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How to purchase and use bitcoins online easily!

Bitcoin is the most popular and widely-used cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is also known as virtual currency, as it has no physical appearance.  Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, which means it not controlled or managed by any kind of authority or organization. It is based on the blockchain technology which allows the users to sell and buy it and trade in bitcoins. If you are a beginner and are looking to trade in bitcoins, then the BitcoinBlueprint software can help you a lot. There are numerous ways on which you can use and buy bitcoins over the Internet. There are specific tips that will help you to purchase bitcoins over the Internet.

Tips to use and purchase bitcoins over the Internet

Create a cryptocurrency wallet

Bitcoin is a virtual currency, which means it has no physical appearance; hence it cannot be stored in a locker. So, to keep bitcoins safe and store them, you need to set up a bitcoin wallet before making your first purchase. There are numerous types of bitcoins wallets, and you can choose any one of them that fits your needs and requirements. To set up the wallet, you need to share some of your important details such as Email, bank account, name, etc. to the bitcoin wallet provider.

Make an electronic purchase for bitcoin

You can buy bitcoin electronically using your bitcoin wallet. There are various platforms that allow you to purchase bitcoins. There are some charges included in making the purchase, such as a bank transfer fee. So, you must consider all the factors and charges while making the purchase online.

Use bitcoins to buy goods and services.

With the increasing popularity of bitcoins, people have started accepting it as the common currency for exchange. You can buy different goods and services online and pay them through bitcoins. As you use your credit card and debit card for making a purchase, the same way, you can use your bitcoin wallet too.

How To Shingle a Roof

Generally, the shingles on the roof of your home and/or garage should last a good 15 to 20 years (depending upon the quality of shingles used). Even if the manufacturers state that they will last 20 to 25 years, it all depends, really, on the weather your shingles have to endure. Extreme weather conditions can reduce the life span of your shingles. Even the extreme heat from the sun can cause your shingles to dry out and curl up long before their expiration date is up.

It’s important to be sure that your shingles are in good condition. If they are starting to show signs of age and wear, if they are cracking, splitting, and especially curling up at the ends, it’s definitely time to re-shingle. This will ensure that the structure of your roof is not being saturated by water, due to the elements. It is much easier, and less costly, to keep your shingles in good repair, rather than having to replace your entire roof later on.

Shingles are quite adept to keep the roof in check and can be utilized for other purposes as well as replacing the roof will result in unnecessary wastage of money and even the roof service provider are not exactly competent to deal with such issues.

Here is a step-by-step, how-to guide for replacing shingles on your roof. This is also a guide for using standard asphalt shingles.

CAUTION: It is NOT recommended that you re-shingle over existing shingles (some people actually do this, out of either laziness or by trying to save money in not having to pay for the removal and hauling away of the old shingles). This will drastically reduce the life span of your new shingles. In order to make your new shingles last for the next 20 years, be sure to strip your roof of the existing shingles.


* claw-foot hammer (for removing old roofing nails)

* strong utility knife (for cutting shingles when you get to the ends)

* asphalt shingles

* flashings

* metal starter strip

* roofing felt

* galvanized roofing nails and hammer, or air nailer


If this is an existing home and you are re-shingling your roof, as stated above, be sure that you have removed the old shingles. Also, be sure that all the old nails have been pulled.

Metal Starter Strip

You will need to purchase and affix metal starter strip to the very bottom edge of your roof (all the way around for cottage-style roofs). Starter stripping comes in an “L” shape. One edge of the stripping will be nailed to the bottom edging of the roof boards while the other side of the stripping will hang down against the fascia board and over the lip of the eaves troughs (gutters). This allows the rain to run off the roof and into the eaves (gutters), preventing the fascia board and edge of your roof from rotting.

Install Flashing and Roof Vents

The next step is to add all your roof vents before shingling. You might have decided to add one or two newer vents (if this is an older home), to add extra ventilation to the roof (attic area). You might also want to install a turbine ventilator at this point as well. This will give your home constant ventilation and help to reduce your energy costs. Be sure that there is proper flashing around all vents to prevent your roof from leaking.

