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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Character Guide: Diddy Kong

Diddy Kong is, simply put, one of the best characters in the game. He’s small, quick, and pretty powerful. Not only that, most of his moves are really good. His only real weakness is that he is light, but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. He’s a pretty straightforward and balanced character — he’s got good melee attacks, good maneuverability, and a couple of projectile attacks. It should also be noted that Diddy can cling to walls by holding the analog stick against the wall. This can have some limited use, but only in certain situations. In this article, proper guide will be made available to the players for the playing at level 30 account. It will be beneficial to buy level 30 account from the reputed websites. The playing of the players will be easy and convenient for the person from home. 

Standard Attacks

Diddy Kong’s standard combo is one of the worst in the game, but it’s also pretty much his only bad move. Just stay away from it. His tilts, smashes, and running attack, on the other hand, are all great. Let’s start with his tilts. His up and forward tilts are both staple moves, so use these as often as possible as your standard horizontal and vertical moves. His down tilt comes out quick and can be used rapidly, so use this as your standard quick disruption move, in place of your jab combo. Diddy’s signature cartwheel is an excellent attack with very fast recovery time, so use it often. This move is an important part of Diddy’s banana game as well, which I’ll get into later. 

Diddy’s smash attacks are pretty good too. The down smash is the best of the bunch, and is a solid attack for most situations. The up tilt and forward tilt are generally better than the up smash and forward smash, though the forward smash is decent as a killing move at higher percentages, though you’ll usually be using your down smash and aerials for that purpose.

Special Attacks

Diddy Kong’s specials are all good too. His up special may require some practice to master, but it’s a good recovery move once you do. Just be aware that it’s pretty easy to get gimped when using this move. Never use it as an attack. Diddy’s side special is an all purpose move that can be used to recover, attack, and even spike. The attack is normally an aerial grab, and if you latch onto someone in the air you can spike them. This is rather tricky however, so don’t get too carried away or you might kill yourself. If you press the button again, during the move, Diddy will perform a kick, making this an excellent, automated short jump attack. And finally, you can use this move to cover some horizontal recovery distance too, and play some tricky games at the edge of the map with your opponent.

Diddy’s other two specials are his projectiles. The side special is a peanut gun which shoots in an arc normally, but shoots straighter, faster, and more powerfully the longer you charge it (don’t overcharge!). In one on one, the charge shot should only be used rarely, for example if you are trying to gimp a recovery from far away. In matches with more players, it’s more useful since you can send charge shots at opponents busy fighting each other. Most of the time, however, you’ll just want to send off uncharged shots to harass opponents. Be aware that the peanuts can be caught and thrown back at you, and that they can break and leave nuts that can be eaten by anybody.

Finally we have Diddy’s excellent down special, his bananas. You can have two bananas out on the stage at any given time, and you can’t trip on your own bananas, unless someone else picks them up (or catches them) and throws them. Most of the time though, you’ll have ownership of the bananas and will be safe. You can pull all sorts of shenanigans with your bananas. You can throw that at people for minor damage and a chance to trip them, or lay them as traps for people to slip on. If you have two bananas on the map, pulling out another will cause one of the previous ones to disappear, and each banana has a certain life before it disappears anyway. Use this to your advantage; pull out another banana when the old ones are flashing, but otherwise its much quicker to reuse the bananas that are in play. This is best accomplished with Diddy’s excellent cartwheel attack, which picks up bananas. Basically, you want to be tossing bananas around every chance you get, and you want to pick them back up with your cartwheel.


Diddy’s throws aren’t that great, and they should mainly be used as surprise attacks. His back throw is basically just a good toss if you want your opponent to get out of your face, and the up throw is decent for leading into aerials. The other two are okay, but don’t use them too much.

Aerial Attacks

As if good standards and specials weren’t enough, Diddy also has great aerial attacks. His forward and backward air attacks are his bread and butter. The forward one is kind of like a forward facing version of Mario’s back air. It’s got good power so use it often. The back air is quicker, but less powerful. You probably won’t use it as much, but it’s still a good move. The up and neutral aerials are okay, but you should only use them when you need too. The down air is a great meteor smash, but it may be tricky to connect.

Final Smash

Diddy’s final smash is spectacular and flashy, but it can also be devastating in free for alls, especially on small maps without a lot of platforms and obstacles. It takes a while to get used to the controls. Basically, Diddy away from the direction he is flying in, so you want to go left and right. That way you can send barrages all over the map. Just make sure to kill as many opponents as possible, because once it’s all over there will be peanuts all over the map that can heal anybody.

That’s it for Diddy Kong. He’s not that hard to play, but be sure to master some of his trickier moves like his side special, down aerial, up special, and final smash. Once you do, you’ll be playing with one of the best characters available.