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Use Rationalization to Conquer Dating Rejection

Looking for a way to recover from rejection? We all are. And the best way to do that is to rationalize the situation so you can keep your confidence up.

Rationalizing is a basic component of our psyche’s self defense. It helps you take a demoralizing situation and make it as if it never occurred. A well chosen rationalization will have you walking through a crowd of nay sayers with your held high like the world loves you.

Have you ever seen Hollywood superstars or professional athletes react to insults? There seems to be 2 different kinds of reaction. One gets highly insulted and spouts back, the other gives an eye wink and a smile and keeps moving.

It entirely depends on how you take rejection in the first place, but that does not mean that you should be cold and totally indifferent that you don’t care. Naturally, you will feel sad and depressed for a few days but what truly defines your mature character is how quickly you get over it and move on, knowing full well that with every end there is a new beginning and rationalization is the first step for that, which you can find on okcupid dating app that gives you tips in this matter.

Everyone falls in love with the winker, but the one who spouts back just invites more criticism. Why? Because the winker rationalized that the person who made the comment has no idea what they’re talking about and figured they needed a paycheck to feed their family.

So how do you turn this to your favor in dating? Very easy. Here are a couple of tricks of the trade when recovering from rejection in the dating game.

Tip 1 – They always have someone else

If you want to stop any heartache or depression in its tracks when someone rejects you, always remember this: Even if they didn’t say it, they have someone else. It doesn’t matter if you see a wedding ring on their finger or if they’re out alone.

They may not want to let the world know at that moment they’re involved, but they are. Why else would they not want you? Want to eliminate the feeling of rejection, blame it on first-come/first-served.

Tip 2 – Not the only game in town

A good way to reject rejection is to rationalize that person is not the only fish in the sea. There are thousands of men or women (sometimes both) out there who would die for the chance to go out with you, you just have to realize it.

Look in the mirror and realize you are the greatest catch for thousands of individuals and they are all out there searching just for you.

Tip 3 – They’ve been hurt before

This is actually somewhat of a true statement. People who have been hurt tend to keep their guard up and reject any advancement from someone who they find attractive. This works well in your favor.

Convince yourself that the person didn’t reject you; they rejected the pain that they just experienced. You are not the reason for their bad luck, but because you’re so attractive, they don’t want to go through it again.

These are just a few of the rationalizations you can use to understand the reason for you being rejected. Use them and watch your confidence go sky high.

Traveling With Asthma

When I was diagnosed with asthma in my early twenties, I assumed this would adversely affect my traveling plans. After all, many of my asthmatic triggers (dust, cigarette smoke) are often found in hotel rooms and other indoor places such as cars or airplanes.

Luckily, when I was diagnosed I had friends who had lived with asthma their entire lives and were able to give me some travel tips as it pertains to asthma.

Can I rent a hotel room without risking having an asthma attack?

Yes! This is one of my big worries after being diagnosed with asthma because dust was one of my biggest triggers for an asthma attack. However, there are some steps you must take to ensure the hotel room is safe for an overnight stay, depending on your triggers. First, if the hotel is a pet-friendly hotel, ensure that you will be staying in a no-pet room. In addition, you should also make sure that your room is smoke-free and the furthest room possible from the smoking rooms. If offered, request that your hotel offers an allergy-proof room. Finally, it is highly advisable that you bring your own pillows from home, if possible, to lower your risk of an asthma attack due to unfamiliar allergens on hotel pillows and cases.

What precautions should I take when renting a car?

First, you should try to get a newer, non-smoking car. After renting the car, you should take a few minutes to get rid of any possible allergens. Depending on the weather, turn on the air conditioning or heater on high with the windows rolled completely down. This causes any possible allergens to dry out. Once you have completed this step you should keep the windows rolled up because this will prevent pollen and other possible allergens from entering the car.

Is it possible to fly with asthma?

Yes, but the some of the precautions necessary for flying are different from the other travel options. First, be sure that you keep your necessary medications (inhaler, nebulizer, etc.) in your carry-on bags. If travelling overseas, be sure you are seated in a non-smoking section. Most domestic planes are completely non-smoking.

Research your travel destination

Before traveling to a new region, you should always research the allergen levels on your vacation locations. Pollution and allergen levels can vary by region so researching beforehand can prepare you for possible new triggers. As per the researchers, the immunoglobin supplement will provide healthy immune to the person. With a good immune, the body of the person can fight with dreadful diseases. Proper preparation should be done through the body for the consumption of the supplement.