If your roof happens to have peaks and valleys, you will have to add metal flashing to the valleys of your roof in this step as well. This will help to ensure that no water is leaking between the shingles, then through the joining where the roof boards meet, subsequently seeping into your living space. This is a very important step to ensure a longer life span for your shingles and your roof.

Roofing Felt

You will now need to add the roofing felt. Some people cover the entire surface of the roof with roofing paper, however, this is not entirely necessary and will only add to the cost. All you need is one layer, the width of the roofing felt, running it along the entire bottom edge(s) of the roof. This can be tacked on with an industrial staple gun or air stapler.

Installing the Shingles

You are now ready to add the shingles. Starting at the bottom edge of the roof, nail on the first set of shingle(either using standard galvanized roofing nails or an air nailer). The first row of shingles should be placed upside down, and must cover the metal starter strip. The edge of the shingles should run flush with the edge of the roof and the starter strip. This will be your guide line for the rest of the shingles, helping to ensure they run in a straight line all the way through to the top.

When you get to the ends of the roof (on a gable style roof) or to the edge where the roof changes direction (a cottage-style roof), or to the valley, cut off excess shingle with the utility knife, as evenly as possible.

Once your first row of shingles are in place, put the next row of shingles atop the first upside down row (this will now be considered your first row). Be sure that they are staggered (a full sheet should cover the joint where the previous bottom shingles meet). Continue your row until you reach the outer edge of the roof, or where the roof starts to change direction. Cut off excess with the utility knife (these will be covered with the caps later, so don’t be too worried if your cuts look a little rough).

With the next row of shingles, you will be starting a new complete row. Again, stagger your asphalt shingle sheets (as a brick layer would when laying bricks). Each sheet of shingle should have a distinguishable line drawn at approximately the 1/2 way point. This line is your guide when placing down the next row of shingles. The bottom of the shingles should run flush with the line on the previous row. Also, remember to nail your shingles “above” this line. This will hide the nails with each subsequent row of shingles.

Continue shingling all the way up the roof, using the same method….. remembering to stagger your sheets. Step back every now and then to be sure your rows are lining up evenly.

Capping The Peaks

When you have placed your last row of shingles on the roof, you will now need to cap the peaks. This both hides the unsightly edges of the shingle (and the last row of nails), but also makes sure that no water will get behind your shingles.

When you purchase your shingles, be sure to also purchase caps that will match the color of your shingles. These are smaller pieces of asphalt cut in rectangular pieces. When nailing these to the peaks, nail at the bottom part of the cap. The next cap will hide the nails of the previous cap.

On a gable style roof, you will only need to cap the very top of your roof. For a cottage style roof, you will need to cap all the cut joints where the roof changed direction, as well as the top peak. For a roof with several peaks and valleys, cap all peaks. You may want to add a bead of roofing tar to the valley joints as added protection from rain.

You have now completed your project and I’m sure your roof is looking very nice. Well done!


TIP #1: Here is a very important tip that can save your fingers from serious injury when using roofing nails and a hammer. Never hold the nail with your thumb and index finger while hammering it down. This is a good way to bash your thumb with the hammer (I learned this the hard way!). Instead, lay your hand on the roof, palm side up. Hold the nail between your first and second finger and tap the nail gently at first. Then remove your hand and continue to hammer the nail down. You should also be wearing construction gloves for added safety.

TIP #2: If you are using an air nailer, they can be very dangerous as well. If you are not paying proper attention and using good safety practices, you might find that the gun will shoot nails at the slightest jostle. These nails leave the gun at quite a velocity and can imbed themselves into your leg or other parts of your body. So be sure to use good, practical and sensible safety practices when using an air nailer.

Binance: The Crypto Trading Tool

Binance is one of the most popular crypto trading tools that are out there in the market. In this article, we are going to analyze why Binance is an efficient tool that you can use for bitcoin trading. With the help of this amazing tool, you can see how the bitcoin revolution is at its peak. If you are wondering What Is Bitcoin Revolution? Then click here to learn more about it. 

Coming to Binance, here are some of the best features that you get with this amazing trading tool. 

