply touch the tip to the mouth, which activates the atomizer to produce a flavored nicotine vapor. The e-cigarette is activated by use, not by an on-off switch. The warmed vapor is instantly ready for the user to inhale.

Sounds safe and fun, right? How about tasteful? Green Smoke provides many popular flavors:

The cartridges are color-coded and disposable. Users can select the strength of the mixture. Former tobacco smokers reduce the strength as they gradually wean themselves from the tobacco habit.

Green Smoke cartridges are available in four different nicotine strengths. The 8 mg is comparable to the Marlboro Red. The 6 mg compares to the Marlboro Light while the 4 g is similar to the Marlboro Ultra Light. There is also a 0 mg strength for those users that simply are comfortable with the smoking action.

As consumers have warmed to the e-cigarette experience, the manufacturer has backed the product with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a full one- year warranty on the battery. Consumer feedback lists the advantages of Green Smoke electric cigarettes as:

Green Smoke consumers report significant savings. One flavored cartridge costs about $3.00 and is comparable to 1.5 packs of tobacco burning cigarettes.

Green Smoke has put together a number of intriguing starter kits for users of all activity levels. A paltry initial investment can reap thousands of dollars in savings.

Each kit comes with a USB home charger unit, a USB adapter, and a wall adapter.

We all know tobacco smoking is a dirty, dangerous addiction. Green Smoke offers a safe, non-invasive alternative. Find out what record numbers of holiday gift-givers realized; that there is a palatable option to traditional tobacco products.

Do your Prospect Clients Now What You Really Do?

I had this issue about 3 weeks ago when I was at a networking meeting that I attend every Friday. As we were doing our small infomercials, one of our long time members comes up to me and publicly expresses her concerns about not knowing what I do (after almost 6 months).

This was a bit shocking to me as I have always explained my services and what I do week after week throughout the past several months. I actually took it a bit harsh but it got me thinking and I identified some room for improvement within my company and the way I present my services.

Later that weekend, I left to Mexico on a business trip and same thing happened when one of my family members asked me what I do. Although I explained “well” what I do, he told me that he just had no idea what I did. In all fairness, that was the first time he has ever heard about it. This got me really thinking on how to make my profession more understandable to all. While buying the subscribers, complete information should be available with the purchasers about the revolutions. Different options are made available to offer the correct results with an increase in the subscribers. An interested person can see here at the site to get the desired results. 

The truth is that I have always been great at selling things and I thought that selling my services would be a natural for me. Now, I realize that I have to rethink my approach for sure.

This is what we did to make things better.

By breaking things into smaller segments, it becomes easier to digest and to understand. In our case, we broke our services into 4 categories and multiple subcategories. By doing so, we are now able to just offer the “one service” or others, if that’s all they are looking for. This has opened the doors to unique services that we didn’t sell over the past few months.

As we moved forward trying to make things easier to swallow, we gather all the similar and related services and placed them under the one umbrella. By the end, we were able to identify more umbrellas that we actually thought we had. The biggest problem we were able to identify was that we didn’t actually have any official structure of services and products. So, how can you succeed when you have an undefined structure?

As a company we have always been very conservative regarding sharing our success to the public. The reason for this is that I personally don’t like to keep shouting out that I got a new client or things like that. I don’t really believe that we should be the only ones doing the shout out.

I would rather have our clients testify about our services and accomplishments that have been achieved by us. Now that will actually give us way more power and credibility. It is called word of mouth!!! With that being said, we are sharing the actual word of mouth straight from our clients and not just through our voice, but most importantly, through theirs.

Last night we had the opportunity to meet a business owner that has been in business for a very long time and he was missing a very important aspect of his marketing… a professional website showcasing the best of his services.

When we asked him why he waited this long, he expressed that he never felt comfortable enough making his website project due to many factors. The biggest factor was that he didn’t really understand the whole website concept. It took some time to explain the process and what to expect. He is now very comfortable and is ready to showcase his brand new website to the world.

Understanding The Factors That Cause Returning Of Weed Smoking

Want to stop smoking marijuana for life? Relapse is really a predictable incident with individuals trying to give up smoking marijuana, but there are ways you could avoid this from taking place if you make use of the right program. Regressions occur for many reasons, plus certain situations, as well as you have the choice to decrease the risks by understanding the normal factors that might cause a returning to smoke weed once again.

