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Face Reading- Dating, Poker, Business, Sales, Jury Selection (Physiognomy)

Face Reading- Your Face Tells the Truth

(Photos by Lin Klaassen)

Lin Klaassen is not a psychic but she knows all about you. All Lin has to do is read your face. Lin explained, “As long as I can see your face, I can read it. At a glance, I can know more about you with face reading than any other way.

Your facial features create a living ever changing personality profile, a history of who you are. Genetically you are born with the blueprint of your parents and ancestory then as you go through life with friends, teachers, and other influences. Changes evolve based on the behavior you embrace or let go.

You are born with certain traits just as you are born with certain muscles. There are 144 muscles and 14 bones in the face. The bones don’t change as much as your muscles do. Each of the 144 muscles as well as every line, indent and crevice in your face tells me something about the person.

The average person would usually have 50-60 traits, but not all of them. You have to learn to read the traits and apply those that are important to particular type of interactions.

Whether it is for law enforcement, parenting, dating, sales, poker players, jury selection, business, or getting along with people, they each are interested in different personality traits.

As a jury consultant, an attorney contacts me to discuss the basis of his case and his idea of an ideal juror. The attorney may be looking for someone who is detail oriented, logical, and unemotional because they are presenting a lot of detailed evidence, facts, and figures. The juror must be able to follow the presentation. An attorney with a personal injury case wants the juror to have an emotional connection with the defendant for a high settlement. Sometimes the trial is won or lost by the time the jury is seated based on how well the attorneys have selected the jurors.

Only the attorneys know why I am in the courtroom. The Supreme Court ruled, ‘Your face is exposed to the world on a daily basis therefore you have no right of privacy.’

It is important to recognize the STAGES OF STRESS in yourself and co-workers. Every corporation should have them posted in the break room. People don’t show up at a post office or high school and start killing their peers without warning signs. You don’t know what will be that last straw.

Most people can change from first and second stage stress on a daily basis. Their body is telling them something is wrong when they are no longer able to deal with stress. When a person experiences mental stress, we also see a corresponding physiological response in their eyes. With even a mildly stressful feeling or thought, our eyes will react to indicate our true mental state. Stress hormones enter the blood stream while the eyes and skin show it first. Rest, sleep, ad lots of water as soon as possible are the solution.

When there is white all around their iris, the colored part of the eye, we call it ‘Dear in the Headlights’. That person is ready to be violent.”

Lin Klaassen offers complete How to Read Faces Guides for Poker Players, Dating, Sales, Acing the Interview and more.

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Eagle Waters Resort: Best Resorts in Eagle River, Wisconsin

Eagle Waters Resort is located in Eagle River, Wisconsin, and offers year-round fully furnished lodging, private cabins and condo units. Eagles Waters Resort is located on the shores of Eagle Lake, and offers facilities that can accommodate weddings, banquets, and any other private events. Listed below is a detailed personal review of Eagle Waters Resort in Eagle River, Wisconsin.

Location amp; Travel Information:

3958 Eagle Waters Road, Eagle River, Wisconsin 54521 (Phone: 715-479-4411 or 800-892-8377) (Website:

Travel Distances to Eagle Waters Resort in Eagle River, Wisconsin: (

Madison, Wisconsin: 228 miles / Milwaukee, Wisconsin: 274 miles / Green Bay, Wisconsin: 164 miles / St. Paul, Minnesota: 261 miles / Chicago, Illinois: 367 miles / Wausau, Wisconsin: 88 miles / Stevens Point, Wisconsin: 120 miles / Appleton, Wisconsin: 158 miles / La Crosse, Wisconsin: 255 miles

Important Key Notes amp; Tips about Eagle Waters Resort in Eagle River, Wisconsin:

* resort located on Eagle Lake, * resort is open year-round, * resort offers lodge units, * resort offers cabin lodging, * all lodging is fully furnished, * resort includes facilities to hold private events including weddings and banquets

About Eagle Waters Resort in Eagle River, Wisconsin:

Eagle Waters Resort in located in Eagle River, Wisconsin. Eagle Waters Resort is situated on Eagle Lake, which makes up part of the 28 lake chain, and is the world’s largest inner coastal freshwater chain. Eagle Waters Resort offers year-round lodging, including fully furnished lodge units, private cabins, and condo units.