  • One of the main reasons why Binance is popular is the fact that you get a quick and efficient payout with this tool. There are several other online services provides in this same category but none of them is as effective as Binance when it comes to payment as soon as fork happens. 
  • Binance is also supporting Airdrops which is a relatively new marketing tactic. This is a relatively new strategy which is why there are not many service providers accepting it. Binance has adopted this new method in which you get free coins in your wallet encouraging you to research more about these new coins and invest in them if you like. 
  • The fee for trading is 0.10% which is quite low considering the fact that there is no limit to the amount of trade and the fee will not be increased with your trading amount as well. Moreover, you can also reduce this fee by investing in BNB tokens automatically through your online wallet. 
  • With Binance supporting all the popular cryptocurrencies you get an efficient tool that you can in order to deal with multiple cryptocurrencies without switching to different online trading platforms. 

  •  Lastly, you can also earn a commission on Binance through the referral process. You can refer this online platform to your friend and get a fair amount of bitcoin in your wallet. However, you should learn about the different rules and regulations before you start with affiliate marketing. 

These are the major benefits that you get as you start with crypto trading on Binance.

Dumpster Divers: Saving the World

When the sunlight fades and the dark of night overtakes the urban landscape, a certain metamorphosis takes place, almost as if the darkness is a catalyst for bringing out the people who look at life a little differently. Businessmen make an exodus from urban downtowns to make room for the incoming club-goers and the day’s formal proceedings give way to friendly, relaxed conversation. For office workers, farmers and so many other workers, evening means it is time to go home and relax. For dumpster divers, though, it is time to go to work. 

In an occupation that centers around eyeing the backdoors of local businesses and making clandestine drives through apartment complexes, darkness offers a welcome sense of anonymity. Dumpster divers are a misunderstood crowd and sometimes invoke feelings of fear in the casual observer. “Don’t stare,” a mother might say to her child when passing a man digging through trash. This warning is usually followed by, “and don’t talk to him.” People don’t seem to be any less cautious if the diver is of the fairer sex.

There are countless reasons why these nocturnal scavengers find pleasure in pulling discarded things from heaps of partially decomposed refuse, but very rare are the divers who mean harm to others. In many cases, quite the opposite is true, as divers scour public receptacles for electronics, used up ink cartridges, metal circuitry and other things that, left exposed in a landfill, would be a far greater threat to the environment than any one individual could ever pose to the society at large. On dumpster diving forums around the Internet, screen names like “Earth Mom,” “Tree Hugger” and “Ghondi” are common; with names like these, the forum ambiance is less like a transient camp and more reminiscent of a northwestern coffee house, even if a slightly dusty one.

According to Lakeland dumpster rental, we can certainly save the world through dumpster divers. With tons of waste that businesses and companies dispose everyday, it is one of our apprehensions to see the earth being damaged. Hence, we should lessen and reduce our waste disposal.

Saving the planet is a noble goal indeed, and conversations about environmental issues in these forums are both plentiful and passionate. There is no rule, though, that forbids turning some of that former landfill fodder into extra spending power. In fact, some might argue that earning an income while simultaneously making the world a more livable place is a rewarding feeling. Many of the divers who rescue useable items from the impending garbage truck visit have active and vibrant accounts on eBay and Amazon, and their presence on Craigslist and other classified services is immense.

A friendly and conversational regular on one of the forums, who likes to be known simply as Ash, maintains both a small flea-market operation and an active eBay account. He posts daily of his finds, often commenting on the wasteful nature of American society. “There was nothing wrong with that computer,” he posted in one forum conversation thread, “except some spyware that I cleaned out in less than half an hour.” With a fresh load of software, the system found a new home by way of eBay… and Ash pocketed a few hundred bucks. Another machine filled with silicon, gold and platinum saved from the landfill, another happy computer buyer and another payday for Ash. It’s all in a typical day for dumpster divers.