In the event that you intend to quit smoking marijuana, most likely the most important element is that you truly want to live a life without using this drug. You need to require time just as a result of how you feel, not to earn someone else happy or various other factor. If you are not prepared, as well as you attempt to quit smoking marijuana for the incorrect reasons, a relapse is almost assured. Eliminating your cannabis usage could be extremely tough simply because of cravings and withdrawal signs and symptoms that can occur, however you could do it by using the best frame of mind, and even the best decision and state of mind.

Prior to you make a decision to quit smoking marijuana, your circle of good friends had actually been all most probably pot individuals, currently when you want to obtain clean, the exact same circle of peers can trigger you to absolutely relapse. To remove this possibility, you need to discover peers who do not make use of weed, so you do not impact relapse. The decision to quit marijuana is the best one for the health benefits. Either there is kratom legal in Minnesota or not, it should not be consumed without prescription. The addiction can taken several months to be cured. The staying in the rehab center without weed is not an easy task for the consumers. 

Dependence Disorder). Drug addiction can now healed by numerous techniques and specifically successfully via a closed in-patient drug rehab program.

Numerous drug rehab centers have just recently sprung up with the aim of providing a way of rehab and healing because of the high incidence of drug-related offenses. Although there are many inpatient drug rehabilitation centers to select from, recognizing exactly what to try to find makes a substantial difference in between success as well as failure. When trying to find a remedy to your troubles with material dependence, it is crucial to think about the variables that make an excellent addiction treatment center.

You have to make sure that the clinical facility adheres to all the standards of the international medical area setup. You could freely ask to see current qualifications that will confirm that the facility is safe and also healthy to execute their tasks. All healthcare specialists must also have their very own medical accreditations in order to be able to perform numerous medical procedures. Material dependence is a really intricate condition that needs to just be managed by knowledgeable and also well-trained individuals. If an offered center could not give the essential records to prove their legitimacy, then you had better try to find one more.

The total cost of the program is also an important thing to consider. Compared with an outpatient program, housing is a lot more costly in rehabilitation than remaining at house as you have to spend for extra food and lodging charges. While it could be cost-effective it does not always need to be less reliable, or because it is pricey and also isn’t really a warranty of success either. You need to weigh the cost as compared to the top quality of the services that a certain center can provide. Sometimes, it’ses a good idea to spend a bit much more if you get to delight in better centers and higher solution levels.

7 Takeaways From The Blog World Expo – Social Media Report

After attending the Blog World & New Media Expo for the second year in a row, I have to say that I feel enriched (again) in many ways: I made new connections with interesting blogging and social media aficionados and experts of all sorts, got many new insights about internet marketing, content development, monetization tactics, social media engagement strategies ( with the help of, video blogging, podcasting, online journalism – and much more.

Here are the 7 takeaways I got from this year’s Blog World Expo:

  1. It’s all about providing value.

Whether if you’re a blogger or an internet consultant -always think of your audience first. Make an effort and give them something unique and valuable. High-quality content. Unique information. Outstanding service. Fantastic & lasting products. 

  1. Blogs are the new mainstream media.

Despite old media reports, the blogosphere is not dying or leveling off, but thriving. The stats of Technorati’s report “State Of The Blogosphere” speak for themselves. (Special blog post about Technorati’s SOTB coming up.)

I’ve never attended a conference with so many different and fully packed sessions about Social Media. There were over 30 sessions at the Blog World Expo dedicated to the Social Media business. And this year’s conference even set a Guinness Book World Record “for the distribution of the largest mass message through social media” in a 24 hour period. (Special blog posts about the sessions of BWE’s Social Media Business Summit coming up.)

  1. Twitter is the new email.

If you ever thought that Wall Street Journal’s article about “The End Of The Email” is ridiculous, go to a gathering of the blog and tech nerds. You’ll experience that even two people who are standing next to each other will rather tweet than talk. The coolest thing was the rolling the tweets displayed (in real-time) on screens in many of the sessions – as a way to extend the discussion into the Twitterverse, and also to figure out evening social plans.

  1. Lifestreaming is on the rise, and businesses have to figure out how to incorporate it into their social media strategies.