Things To Do, Activities, Recreation amp; Sightseeing:

Eagle Waters Resort offers numerous year-round activities for everyone of all ages. Specific recreational activities available at Eagle Waters Resort includes year-round fishing on Eagle Lake, a heated outdoor pool, campfires, tennis amp; basketball courts, volleyball amp; horseshoes, water sports, sightseeing at the Nicolet National Forest, access to snowmobiling trails, nearby golf courses, an indoor fitness center with spa and massage room, and an indoor game room with pool tables, air hockey and darts.

Facilities amp; Amenities:

Eagle Waters Resort offers fully furnished lodging, including 24 kee-mi-con lodge units, 15 cabins, and 6 condo units. All kee-mi-con lodge units are furnished with full kitchens, washer/dryer, air conditioning, gas fireplace, phone and satellite TV. All rental units (cabin and condo units) include basic kitchenware, stove, refrigerator, microwave, coffee pot, garbage bags, bed lines, towels, TV, VCR, charcoal grill, picnic table, and dock space, with a beautiful view of the lake from each unit.

Eagle Waters Resort also offers a restaurant onsite at the resort, as well as facilities that can accommodate private events such as weddings, banquets, anniversary parties, and retreats to name a few. The facility for a particular private event can accommodate up to 250 people, with lodging available onsite at Eagle Waters Resort.

Lodging Prices amp; Costs:

Eagle Waters Resort offers various lodging rates to accommodate all guests. The most affordable lodging rates cost around $117 to $130 for a one night stay, while two-day stays cost around $99 to $120 per night. More expensive lodging units cost on average around $200-$300 depending on specific amenities. Weekly and seasonal lodging rates are also available.

Summary and Recommendation:

Overall, Eagle Waters Resort is one of the best resorts in Eagle River, Wisconsin. Whether you are looking for a personal vacation getaway destination or a luxurious place to hold your private event, Eagle Waters Resort has all the accommodations to suit your needs all your round.

Dirt Devil Upright Vacuum Cleaners

There are certain things you look for while trying to buy a vacuum cleaner. Does it store easily? The type of handle is important. Is the handle easy to grip? Does it make your hand tired? The weight of the vacuum is important. Is it too heavy to pick up? Is it easy to move around? Do the wheels move easily? Does it have pickup power? Are the dust bags easy to find? Are the dust bags easy to put on? Is the cord long enough? Does it have the tools needed to do curtains and, corners? Will the tools dust above the window seals and the ledges? Will it fit if I want to vacuum my stairs? The task at hand has a large effect on what the consumer is looking for. These are a few of the questions asked. The Dirt Devil Vacuum has been satisfactorily answering these questions for years.

The Bagless upright has finger tip controls reaches corners easily and cleans stairs and the cord is retractable. The price is $ 296.99. A special filtration system in the vacuum cleaner catches dust and pet hair in your home.

A Reaction Dual Cyclone with extra tools cost about $153.99. This vacuum has a scuff bumper and a five level height adjustment.

The Dirt Devil Vision is self driven, has a filter and has a 30 inch spread. It is priced at $99.99. The E drive in the Vision upright adjusts to your work pace.

The Vision self propelled that sells for $170.49 is a bottom empty design and traps almost 100% of allergy causing materials. It carries extra large dirt capacity.

This Vision Has two stick. Self propels backward and forward; bagless design, with a 32in. cord. This little vacuum cost about $115.00.

The Featherlite Bagless is $76.99. Weighs a little less than 14lbs; with a handle that folds down this makes the vacuum an easy storage item.

Spinnergy is priced at 80.00; also easy to handle. The handle converts into an extension wand. The Sinnergy vacuum carries a large dirt capacity holder; with a five position height adjuster.

The Dirt Devil Dynamite is not a full sized vacuum. It is light weight, but still gets the job done; priced at about $60.49.

The Dirt Devil Reaction Fresh Upright has more suction with the dual tunnels for dust. This separates the dirt making for better suction and the dust bin is easy to empty. This little work saver sells for about $ 153.00.

Reaction Dual Cyclone cost about $170.00. This vacuum has no messy filter cup and has a pet brush that rotates making it easier to clean pet hair.

The Featherlite Carpet Extractor cleans carpet with five strong brushes and sucks up excess water. Cost about $99.99.

The Ultra Swivel Glide has a filtration system for allergy sufferers. It swivels and is one of the easiest vacuums to handle and it has a system to let you know when you need to change the bag, no guess work and sells for $87.99.