Talk to your Doctor/Medical Procedures

Let your doctor know that you will be traveling and let him/her know the destination. Your doctor will then help you create an asthma action plan in case of an emergency. You should also keep your doctors phone number on hand. Also, take note of where the nearest hospitals are to your travel location. Finally take all of your necessary medications with you, in their original prescribed packages. Be sure that you have enough of your medicines to last through your vacation.

Kellogg’s Special K2O Protein Water: Can Water Really Replace a Snack?

On a recent trip to the grocery store I received a coupon for a free bottle of Kellogg’s Special K2O Protein Water. I had never really considered trying this product before but because of the free coupon I decided to give it a whirl. Kellogg’s Special K2O is a flavored water-based beverage that contains five grams of protein, promising to keep you feeling full, warding off urges to snack, in an effort to lose weight.

Kellogg’s Special K2O Protein Water comes in three flavors: Tropical Blend, Strawberry Kiwi, and Lemon Twist. I chose to try the Tropical Blend flavor. Overall, the flavor of Tropical Blend Special K20 Protein Water was good. It had a light, sweet, fruity flavor and was certainly tastier than plain water. There was a slight aftertaste, likely due to the sucralose contained in the ingredients.

I chose to drink my Kellogg’s Special K2O Protein Water in place of my usual afternoon snack during a normal workday. I always get the urge to snack a few hours after lunch so instead of grabbing the usual piece of fruit or granola bar, I chose to try the Kellogg’s Special K2O Protein Water. The water did have an immediate filling effect. I felt satisfied after drinking it as if I had eaten a food snack. A few hours later, when it was my regular dinner time, I was no hungrier than I would have been if I had eaten my regular snack. So the claim of keeping you feeling full is a legitimate one from my experience.

I also like that Kellogg’s Special K2O gives you five grams of protein per serving. I am not a big meat eater and though I get protein from other sources such as nuts and beans, I always seem to be lacking in my daily requirement for protein. This is a very simple way for a carbohydrate addict such as me to consume more protein.

Thankfully, Kellogg’s Special has just the right amount of protein and carbohydrates, neither more nor less, which is exactly what my body wants and its not that I can sacrifice protein for my love for carbohydrates as I am aware of the significance of both for a body. Kellogg is a superfood powder of sorts that I enjoy having for breakfast everyday without fail and the protein water is an added bonus in the mixture.

I only see a few drawbacks to drinking Kellogg’s Special K2O Protein Water. First of all, it does contain the artificial sweetener sucralose. If you are trying to avoid artificial sweeteners, this drink won’t help you out any. Also, Kellogg’s Special K2O Protein Water does contain 50 calories, so be careful. This water is not calorie free like regular water. The final major drawback to Kellogg’s Special K2O Protein Water is the price. I was able to try my bottle for free but the regular retail price for one 16 ounce bottle ranges from $1.69-$1.99. That is a very steep price for one snack.

Though Kellogg’s Special K2O Protein Water does give some nutritional benefits and is pretty tasty, I don’t think I’ll be buying it again. For this budget-conscious mom, the benefits of Kellogg’s Special K20 Protein Water do not outweigh the negatives.

Empowerment Through Assimilation Is Needed To Promote Healthy Immigration

Immigration and policies surrounding it stir up a variety of emotions throughout the spectrum of community leaders and political affiliations. In light of new debates and a not so far off Presidential election, my hope is that those reading this will be reminded of the past success of immigration in addition to why present policies and perspectives are failing to benefit both immigrants and natural born citizens of America.

Do the arguments from either side support the notion that only assimilated immigrants serve to benefit American society and themselves? Using a metaphorical garden, I will illustrate how Dirk Chase Eldredge, author of Crowded Land of Liberty-Solving America’s Immigration Crisis argues the more convincing point.

Daniel T.Griswold, the associate director of the Cato Institutes Center for Trade Policy Studies, makes several valid points regarding the benefits of immigration to America. He idealizes the notions that immigrants “bring innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit to America,” and “represent the human capacity that can make our economy more productive (2002).” He also points out that, “Without immigration, our labor force would begin to shrink within two decades.”

