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Tips on Moving

When my husband and I decided to move from Jacksonville, FL to Manhattan ,KS neither one of us had ever moved a long distance before. We had no idea were to even start and after looking into hiring movers we quickly found that this wasn’t going to be cheep regardless of how we proceeded.

One of the most popular ways of moving in America is by using a company named U-haul. With U-Haul you will rent the size truck that fits your needs, you then have to do all the packing and driving yourself. We found if moving a short distance this is one of the most cost efficient ways of moving. That is if you have ample time, energy and booze to offer your family and friends to help with packing and loading up the truck. But if you are short on time and are moving state-to-state this can end up being very time consuming and expensive when counting driving time and gas prices.

The alternate options similar to U-Haul were Penske, Budget, and Ryder. While these were all great options it just didn’t seem to be something that would work for us. Any of the above options would mean having to tow one of our vehicles and with zero experience driving a large vehicle that just wouldn’t work.

At this point if you have ever made a long distant move you may be thinking, well why didn’t they just use P.O.D.S? And that’s a great question. Unfortunately PODS didn’t go to Manhattan, KS. So one thing you want to make sure of is that your shipping company goes to the state and city you are moving to.

After exhausting all of these options my husband looked into a company that can be found by going to upack.com you may have seen their trucks and not even realized they were movers. ABF Cubes would be the best way to make the trip. With u-pack similar to PODS you do all the packing but they do all the driving, for us having two cars and no experienced drivers this was just what we needed. As long as you pack well you should receive your belongings in tact. The best part about U-pack or ABF cubes is that you can use this cube as an inexpensive storage unit until you are ready to have your stuff delivered to you. So if you are waiting for a closing or haven’t found that perfect condo you wont have to worry about moving multiple times. Another great thing about ABF is the many options they have between the different sizes of cubes to sharing trailer space, but this was definitely a great experience for us and we would recommend them to any of our closest friends.

There are many options when deciding to move locally or state-to-state. The main advice I would give is that its worth going threw the research and making sure you not only have an affordable mover but a quality mover as well.

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