These appliances are household necessities, and are put on sale from time to time. Discounts are sometimes 20 to 30 %. These are all very good vacuum cleaners. The utility of the vacuum determines the price, but the average price is around $100.00. The Dirt Devil is one of the standard vacuum cleaners in the appliance section of most stores.

Dirt Devil Self-Propelled Vacuum Cleaner: A Review

I recently had the chance to use and review Dirt Devil’s Self-Propelled Vacuum Cleaner. My Mother had purchased it for my Grandmother to use because of the power assisted pushing feature. My Grandmother was battling cancer which took away some of the strength she needed to push the vacuum. The power assisted pushing feature would require less of an effort on my Grandmothers part and ultimately help her stay self-sufficient. Here are my findings after trying the vacuum:

Advantages of Using the Dirt Devil Self-Propelled Vacuum Cleaner:

1. This vacuum cleaner has the most powerful suction I have ever seen. It picks up every piece of dirt and leaves the carpet looking incredibly clean.

2. This model is bagless. Not having to buy bags can save quite a bit of money over time. Plus replacing the bag in my opinion was always a hassle. I could never seem to get it on just right.

3. It is equipped with a Hepa filter, which traps 100% of pollen and ragweed as well as 99.97% of other dust and allergens. Definitely a necessity during Spring when pollen counts are at their highest.

4. Speed Control. Since the vacuum drives itself it comes with two speed settings. Slow and Fast. For my Grandmother slow would be the setting of choice.

5. Scuffgaurd. This vacuum is equipped with a scuffgaurd to protect your walls and furniture.

6. Attachments. This model comes with the regular attachments plus a Turbo Tool (a powered brush that cleans upholstery quickly) and a deluxe automatic stretch hose which extends your cleaning reach over 13 feet. Perfect for my 5′ Grandmother to get those hard to reach places.

7. Pick your setting. Choose from 5 different settings (low pile to high pile).

Disadvantages of Using the Dirt Devil Self-Propelled Vacuum Cleaner:

1. This vacuum is suppose to make vacuuming effortless because of it’s assistive pushing. I found, however, that if you don’t push the vacuum hard enough (to go forward) or pull it hard enough (to go backward) it jolts, makes a noise like it is mad at you, and resists going. This defeats the purpose of my Grandmother using it because she wouldn’t have enough strength to push the vacuum to make it go.

2. The Hepa filter easily becomes clogged and even after vigorous shaking doesn’t come completely clean. After the first few uses it isn’t clear how much of the pollen, ragweed, and other allergens you are really being shielded from.

Overall, if you are a healthy individual and have no disabilities that would prevent you from pushing the vacuum, I would suggest you buy it for the sheer fact that it is extremely powerful and sucks up even the hardest to reach dirt. However, if you are limited in the area of strength, this vacuum is not for you.

Concert Review: Davy Jones

August 19, 2008
Club Regent Casino
Winnipeg, MB Canada

Though he’s grown a few wrinkles over the years, former teenage heartthrob Davy Jones certainly hasn’t grown any taller than he was back in his heyday with the Monkees.

The diminutive Jones started as a song and dance man when he when first came to North American as the Artful Dodger in a Toronto based production of the musical Oliver, and it seems that he’s come full circle. His nearly 2 hour show at the Club Regent was an entertaining potpourri of songs, jokes, and anecdotes from his wildly popular NBC music comedy – the Monkees.

But the Jones’ presentation seemed totally in line with the Monkees’ show format – a zany, gag filled romp about a fictional rock n’ roll band that incidentally included a few songs from the band along the way.

As Davy himself joked, “the songs w e did back in the sixties were only a minute and 12 seconds long, I have to fill the time with something!”

Judging from the adoring crowd reaction, Davy could easily have spun yarns and told jokes for the entire show, but thankfully he did get around to performing many of his famous Monkees hits.

The former BBC Coronation Street star opened the set with the Monkees’ 1966 Neil Diamond penned No 1 I’m a Believer (the song from the movie Shrek for the youngsters in the crowd). Mickey Dolenz originally sang the lead vocals, but it was interesting to note that Davy’s voice suited the song very well, and it could just as easily have been his voice that scored with the original hit.

He had a tight 6 piece band with a real brass section as opposed to the synthesized variety who did a solid job both instrumentally and vocally.

The Daydream Believer hitmaker then gave a doff of the wool hat to fellow Monkee Michael Nesmith, performing the Nesmith penned Papa Gene’s Blues from the 1966 Monkees’ debut album.