Apply the garden metaphor and imagine a vivid array of lush vegetables and flowers. Each variety of bountiful produce contributes to the beauty of the garden and the needs of the gardener, depleting various nutrients on different levels and ensuring enough is left over for other plants. If his theory is applied to assimilated, legal immigrants who are just as beneficial to society and are truly the essence of the “salad bowl” of America (Burns, et. al. 2004), then I find his points agreeable.

Although Griswold argues against the myth of “over-population” by rationalizing the rates of today’s immigrants are 1 to 1000 Americans, less today that that of the Great Migration of 1890-1914, (2002) he fails to recognize the impact the number of children born to these immigrants is making on the population. As Eldredge points out, Griswold’s numbers look great on paper, but do not reflect the reality that “more than 90 percent of our population growth since 1970 has come from recent immigrants and their children born here, (2002).”

Immigrants are multiplying themselves at a far greater rate than natural born Americans. Eldridge notes that the acceleration and synergy in the immigrant population, along with “failure of assimilation (emphasis mine) weakens America’s social fabric and makes it difficult for immigrants to succeed here (2002).” He uses the specific example of how California would need to build one new school per day to keep up with the growing student populations. Since that is not possible, the acceleration in population is leading to a deteriorating quality in education for everyone (Eldredge, 2002).

Griswold has considered the long-term consequences of leaving our borders as they are. The lack of assimilating those crossing the border of Mexico is astounding. The average immigrant takes up to 22 years to mesh into American society (2002). That is enough time to produce one if not two generations of American born citizens that are enmeshed in a largely Mexican society living on American soil. The immigrants themselves are suffering more than anyone else, as many save every dollar just to send it across the border to relatives while continuing to live in poverty themselves.

This impedes the American economy, which depends on its working class to consume goods and services via American businesses. The only apparent benefactor to this economic quandary is Mexico itself.

Quality of living, quality education, and quality community ties will only occur if those that are already here are equipped for success. We must slow down or stop new immigrants from crossing over until we can provide these services to everyone. Simple steps made to eliminate language barriers such as removing Spanish translations from school and government documents, or providing ESL tutors instead of translators, will force immigrants to learn English and naturally assimilate at much faster rates.


A consistently pruned, weeded, and insect-free garden flourishes. On the contrary, one left to its own, without proper care and supervision will soon become unmanageable. The vegetables become overgrown and sifting out the weeds becomes more difficult. Those that cannot compete with the weeds soon shrivel and die, leading to a bug and weed infested garden that rarely produces an edible crop. Occasionally, a ripe, red tomato emerges through the adverse conditions, but only at the expense of everyone else. The adverse conditions will be removed through the hiring of the best immigration lawyer in toronto. Proper supervision of the lawyers will be available at the sight. The commission of the lawyers will be charged as per the budget of the person.

This is not to say that all immigrants are to be likened to insects and weeds. What I am illustrating is how unassimilated immigrants do not contribute to the health of the whole society. They take from it but do not give anything in return. In addition, with the safety of our nation at stake, we must take all precautions to eliminate any possibility of contamination or threat within our borders. Though pruning is never a painless process, in the end, the sacrifices that must be made today will eventually reap a harvest of healthy, assimilated citizens who have worked hard and deserve the title of American.

One Exotic Motorcycle

I often ask myself, which motorcycle that I have owned was the best one? Would it be the very first Yamaha dirt bike that I talked my parents into getting for me, or perhaps my very first Kawasaki road bike that gave me unbelievable freedom at a time in my life when I needed it? It could be my friend’s 750 Ninja that I rode for the better part of summer and never got around to buying from him. Maybe my favorite is my old BSA Lightning that got all the looks and a ton of questions when stopped to fuel it up. Then again it could be the biggest two-wheeled machine I have ever owned, my Suzuki cruiser that I bought last spring.

My problem is I don’t think I have ever been on a motorcycle that I really did not like. To answer this question I have to figure out simple criteria by which I can rate the different bikes I have owned. After much thought I got it, which bike do I always find myself looking up on Craigslist or eBay, just to see if any are for sale and how much the seller wants? That would be the 2005 Buell City Cross motorcycle I traded in on the Big Suzuki.