Despite popular belief, dumpster divers are not the personification of bath tissue stuck to someone’s shoe: a pestering, embarrassing presence everyone knows about but no one wants to acknowledge. Many divers use their pastime to supplement other incomes, some with much higher salaries than one might expect of someone who spends their evening sifting through dirty diapers and half-eaten Whoppers. One diver made a forum post about his dismay at leaving an antique desk for certain destruction by the garbage truck simply because the desk was too large to fit in his Mercedes sedan. Another posted about diving in cities across the country and compared American diving to European diving as the result of his family’s frequent travels (for the record, Europeans are much more resourceful, leaving little waste to be discarded in what they call “dust bins.”) Still another diver told a captivating story about the condescending lecture he received from a passer-by while diving in a working-class neighborhood before returning home to one of the most exclusive subdivisions in town.

Curious onlookers who wander into the presence of divers searching for goods tend to annoy dumpster divers, but being approached by the police is outright frightening. Divers in the forums describe feelings of being frozen in fear at the approach of a marked police car; Lunalelle, a 20-something female diver went as far as to say, “my heart skipped a beat when I made out the light bar up over the headlights.” Divers are constantly being harassed by the cops, even though they often have the law on their side (in many communities, an item becomes publicly available once it is discarded.) Seasoned divers admonish scofflaw newbies and the society as a whole seems to maintain an unwritten code of ethics. Don’t break in to locked dumpsters. Don’t leave a mess. Never throw away anything in a dumpster that isn’t yours. If a sign says no trespassing, leave. Don’t make anyone uncomfortable. Never get inside a compactor. These examples are just a few of the common code of trash pickers.

The diving community is a tight one, and its members enjoy their hobby or, as the case may be, their profession. Becoming a member of the society is relatively easy if you don’t mind picking through some, say, sloppy remains of a Big Mac and cold fries covered in ketchup. Finding a club of divers, though, takes a bit of effort. As one might imagine, divers almost always surround their activities in secrecy. Hardly anyone outright says that they’re going dumpster diving, and the code words are as varied as the people uttering them. “Shopping at the little green store,” said Lunalelle, is my code for going diving. Others keep their code simple, using phrases such as, “going out for the night.” A common favorite, and convenient excuse when approached by an officer, is simply, “looking for boxes.”

No matter what they call their activity, virtually all divers follow a common guideline: never, EVER refer to a store you’re diving by its proper name. This rule is so rigorously enforced in the online community that it gets carried over into real-life conversation. Staples, a store notorious for discarding refillable ink cartridges that sell for big money on eBay, is covertly known as “Selpats.” Selpats is, of course, just Staples spelled backward. Some other commonly dived stores also picked up crafty nicknames such as Wall Greeds (Walgreen’s drug store), Buck Bush (Dollar Tree) and even Badwill (Goodwill charity store). Goodwill, for the record, is both admired among divers for its plentiful finds and detested because its staff seems to consistently discard items they don’t believe will sell in their store; with these practices, maybe the alias for this store is more fitting than its name.

For some, dumpster diving is a morally rewarding and profitable hobby. For others, it is a job generating a regular paycheck. Still others are so fanatical about the combination of saving the environment and making money that they equate the sport to religion (the phrase, “the dumpster Gods will provide” has been used more than once on the Internet forums). Whatever their level of involvement may be, dumpster divers share a common and unfortunately misunderstood place in society. Dumpster divers speak out in a united action against the wasteful ways of American society, a nation of people who would rather throw away a perfectly useful item than expend the effort required to find it a new home (puppies and kittens, by the way, are not immune from being thrown in dumpsters; one diver runs a rescue for animals found in the little green store.) As landfill space becomes less and less available and the cost of everything continues to rise, dumpster divers enjoy the niche they have firmly carved out for themselves as the planet’s salvation.

Car And Auto Locksmith Services

Here are the services that auto locksmith companies provide:

Car lockouts

One of the most effective and most obvious services that an auto locksmith will provide to you is to help you get outside the car where you have been locked out. Certainly, being locked out of your own vehicle is a frustrating and stressful situation. While you may opt to do DIY method to get you out, it is not advisable as it might just impose greater damage. In this modern world where locks are quite sophisticated, it is not easy to defeat one. So to help you out, you will need the service of an auto locksmith, a professional who has the skills and knowledge in dealing with complex and sophisticated locks.