Next came a punched up version of another fine Neil Diamond composition Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow from the Monkees 1966 album More of the Monkees, followed by another Nesmith penned track from the same album, Mary Mary.

A consummate showman, the 64-year-old Jones did an excellent job of engaging the audience, cracking many self-deprecating jokes about his height, age, kids, and his career ups and downs. He shook hands with many of the fans in the front row told and told an interesting anecdote about appearing on Ed Sullivan the day on the same bill as the Beatles first North American TV appearance and then treated the fans to the song Consider Yourself from the soundtrack of Oliver, the piece Jones had performed on Ed Sullivan on that historic evening.

The former horse jockey also pulled out some interesting jazz swing numbers such as Louis Jordan’s Is You Is, or Is You Ain’t My Baby that he dedicated to the memory of his parents.

But of course, the fans came mostly to see Davy perform his Monkees’ hits and Davy did not disappoint. Crowd favourites were 1967’s Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn and Jones’ – She Hangs Out which featured Davy doing his famous dance (famously stolen by Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose), 1967’s Monkee’s smash hit A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You, as well as the 1968 Boyce and Hart penned Monkees’ hit single Valleri.

Of course, the biggest highlight was The Birds, The Bees and The Monkees 1968 chart topper Daydream Believer which the ex-Monkee used to wrap up the set, followed by a reprised I’m A Believer for his well-deserved encore.

Davy Jone certainly made “believers” out the crowd as they filed out, eyes shining, having spent the evening reminiscing to the soundtrack of their youth.


Come On, Let’s Go on a Motorcycle Ride

Hello, just call me Fat Cat. I have been riding my motorcycle for 2 years now and have greatly enjoyed the freedom and thrill that comes with it. In the 2 years I have been riding, I experienced the good and the bad sides of riding. I have almost wrecked once, almost been run over by several 4 wheeled motorists, but most importantly I have experienced the awe of natural and man-made landmarks in a way that you can’t experience them in a car. I would like to share these experiences in future articles with my fellow motorcycle riders and people who have not, for whatever reason, had the chance to enjoy the open roads on a motorcycle.

Throughout the year of 2012 I will be participating in several motorcycle poker runs. During these trips I will be taking photographs, notes, and interviewing people. I hope to share these experiences and encourage others to join in these good causes. My interviews will vary from interesting bikes and their riders to the organizers of the ride. My photos will consist of riders, bikes, and landscaping throughout the ride. I hope to show people that do not understand riding motorcycles, the freedom and good heartedness of riders and maybe encourage more people to at least try and experience motorcycle riding.

For those of you who don’t know, a motorcycle poker run is a motorcycle ride with a starting point and ending point. In between the start and ending points there are scheduled stops in which you will draw a playing card. At the ending point you will draw your last card and this will be your poker hand. There are different variations of poker runs, but this explanation should give you some idea of what to expect.

I will also be chronicling my personal rides and the rides that my buddies and I take just to relax. As much as I enjoy riding in motorcycle poker runs I also enjoy riding by myself and/or with just a few people. With just a few riders your opportunities to stop at a “hole-in-the-wall” restaurant or to take that interesting looking narrow road safely are much more enjoyable because you are on your own schedule. When you ride in a motorcycle poker run you are riding with a large group of people which is scheduled to run within an approximate time frame so sometimes you can feel rushed.

Generally, motorcycle poker runs are for charities of varying causes. Myself, I will not ride in a poker run that is not for, in my opinion, a good cause. In other words, if someone organized a poker run for a political faction you can bet I will not be there, but if it is for needy children and I am able I will be there. It is up to you to choose what you think is a worthy cause or sometimes you may go on a charity ride simply because a bunch of your friends do. Not only do I consider the charity, but I also consider the area where the charity motorcycle poker run will begin and/or end. I like checking out new rides for different sites to see and also for different areas for me to ride on my own or with my buddies.

I always fill up my gas tank and then clean my motorcycle the night before a poker run whether it needs it or not. Personally, I am embarrassed for someone to see my motorcycle dirty especially at any type of motorcycle or automobile function. Filling the gas tank up before I go on a poker run allows me to enjoy the ride and comradery without having to waste time during the ride to fill up. Every poker run I have been on I have had enough gas to complete the ride and return home.

Now, that you may have an idea of what a poker run is find one and ride!