Erik Buell was a motorcycle racer and engineer that had a dream to make the best American sportbike, one that would compete with the big four. Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Suzuki have dominated the market and the races with there well-designed machines. Buell started making bikes, on a shoestring, along with accessories like Motorcycle gloves back in the late ‘80s and in 1999 he joined into a parent company agreement with Harley Davidson. Buell had about a ten year run with Harley and made some amazing bikes, and I was lucky enough to have owned an XB984 model. What Harley giveth, Harley eventually taketh away and shut down the Buell plant in 2009, I traded my Buell off shortly after that. I guess you could say I switched brands, although getting a new Buell at that point was not likely.

I do miss that bike, it handled great, just loved twisty roads. My Buell did not have the horsepower of a liquid-cooled four-cylinder made by the other manufactures, but the handling and the feeling kind of made up for its shortcomings in power. The motorcycle always started nice and ran good and I don’t remember ever doing anything to the bike except standard maintenance. The Buell and I out riding got a lot of attention and I like showing off with it, stunting with it was a dream and like I said it was fast enough.

Being the lucky person I am, I have owned a lot of nice vehicles and a pretty good number of them were motorcycles. The one that I remember with the most fondness has to be Erik Buell’s creation. I will not only miss the bike that I owned and rode for four summers, but I will also miss the motorcycles the Buell was going to create but never got a chance.

Cloud Computing Will Be Big For Large Corporations, Less So For Personal Computing

What is cloud computing? Basically, cloud computer was first envisioned by John McCarthy in 1960 who believed that in the future computing power would be sold much as how electricity is sold by a public utility. The biggest benefit would be for large corporations whom would not need to run certain business applications in house, but rather could farm out these digital processing jobs for a certain fee to an outside company. With the advent of the internet and server farms owned by large corporations such as Microsoft, cloud computing appears to have arrived. At least for the large company that doesn’t want to spend capital to buy the required hardware themselves.

Large corporations such as Amazon noted that they had large excess computer capacity and utilized perhaps only ten percent of the computing power on most occassions, but keep the extra computing power in reserve for use during peak business periods. If companies were allowed to buy computing power when they needed it, it would eliminate the cost of maintaining hardware, as well as other overhead costs.


Vpn generally stands for virtual private network, with the help of this network we can access the internet anonymously, there are plenty of vpns available in the market but torgaurd is one of the best with the help of torguard 50 discount code we can purchase its subscription in half the price

Negatives about Cloud Computing

I first heard about cloud computing perhaps a decade ago, only it wasn’t called cloud computer in the popular press at the time. The oracles of the computer world believed that in the not-so-distant future home personal computers would be more like terminals which log into a centralized computing system which provided the muscle and run the application, such as a web browser or word processors, and also served as a place to store files. While this has some advantages, such that a person could in theory access their files from anywhere in the world, and pay only a fee for how often an application was used instead of the retail price, it seemed somewhat un-American to me, or at least very non-western. Almost as though it was a direct analogy to the centralized planning of former communist regimes. Some Americans want to have total access to their files and their applications on their own computer, and don’t want to have to worry about relying on some centralized computer.

Would a centralized computing system be safer against data loss? Most IT professionals recommend that you should back up your personal data on a optical disc for the ocassion when your personal computer crashes, not if, but when. So for me the idea that information is somehow safer on a centralized system is a non-starter.

What about being able to access your data anywhere in the world? The miracle that allows this to occur is the internet, not cloud computing per se. You can access your data on your computer if it is connected to the internet, although this may introduce some security risks. In fact, the software exists today for you to be able to access the files on your computer from anywhere in the world. Nowadays, files can be easily transfered on flash drives and other portable medium, so this is much less of a positive in the world of personal computing than in the past. However, for busy working professionals, such as structural engineers working on a new bridge design, the ability to have immediate access to large and complex files manipulated by sophisticated software anywhere in the world is a plus.

Security is another issue when the brains and memory of your computer are stored miles away. A dedicated hacker, or disgruntled employee, could easily target such data farms and copy millions of files of personal information and sell them on the black market. No doubt this may be done one day if it hasn’t already happened. Personal computers are also vulnerable to hackers, but the career criminal may go after the big banks of information stored at commercial data farms, rather than individually hacking personal computers. If I want to have a personal computer that I use to store personal financial information, then I could easily do this by buying a $600 laptop and simply disabling the Wi-Fi so that it never connects to the internet, thus greatly decresing the risk of hacking.