Car Key Replacement

Another service that an auto locksmith provides is car key replacement. If you have lost your key and need to find a replacement, the best person you should call is a car locksmith. You can count on these professionals to provide you with a key replacement as soon as possible. Generally, key replacement technicians have the right experience and skills in replacing car keys of wide variety of brands.

Ignition Replacement and Repairs

Lastly, an auto locksmith services company also offers ignition repairs and replacement. If you have a malfunctioned key, or if the key is hammed and the ignition of your car is quite faulty, car locksmith company is the best organization to call. These experts have also the right and needed experience in handling different and several lock systems, and how to provide the specific solution that you need for your car problem.

Overall, auto locksmith professionals are very reliable and helpful especially during stressful situations. But you have to be careful in choosing the right service provider for you.

Importance of Adsense for Content Based Websites – Three Reasons

You need to know about Adsense first if you want to know about its importance.

The Adsense program is very simple. If you have a website of your own, you will need to place a java script into your web page. Every time a user accesses the page, the java script is activated and it pulls the advertisements from the Adsense program. These ads should have the same content which is being displayed on your website. You will get a portion of the money which is being paid by the advertiser if the user clicks the ad displayed on your website.

All this activity including the selection of ads, monitoring the clicks and page impressions, statistics and collection of funds is handled by the search engine it self. The website owner who is serving the ad display does not have to worry about anything once he has added the required java script. All your concern should be to collect money and let the search engine do its job.

The first reason of the importance of Adsense is that the Adsense is well aware of the requirements of the ad publishers and the host webmasters. It has a more advanced and efficient system that allows the webmaster to make the ad look like part of their website, make it more attractive and tempting to increase the chance of click through from the visitors who may want to see what the link is all about. This can be done with the help of different types of text and attractive formats offered by the Adsense program.

The second reason is the webmaster’s access on their website performance and monitoring system for the ads they have published through Adsense. The Adsense host webmasters can always check the progress of the clicks, page impressions in real time updated Adsense reports. With this, they can assess quickly which types of ads are generating more funds. The Adsense efficient reporting system allows the webmasters to monitor the ever-changing market trends and demands. The Webmasters can customize the reports to see detailed page impressions and their defined channels. Through this; Adsense report which is updated in real time and the comprehensive tools that allow the webmasters to categorize the web pages by URL, domain, ad type or category; it become very easy to decide about the selection of ads they want to publish on their website to generate more cash.

The last and most important reason is that the working mechanism of Adsense is absolutely content based. The Adsense search engine examines the content of the website where the ad has to be published and brings the most relevant ad. Thus the possibility of the click through from the target user is more improved. Webmasters who concentrate on the content of their website to make it more targeted get more benefits from the Adsense program. If their website has displayed targeted content without having extra crap written on it, the search engine will place the ad with similar content that will increase the chances of a click through from a visitor who is looking for some thing of his interest. At this post, there will be availability of different reviews for separate pages. It will provide the person opportunity to view something new and exciting to read and implement. . 

Before Adsense, people did not know that they could make money from their web pages placing advertisements. The webmasters and publishers realized the importance of the Adsense when they experienced serious results. But always remember that target oriented content is the key to make your web site more successful and to generate better income from the Adsense program.

Easy & Realistic Water Reflection Animation in Photoshop

Some of the most beautiful digital art is animated. And if we want to continue down the line, some of the most beautiful animations include that slowly rippling water effect that you can find rarely – and always remember when you do. The problem is that there aren’t any settings or filters within Photoshop that create realistic water ripples. You can come close, but the moment it’s going to be animated, things start going …. strange.

I’ll never be able to explain why I insist on trying out things in Photoshop. I experiment over and over for months on end if necessary until I can end up with precisely the effect I was after. I think it must be the challenge – Adobe Photoshop isn’t the easiest thing in the world to learn, but once you get the basics down it’s so addictive. There’s always some new way to push and stretch your design skills within the program.

So, in this Photoshop tutorial, I’ll be sharing how to create some very easy – and beautifully realistic – water reflections and animate them. You don’t have to know a lot about Photoshop to use this guide, I’ll explain things pretty clearly.

What do you need?

  1. A photograph or graphic you want to animate
  2. Photoshop 7 or higher (the illustrations use Photoshop CS2)
  3. A third-party program called Sqirlz Reflection, which you can download for free here from c|net.