I have been fascinated by the Lifestreaming phenomena for quite some time. There were two fantastic sessions about this topic (by Silicon Valley blogger Louis Gray and Edelman’s internet trend scout Steve Rubel – and much more chatter beyond that. (Special blog post about Lifestreaming coming up.)

  1. The corporate Website will become redundant in 5 years.

Many speakers predicted that more and more companies will shift the focus of their online presence from corporate to space where customers and prospects are: in the social mediasphere. As a result, corporate websites will become less important. Web Strategist and Social Media expert Jeremiah Owyang even thinks that corporate site will become redundant in 5 – 10 years. (Special blog post about Owyang’s fantastic session about “The Future Of Social Media” coming up.)

  1. Authenticity and honesty are the new blacks.

Sleazy sales pitches and suppressing negative buzz is out – honest interaction with customers and listening to criticism is in. Frank Eliason and Scott Monty, the social media gurus at Comcast and Ford, talked in many sessions about this refreshingly new approach – and were only a few of many speakers who confirmed this new trend. (Special blog post coming up.)

Crown Electronic Cigarette Batteries

Charged Up and Ready to Quit Smoking!

Battery alternative products include all electronic cigarette products. If you disconnect from a tobacco product and replace it with an electronic product, can you quit smoking? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by those that are looking to quit smoking.

Since e-cigarettes are battery-operated devices, it’s important to know a bit about the power behind the vapor. The battery is the most important part of the electronic cigarette. With this power pack, you have a liquid encased cartridge waiting to come to life.

Crown7 eCigarettes use Lithium-ion batteries. These differ from the old nickel-cadmium batteries – the type you probably buy for your wireless mouse – in many ways.

  • Can be charged before the battery is dead
  • Maximum capacity is the same as the first charge as with the 50th

With no memory, the battery takes the same amount of time to charge each time. It has no way of knowing how much life is left! It is this element that prevents you from having to prime the battery when you first get it. In other words, you don’t charge it for 8 hours when it first arrives: you charge it for 1.5 – 2 hours every single time.

If you are going to be leaving for the day, you can fully charge the battery first thing in the morning to ensure it will last all day. Or, you can give it a partial charge, and it will still last most of the day. This is because it has no memory and does not require that it be discharged before you ramp it up.

Every time you charge the battery for the maximum time of 2 hours, it takes a full charge. It doesn’t matter how long you used it. However, with the Crown7 batteries for e-cigarettes, you need to understand that their life expectancy is about 300 charges approximately.

But, you don’t want to overcharge any lithium-ion battery! Overcharging Lithium-ion batteries causes corrosion. It will not cause them to leak, but it will kill the lifespan of the battery.

Instead of lighting up a tobacco product, you need to charge your battery. Here are the manufacturer’s tips.

  • Remove the battery immediately at that point.
  • If you do not intend to use your eCigarette product in the next 5 hours or more, remove the cartomizer from the battery. Carry them separated in a protective case.
  • Do not charge your batteries overnight

The Crown7 Imperial battery is meant to be used exclusively with Crown7 Imperial products.

Crown7 Hydro Imperial is the newest edition eCigarette in the Crown line of products. When choosing to purchase a battery, you indicate whether you want an Extra or Replacement battery. Unlike many other manufacturers, Crown7 has one battery that is used for all its products.

You can choose from the following color choices:

Crown7 has a new kit called “W” Women that is emblazoned with the pink “W.” The “W” battery is especially cute for women, and one comes included in the kit.

Anyone who has used electronic smoking products – o.k. Vaping units – will tell you that have two or three batteries on hand are always a good plan. Having one in the unit, one charging, and one for a spare when you reorder more prevents you from going down in flames and substituting your Zero-nicotine fix with a hot tobacco product.

After using battery-operated cigarettes, you’ll find out how bad the “real” ones taste. They do burn your throat. But, smokers get used to the heat and don’t realize it until they try one again! If you are using electronic items to quit, the worst thing that you can do is “try” a real one.

Using Batteries from Other Sources

Every manufacturer of electronic cigarettes designs specific batteries for that particular product. You would not consider switching a battery from an android phone to an iPhone that uses iOS technology because it could destroy the other components of the phone.

Some companies make “adapters” for electronic cigarettes. They claim that these adapters can be used to allow you to use any make, model, and type battery with your eCigarette, regardless of the brand. These adaptors are unsafe.