For these reasons, I think that cloud computing has great advantages in certain specific areas of the corporate world, but much less so in the everyday personal computing and small business world. In addition, personal computing power has increased significantly, so much so that future notebook computers such as subsequent versions of the iSlate being produced by Apple may be able to store dozens or even hundreds of movies on solid state memory, thus largely reducing the need for cloud computing on a personal computing level.

Downloading songs and movies via commercial services such as the iTunes store has become ingrained in the American concious as the same as buying something. Somehow it doesn’t feel the same to buy a file, such as a movie, and have it sit on some data farm that I can’t access if I got out of range of working Wi-Fi. If you have a file on your computer then you have access to it if you have power and your computer is working independent of your current internet connectivity.

In resource poor settings, such as developing countries, opportunities for using cloud computing could involve the use of low-cost solar powered netbooks which allow access to vast database of information, which could include practical information such as weather, information about infectious disease outbreaks, and even HIV/AIDS education.

While data farms owned by large corporations such as Google and Microsoft are trying to expand their business selling memory, there is always the risk that due to a faulty internet connection you may not be able to get to your data when you need it most. While this maybe OK for family movies which have been digitized, you may not work to put your work online, especially if you work under tight deadlines.

First Dates in Las Vegas that Won’t Cause Bankruptcy

First dates are risky. As a male, I find myself paying for most of them and my most common concern is: How much should I spend and where? If, for whatever reason, your date doesn’t work out, then you’ll not want to have spent too much on it, while, at the same time, you don’t want to spend too little and give a poor impression if she winds up being someone special.. That said, I’ve complied the three best spots for a date in Las Vegas, without it hurting your wallet too badly.

Date location number one: Regal Cinemas at the Aliante.

The Aliante Hotel and Casino isn’t anywhere near the strip, located at 7300 Aliante Parkway, in North Las Vegas. The Aliante boasts an IMAX movie theatre capable of rivaling any of the big name casinos while leaving out the big name’s price hike. Adult IMAX tickets cost $17.25 while regular movie tickets cost $10.75. Your date will appreciate not being taken to a standard movie theatre and your wallet will appreciate not taking a beating.

Date Location Number Two: Town Square.

Las Vegas Town Square is an outdoor mall of sorts featuring all the big name clothing stores as well as a wide variety of restaurants. Located at 6605 Las Vegas Boulevard South, it features one of the nicest atmospheres in all of Las Vegas, complete with tree-lined streets and old-fashioned light poles and camouflaged speakers providing mood-setting music. For a first date location, I’d recommend going to California Pizza Kitchen or Brio’s Tuscan Grill, both of which will run you around $15-18 a plate, without losing the nice atmosphere. Then, go on a walk, buy dessert from one of the many stands set up in the park in the center of Town Square. It’ll make your date feel special and give you ample time to talk, (and your wallet ample time to breathe a sigh of relief).

Date Location Number Three: Picnic on Mount Charleston.

Las Vegas in summer averages over 100 degrees — hardly the weather for a picnic. Fortunately for those of us who enjoy the outdoors, Mount Charleston typically is 10-20 degrees lower, providing the perfect atmosphere for a picnic. Grab some food from the grocery store or a good place for take-out (such as Café Rio) and head on up to the mountain. It’s got several designated picnic areas, as well as scenic hiking roots. Naturally, don’t head up there if your date isn’t much of an outdoor person, but if she likes lovely views and a relaxing outing, Mount Charleston is perfect.

Those three places have yet to fail me in determining whether or not a second date is a good idea, as well as letting me afford said second date. Enjoy.

Fast and Easy Poker Party Food Ideas

Poker night can be a real blast when you take the time to serve up some killer poker party foods! When preparing for a poker party, nothing could be more fun than adding a theme to the event and good food. Some great party themes and décor that I’ve experienced include; Casino Night, Mardi Gras, and a Hawaiian Luau.
The key to a great poker party is all in your preparation. Before your guests arrive you should have everything set to go. Table clean, clear and setup, babysitter arranged, sturdy paper plates, napkins, background music, and let’s not forget the food.

Below are a few quick and simple crowd pleasers that make for delicious Poker Party Foods.