And with that, let’s dive right in – this won’t take long at all.

Preparing the Image in Photoshop

Before we can animate the image, we need to have something to actually animate. I suppose there could be something that you’d want to animate the entire image … but it won’t look as nice as what we’re going to do. So, open your image in Photoshop.

First, we need to decide what to “keep”. Most of the images you’ll be inspired to animate are going to be nature-oriented, simply because of the water aspect. It’s really tempting when working with nature photos – especially landscapes – to keep the entire image and reflect it … but it doesn’t always look as pleasing as it could be with a bit of creative cropping. Illustration One shows the graphic I’m using (a beautiful piece from fabian79 at and how it’s been cropped down.

Use your own judgement about how much of the graphic you’re using you want to keep … but remember that Photoshop can compress a filesize only so much. The resulting file will already be large because of the animation – you don’t want it to be so large that you never get to show it off.

Now that we’ve got the amount of image we want to use, we’re ready to prepare the canvas for Squirlz Reflection. What we need to end up with is a canvas that is two times the height of our image. How we do that most easily is hit “Image” and choose “Canvas Size”.

In the canvas size dialogue, Photoshop allows you to choose what unit you’re sizing by – pixels, inches, percent, etc. Click the drop-down box and choose “percent”. Also make certain that the “Relative” box is NOT ticked and that the canvas extension color is set to white. Then, look down at the diagram with arrows in it. Click the very top middle arrow. What this does is tells Photoshop that we want the canvas stretched straight down, not to the side at all. Finally, put “200%” in the “Height” setting, and click OK.

You’re all set – save your modified image as a .jpg at 100% quality to somewhere easy-to-remember, like your desktop or “My Pictures” folder. You can even close Photoshop if you’d like – we won’t be needing it again in this guide.

Creating the Animation in Squirlz Reflection

If you’ve done animations in Photoshop and ImageReady before, you’re going to be so pleased with this program. Not only are you going to avoid spending hours trying to create the perfect ripples that flow right after each other (which isn’t possible on your own, I’ve tried), but it’s going to take you a matter of seconds to make them.

First, you’ll need to install Squirlz Reflection if you haven’t already. Then, open it up.

  1. Open the .jpg you just saved. To open easily, just click the green folder in the toolbar.
  2. There’s a toolbar running down the left-hand side of Squirlz Reflection. The very first button in that toolbar is a red oval – this is the selection tool. What you need to select is the white space beneath your main image – the spot you want the reflection to show up in.

Now, before you go, let me warn you – this selection tool is nothing like Photoshop’s selection tool. When you first click it, you might think of the marquee tool … you’ll soon see it’s not. A selection line will follow your mouse. When you reach a corner, click once with your left mouse button and move the the next corner, etc. until you’ve selected the white space. (FYI: What this means is that you can make uneven or oddly shaped selections for reflection if you feel like it later on – maybe a reflection in a mirror?) To set your selection, right-click once.

It’s time for magic! We’re going to create our frames and animate the water all in one quick step – now. Click “Animate” and choose “Make GIF File”. A dialogue pops up asking how many frames you want to use – you can use as many as you like, up to 100 frames (keeping in mind that the more frames you use, the larger your filesize will be!). I left mine at 15 and clicked OK. Now, you’re asked where and what to save your file as. Do that, click OK, and preview – you’ve got a gorgeous animation! With these helpful tips, you no longer have to go to some animation studios in Singapore. You just have to be creative and you just have to let your imagination go beyond the box, and surely, you can create your own animation.

Castles Made of Sugar in the Sky ! Enron All Over Again, Lets Blame Lawyers, Accountants and the MBAs. No Pass for the Lawyers This Time!

Back in the good old days of Enron corporations final days less than 300 billion dollars were being lost. The CEO suite was gutted and blamed by the regulators and the courts but the corporate lawyers got a pass. Arthur Anderson , the big accounting firm took a fatal hit and disappeared from the face of the earth which seemed extreme since only a few divisions had anything to do with Enron’s cooked books. Well,. Here we go again. Different firms are available in the country that is providing bankruptcy lawyer san diego to the clients. Proper research should be done for the hiring of the lawyers for the case. 