Cincinnati Metro “Mini” Hybrid Buses: Green Travel To Local Fun Destinations

Residents living near Cincinnati, Ohio’s entertainment destinations, may have noticed prettier, shorter buses passing by. Those colorful buses are “mini” Hybrids which operate using both diesel fuel and electrical power. The use of Hybrid technology shows Cincinnati Metro’s ongoing commitment to Green transportation. The colorful images covering the buses from top to bottom illustrate their dedication to fun.

These recent additions to the city’s growing Hybrid fleet hit the streets in December 2010. The non profit Southwestern Ohio Regional Transit Authority (SORTA) purchased the new Hybrid buses with 100% funding from federal stimulus dollars. The “mini” Hybrid buses are part of Metro’s new Route #1 service that connects parks, museums and the arts with the people who enjoy them.

Route #1 “The One For Fun “

The remapped Metro Route #1 encourages local fun seekers to make the Green transportation choice of bus ridership over vehicle use. For an economical fare, a rider can take low emission Hybrid transportation to the city’s key entertainment districts. The colorful “mini” Hybrids wind a path through Downtown, Mount Adams and along the Riverfront. They make stops at 43 arts, entertainment and historic venues and other points of interest along the way.

Route #1 riders have easy access to the Museum Center, Cincinnati Art Museum, Paul Brown Stadium, National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, the Zoo and more. They can save gas, prevent auto emissions. With no car to deal with, riders need not be concerned with traffic and parking.

The #1 bus now departs every 30 minutes. To further elevate its profile as reliable mass transportation to the city’s fun destinations, the route name has been changed. It was originally Route #1 Zoo-Museum Center. Now it’s “#1 The One For Fun.”

Hollywood Casino Sponsor of “The One for Fun”

Metro’s Route #1 Hybrid “mini” buses encourage everyone to get out, see the city and have fun. Hollywood Casino, an entertainment complex in nearby Lawrenceburg, Indiana, has stepped into a sponsorship role to help accomplish that goal. Their Metro partnership is coordinated by the local firm, Advertising Vehicles. Hollywood’s support for “The One For Fun” helped transform the buses into traveling works of art that market Cincinnati’s entertainment venues.

The “Mini” Hybrid buses are all decked out from top to bottom in flowers, butterflies, zoo wildlife and other colorful scenes. Each bus is branded, “The One For Fun.” Colorful ads market Hollywood Casino and local attractions found along the route.

Fun With Hybrid Benefits

The Green benefits of mass transit are clear. It helps get cars off the road. Reduced auto traffic lowers carbon emissions that contribute to climate change. Hybrid buses take the Green benefit one step further. On board systems, including “regenerative braking,” produce electrical power and reduce reliance on diesel gas.

Each “Mini” Hybrid bus is 30 feet long. The smaller size further reduces gas consumption compared to full size Hybrid buses that average 10 feet greater in length. The overall “mini” Hybrid result is efficient transportation, less fuel usage, fewer emissions and lots of fun.

The Top Robot Vacuum Cleaner Models To Get For Your Home

There are lots of vacuum cleaner models available to purchase this 2019, like the recensione dyson v10 model. However, for people looking for a smart vacuum cleaner with a great AI, this article is for you.

A few robot vacuum cleaner models are more suitable for specific assignments and areas compared to other models, and selecting the correct one will help you save you the trouble of needing to go through the same portion of your carpet many times. There is a lot of factors to take into account, so we have listed the factors you must consider when choosing a robot vacuum cleaner for your room or house. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Eufy RoboVac 11S

Priced at just 220 dollars, this vacuum cleaner is considerably less expensive when compared with almost every other robot vacuum cleaner we examined, however, it is actually just as proficient when it comes to vacuum cleaning.

You do not have to spend a fortune to purchase an AI vacuum cleaner that will clean your home automatically with this budget friendly product. This model has a more compact shape best suited in tight areas, a rather lengthier runtime, as well as enhanced functions.

  1. Deebot 711

The Ecovacs family of vacuums has long been a shopper and Business Insider favorite. Ecovacs features a few of the best-selling robot vacuum cleaners online. It has almost a couple of hours of run time while on battery that makes it a great choice for even the most dusty floor surfaces.

What is more impressive with the Deebot 711 model is its mapping capabilities, with its Smart Navi Mapping Technology. This innovation allows it to remember which area of your home is the dirtiest so that it can focus on that particular area.