Double Baked Potatoes

Ingredients: 6 potatoes, sour cream, butter/margarine, bacon bits, salt/pepper, chives, cheddar or pepper jack cheese

These taste great and are easy to make. Take 6 potatoes and thoroughly wash the skins, then poke with a fork five or six times, drop into a microwave safe bowl and pop them into the microwave for about 8-12 minutes (or until tender). Once baked, pull the spuds out of the microwave. On a cutting surface, slice them all in half. Next with a table spoon or an ice cream scoop, scrape the insides into a mixing bowl leaving just a husk of skin with a small amount of potato inside. Place the husks on a baking tray and set them aside for now. Next add some butter, chives, bacon bits, salt, pepper, shredded cheese and sour cream to the mixing bowl and using your mixer blend the ingredients until smooth, just like mashed potatoes. Now spoon the mixture back into the potato skins, top with a little more shredded cheese and pop in the oven until warm and melty. Now they’re ready to serve.

Loaded Nachos

Ingredients: yellow or white corn chips, 1/2lb ground beef or turkey, 1 small can sliced jalapeños, 1 small can diced tomatoes, 1 small can sliced, sour cream, ½ of an onion (diced), bacon bits, shredded cheddar cheese, shredded pepper jack cheese, 1 packet of taco seasoning,

No one can resist these nachos! Start by combining your meat, diced onion and taco seasoning in a frying pan over med/high heat and stir until browned and broken up into very small chunks. On a platter, pour out a generous helping of corn chips. Next spoon out your freshly browned and seasoned meat into the center of the chips, and add several handfuls of cheese. Sprinkle on some bacon bits and place in the oven at 300 degrees or microwave about a minute until cheese is melted. Now you can add your cold ingredients; jalapenos, olives, diced tomatoes, and a dollop of sour cream. Now they’re ready to serve.

Fresh amp; Spicy Guacamole Dip

Ingredients: 3 ripe avocados, ½ tsp lemon juice, 1 tsp chili powder

Not your ordinary guacamole. Slice avocados in halves and remove the pits. Using a fork, scoop out the avocado meat into a bowl, add the lemon juice and chili powder. Mix and mash with the fork until creamy. The lemon juice will help prevent browning. Now your ready to serve it up with some chips.

Fast and Easy Pizza Bread

Ingredients: 1pkg of 6-8″hoagie rolls, 1 small can of tomato sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese, (favorite toppings of your choice), Italian seasonings of choice

It doesn’t get any easier than this. Open and pour your can of tomato sauce into a bowl, stir in some garlic powder, oregano, and basil. Then set that aside. Next grab a baking sheet, split and layout the sandwich rolls on it. Using a small ladle or table spoon add sauce to each half roll. Top each roll with shredded cheese and any of your favorite pizza toppings. Pop in the oven at 325 degrees until melted. For crispy bread, baste the edges of the rolls with olive oil, (or another cooking oil of your choice) before adding the sauce and toppings. Ready to serve!

Make your next poker night a smashing success with these great poker party food ideas.

Fallout: New Vegas Review

You say I was a currier tasked with taking some poker chip through the Wasteland but then along the way I got shot in the head? Some random robot dug me out of the ground? Wait, why did they even bother to bury me if they just wanted the chip? Oh well, thanks for patching me up doc!

The Good:

If you enjoyed Fallout 3 then you should know exactly what you’re in for here. Fallout: New Vegas is more of the same, but is that a good or a bad thing? For players new to the series you shouldn’t have any problem jumping right into the game because it does a good job of explaining exactly what you need to be doing and how to achieve your goals. So what’s so darn good about this “New” Vegas? Exploration of course!

The Wasteland is a fun place to explore because you never know what could happen next. In one play through I ran into a correctional facility and since I chose to do the starting quests a certain way I was fired at on site. On a second play through I was allied with the facility and that’s exactly what the game is about! You choose who you want to ally yourself with and play the game the way you want to play it. You can literally run through the entire game killing everything you run into and still complete the main story line. Of course, you could also pretend to be on someone’s side only to backstab them later when something better comes along. How about going through the game never firing a single shot? It’s your choice.

So how exactly do these factions work? Unlike in Fallout 3 where you were strictly on a Karma based system indicating whether your character was ‘good’ or ‘evil’, New Vegas improves on this by using a new reputation system that makes one of the many factions like or dislike you. There are many ways to raise or lower your standing with these factions which include doing quests for them to improve it or killing their members to reduce it.