Looking at the financial statements of companies like Lehman, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, AIG they had seemed to be well to adequately capitalized and in order. Now that they are going belly up or are slated to be sold and merged. The old financial statements seem to have been total fiction. Wall Street had been building castles made of sugar in the sky. They were impressive Castles designed to tempt people to drop in and leave their money on deposit or to be traded for special money products. . Now It is beginning to look like everyone was duped by management .

The corporate lawyers engineered everything that went on in the big wall street firms and their CPA s put quality assurance stamps on opperations that increasingly appear to have been a lot of fabrication. As these firms suddenly turn insolvent after saying they had adequate capital and then suddenly under pressure of short sellers have to raise capital in a big hurry. It is time to say wait a minute. These firms all have cooked books like Enron did! It is not just Bear Sterns now but all of them including Goldman Sachs doing the capital infusion dance with a fifteen minute lapse time before they are dead broke and bankrupt. That makes no sense unless their books are terribly cooked. The MBA crowd has proved to be pretty dim witted. The accountants and the lawyers are the smart ones. An investigation is in order.

Warren Buffet was right to call derivatives weapons of mass destruction. Now he can tell us all he told us so. The balance sheets of all the troubled companies share derivatives in common. They also , we are finding out , had excessive leverage. Financial banking houses are in the business of borrowing money at low rates of interest and re-lending it at higher rates giving them what is supposed to be profitable positive cash flow. All the recapitalization nonsense in the media seems to be a euphemism for , “well we cooked the books quite a lot and our capital base is really next to non existent.” Evidence is surfacing of derivatives of derivatives of derivatives issued and re-distributed among the incestuous financial system banks and brokers. Fees and more fees are charged to costumers while the derivatives even suffer from dilution and general scattering in the entire financial world.


The wall street powerhouse firms were essentially taking condominiums and making excess money chopping them up in to smaller condominiums. The firms told clients that they could make less into more. Condominiums can be resold in parts as kitchen condos and bathroom condos and bedroom condos, all separately in order to maximize profits to the firms selling the parts or pooled interests in a number of condo or their parts. It is great getting fees for every transaction.

This is really reminiscent of Enron where Enron executives took natural gas and the energy it could produce and made traded securities out of them. Not only were the big market making firms allowing lucrative trading to go on they also found a way to swap bathrooms for kitchens. The condominiums of condominiums is not something clearly stated in nature of business in their annual reports. When the underlying mortgages that were held by one or another firm started to fail with abstract bits and pieces spread all over the world’s financial system is when what the professional CPA accountants were telling me were assets turned in Nothing . Poof. Gone. With all the super computers on wall street there is no algorithm to figure out how to put the bits and pieces of the derivatives of derivatives of derivatives of mortgages back together necessarily in all cases. One then starts to wonder if the wall street firms failing were really selling tin air?

Why not sell all the thin air you can if you are living in a spectacular Castle made of Sugar in the sky. What appears to have happened with AIG, once the world’s largest multi line insurance company with many other types of subsidiaries, is that AIG bought derivatives of derivatives of derivatives from the issuing wall street banking houses and used those pieces of paper to try earning higher than average returns on their policy owners float money. The slightly higher yield AIG got for the higher risk turns out to have been the opposite. While all this was going on AIG paid a nothing dividend to it’s Shareholder. That was probably a clue in the annual report that the company was running a scam. There is a lot more rain predicted and Candy lands giant sugar castles in the sky do not look like they are going to be likely to survive. Even the most well financed companies like secretary of the treasury Paulson’s Goldman Sachs is entangled in the web of ownership of condominiums of condominiums of condominiums of condominiums.