  • Never, ever, ever use an adaptor product to use another company’s battery
  • Never, ever, ever, NEVER use stacked battery packs with an adapter

There have been reports of e-cigarette users purchasing the adaptor products and the matching alternative “longer lasting” nickel, lead, or stacked battery packs. After using the altered battery, the e-cigarette exploded during use, causing major disfiguring to the smoker.

Crown7 wants you to know that the use of any battery other than the Crown brand has not been tested and verified as safe! Batteries are mini-generators that produce low-voltage electricity. Using the wrong battery or an alternative battery can cause fire and explosion.

Charged Up and Ready to Quit!

Quitting smoking is more than just switching brands or finding an alternative. The key is in knowing what keeps you attached to the end of a paper stick that emits stinky odors and fills the air with mold-embracing spores.

Once you identify your reason, you have a better chance of actually stopping permanently. This doesn’t mean that you have to give up the habit of holding a cigarette. With e-cigarettes, you can have a zero-nicotine experience that offers the simulated flavor of tobacco.

eCigarettes as a quit smoking device replace the need for four elements that many smokers find grips them to their addiction – social blanket, oral gratification, the action of inhaling, and forcing themselves to take a break.

If holding a cigarette helps you feel comfortable in a crowd, then e-cigarettes are a definite step in the right direction! Oral gratification and the action of an inhaling are addictions of their own. Smokers who hate the smell and taste of cigarettes usually suffer this addiction. Workaholics are known to use cigarettes as a reward to take a break from working. These types use cigarettes as a tool to control and set their pace rather than work to exhaustion.

Quitting smoking can be done using Crown7 zero-nicotine electronic cigarettes with herbal tea or exercising to help ease the tension of withdrawal. In this way, you are satisfying the other needs and relieving tension.

Just one hit of nicotine – whether from a real cigarette or an e-cigarette – is enough to electrify your brain cells into hoping that you will give them the “feel good” drug again. Unfortunately, your brain only “feels good” the first time! That high is never duplicated again, no matter how much you feed it the addiction.

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Community Support and Weight Loss

When embarking on a dramatic lifestyle change – such as your weight loss journey – your initial reaction might be to tell everyone you know or you also check out stuff like You’d like the cheerleading, and you’d like the accountability. While this can be a helpful tactic, it can also backfire easily. We’re all familiar with the parent who sneaks in snarky comments like “Hm, I’ve heard THAT one before” or the friend who tries to sabotage you with gifts of your favorite junk food. Here are a couple of things to consider when deciding who to solicit for support, and who to keep in the dark – at least till you’re off and running.

  1. How fragile do YOU feel about this process? Weight loss can be a sensitive issue. If that’s the case for you, you may want to hold off on letting others know until you are secure in your routine. If people notice you’re consuming less, or differently, you can deflect their questioning with a simple “I’m trying to make healthier choices”. Next, turn the conversation to what’s on THEIR plate, or ask them details about what they’ve been eating. Most people love to talk about themselves and they won’t notice that you’ve sidestepped their query.
  2. Who’s been helpful in the past? If you take an honest look at your community, you’ll be able to identify those you can count on and those you can count on to be passive-aggressive. I know you’ve always wished that your brother could be the kind, protective older sibling of your dreams, but he’s not going to change into that overnight if he’s been known to refer to you as “Pudgeroo”. In contrast, the cousin who’s always had an empathic ear and a kind word for you might be a great ally in this process. If you decide to let her know of your plans, be sure to fill her in on some concrete ways she can support you, i.e. creating non-food oriented visits, asking about how your weight loss is going, not asking about how it’s going, etc.
  3. Now is not the time to process with the snakes. You’ve decided this is it, this is the time when you are going to create serious life change for yourself, and you want to share it with everyone so that they know what a powerful mission you are on. Well, if someone has been a snake in the past, they will probably be a snake in the future. Rather than sitting them down and asking for their support, realize that you are an independent adult, you can do it yourself, and rather than tell them, you’ll show them.

Create your own community. Your immediate family and friends may not be able to relate to your journey, or it may hit too close to home for them to be objective and kind. This is why it’s crucial to find a community of others who have a similar goal, whether it’s in the blogosphere, a gym, or the basement of a church.