There are 3 major factions in New Vegas which are trying to take control of the strip and you can choose to side with or betray any of them. You can also just choose to take over the strip yourself and eliminate every faction in the game. Along with the 3 major factions there are many “minor” factions, which include The Brotherhood of Steel, which you can also help out along the way. The game does a good job making you feel like your actions really help mold the virtual world around you.

The Bad:

The bugs! Within 48 hours of the release of New Vegas 2 patches were released that dealt with an enormous amount of bugs. Keep in mind that this game was developed by Obsidian which is a company that doesn’t have the best track record for keeping their games up to date or even releasing them finished (see Kotor 2). Even with the already released patches, the game still suffers from major quest bugs including those that can and will be game breaking. In the game’s defense however, Fallout 3 was also really buggy on its initial release. The only thing that bothers me is that 2 years later these issues should’ve been corrected especially since its running on the same engine.

If you can get past the bugs or at least wait for a patch that corrects them, there are still other issues to consider that include lacking voice overs and graphics, invisible walls in a game that’s supposed to be wide open to the player, a repetitive music track due to the lack of songs available in the game, an ending that halts gameplay after the final mission (they didn’t learn after Fallout 3) and last but not least (and my personal favorite) having many areas literally closed off to lower levels. So what happens when you wander into an area that you’re not intended to explore until you’re a higher level? 5-10 Deathclaws literally rip you to shreds. At least the bridge isn’t broken right?


Fallout: New Vegas doesn’t really do anything new or spectacular. It’s more of what we’ve become accustomed to during our 2 years of playing Fallout 3 and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The bugs are what literally cripple New Vegas especially when they’re so game breaking.

The PC version is by far the best running of the 3 versions available (PC, Xbox 360, and PS3). While it still has its fair share of bugs, you can expect higher FPS and less overall issues. The Xbox 360 version will be getting DLC earlier, but keep in mind the hundreds of mods that are already available through sites like for the PC version.

So what’s my verdict? The game has the potential to be just as good as Fallout 3 was and is, but it’s going to need to be patched which could happen tomorrow, 2 years from now, or never.

Face Reading- Dating, Poker, Business, Sales, Jury Selection (Physiognomy)

Face Reading- Your Face Tells the Truth

(Photos by Lin Klaassen)

Lin Klaassen is not a psychic but she knows all about you. All Lin has to do is read your face. Lin explained, “As long as I can see your face, I can read it. At a glance, I can know more about you with face reading than any other way.

Your facial features create a living ever changing personality profile, a history of who you are. Genetically you are born with the blueprint of your parents and ancestory then as you go through life with friends, teachers, and other influences. Changes evolve based on the behavior you embrace or let go.

You are born with certain traits just as you are born with certain muscles. There are 144 muscles and 14 bones in the face. The bones don’t change as much as your muscles do. Each of the 144 muscles as well as every line, indent and crevice in your face tells me something about the person.

The average person would usually have 50-60 traits, but not all of them. You have to learn to read the traits and apply those that are important to particular type of interactions.

Whether it is for law enforcement, parenting, dating, sales, poker players, jury selection, business, or getting along with people, they each are interested in different personality traits.

As a jury consultant, an attorney contacts me to discuss the basis of his case and his idea of an ideal juror. The attorney may be looking for someone who is detail oriented, logical, and unemotional because they are presenting a lot of detailed evidence, facts, and figures. The juror must be able to follow the presentation. An attorney with a personal injury case wants the juror to have an emotional connection with the defendant for a high settlement. Sometimes the trial is won or lost by the time the jury is seated based on how well the attorneys have selected the jurors.

Only the attorneys know why I am in the courtroom. The Supreme Court ruled, ‘Your face is exposed to the world on a daily basis therefore you have no right of privacy.’

It is important to recognize the STAGES OF STRESS in yourself and co-workers. Every corporation should have them posted in the break room. People don’t show up at a post office or high school and start killing their peers without warning signs. You don’t know what will be that last straw.

Most people can change from first and second stage stress on a daily basis. Their body is telling them something is wrong when they are no longer able to deal with stress. When a person experiences mental stress, we also see a corresponding physiological response in their eyes. With even a mildly stressful feeling or thought, our eyes will react to indicate our true mental state. Stress hormones enter the blood stream while the eyes and skin show it first. Rest, sleep, ad lots of water as soon as possible are the solution.

When there is white all around their iris, the colored part of the eye, we call it ‘Dear in the Headlights’. That person is ready to be violent.”

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