Once I started seeing the interconnections revealed as failing firms caused other firms to fail it quickly became clear that a lot more would be failing. All day long I have been waiting for the Bush Administration to figure out they have a problem and have him hold some sort of press conference before the whole candy cluster melts down leaving the country with government agencies trying to figure out what derivative of what derivative is and who really owns it. People do not realize that for all the calls for more market regulation that this was the most regulated market ion earth. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were new deal sorts of creations of the government that were later spun off as private companies with the role of satisfying their federal charter as a means of making home ownership possible for the working poor and middle classes. The federal government fostered the whole home building national economy. When Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac turned out to be insolvent their high yield derivatives were sill in effect all over the world. It is all coming down to no candy left on wall street and that could be a bad thing . MY theory is that the Bush Administration undermined the economic order that was in place with the castles made of sugar in the sky by fostering an idiotic devaluation of the US dollar hoping to make the export side of the US economy a more robust game.

CBD Oil- Preferential Choice is What Matters

The most important commodity that mankind is in dire needs of in the current times is good health. As if things were not bad enough, the corona virus outbreak has made things much worse as thousands are falling victim to the deadly pandemic and the whole world is facing a lockdown.

As a result, people are confined to their homes and have been strongly advised by the federal governments of their nations to maintain social distancing and the majority of the population of each country is obediently adhering to it.

In such a scenario, it becomes important to mention CBD oil as it has proven to be quite a successful outcome for tackling health issues ranging from normal ones like muscle and joint pain, inflammation, swelling to deadly diseases like cancer, kidney failure, liver issues, etc.

Choosing the Right One

CBD oil comes from the extracts of cannabis plants and therefore come with different varieties and so it is difficult to decide which one is suited for the ailment that you are suffering from.

So we are going to list out some important brands that can come in handy regarding diseases and they are as follows:

  1. Pure Spectrum- It is best utilized by individuals that are into fitness, especially athletes as it helps to increase the stamina and perform better on the field and these come in CBD gummies as well.
  2. NuLeaf Naturals- They are considered the pioneers in the field of CBD where the products are of high quality and without any side effects as it specializes in hemp seed extracts
  3. Hemp Bombs- They also deal in some of the best products and their CBD gummies are considered the best of all
  4. Lazarus Naturals- They are different oil varieties that come in various flavors and colors like vanilla, chocolate, mint, nuts, etc.

Tips on Moving

When my husband and I decided to move from Jacksonville, FL to Manhattan ,KS neither one of us had ever moved a long distance before. We had no idea were to even start and after looking into hiring movers we quickly found that this wasn’t going to be cheep regardless of how we proceeded.

One of the most popular ways of moving in America is by using a company named U-haul. With U-Haul you will rent the size truck that fits your needs, you then have to do all the packing and driving yourself. We found if moving a short distance this is one of the most cost efficient ways of moving. That is if you have ample time, energy and booze to offer your family and friends to help with packing and loading up the truck. But if you are short on time and are moving state-to-state this can end up being very time consuming and expensive when counting driving time and gas prices.

The alternate options similar to U-Haul were Penske, Budget, and Ryder. While these were all great options it just didn’t seem to be something that would work for us. Any of the above options would mean having to tow one of our vehicles and with zero experience driving a large vehicle that just wouldn’t work.

At this point if you have ever made a long distant move you may be thinking, well why didn’t they just use P.O.D.S? And that’s a great question. Unfortunately PODS didn’t go to Manhattan, KS. So one thing you want to make sure of is that your shipping company goes to the state and city you are moving to.

After exhausting all of these options my husband looked into a company that can be found by going to you may have seen their trucks and not even realized they were movers. ABF Cubes would be the best way to make the trip. With u-pack similar to PODS you do all the packing but they do all the driving, for us having two cars and no experienced drivers this was just what we needed. As long as you pack well you should receive your belongings in tact. The best part about U-pack or ABF cubes is that you can use this cube as an inexpensive storage unit until you are ready to have your stuff delivered to you. So if you are waiting for a closing or haven’t found that perfect condo you wont have to worry about moving multiple times. Another great thing about ABF is the many options they have between the different sizes of cubes to sharing trailer space, but this was definitely a great experience for us and we would recommend them to any of our closest friends.

There are many options when deciding to move locally or state-to-state. The main advice I would give is that its worth going threw the research and making sure you not only have an affordable mover but a quality mover as well.

You can always contact edmonton movers as they are one of the best at their job for the simple reason is that they go by the motto called customer satisfaction and they are quite serious about it without compromising on their ideals.