Social Media

Using Social Media For Personal Branding

We’re at an interesting crossroads in the global business climate. If you’re online in any capacity, you know there’s a lot of buzz about social media: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, the list goes on…and there are some great up and coming sites to watch out for.

If you’re not part of the online buzz, you might be feeling overwhelmed, or left out, or maybe you just don’t care. I’ve been doing a sort of random poll lately when I talk to people, asking whether they are on Facebook or using Twitter and I’m fascinated by the response. Most people who aren’t using social media seem to think it’s: stupid, pointless, a waste of time.

If you point out how they may have a personal us for it, the eyebrows up, the head starts to nod. Keeping in touch with kids or grandkids for example. My cousin said recently: yeah, well, why not email or a phone call? I said: because that’s not where they’re hanging out! She got it.

Of course, it has a lot of different uses. I think we’re going to find out before long that it has changed our lives in some profound ways. Everyone is more visible, and more accountable. Even big corporations. They can still hide, but as long as their competitors aren’t, they’ll suffer. There are several well-known examples of big corporations that have stepped in to fix customer complaints and problems because they were dialed into their customers on Twitter. For gathering all the information about purchasing views, a click can be made at the Homepage. The quality of the likes and views is provided at the platform to enhance the experience of the person. The information about the correct and right likes should be made available to the people available at the platform. 

Just last week I had a beef with Macy’s. They really screwed up on a big purchase. Twice in one week. In the past I wouldn’t have expected any corporate accountability. Now, all I can think about is how you can’t get away with that any more because the world is watching – through Twitter and Facebook. It might not make a difference today in my example, but over time, there’s no escaping. React to your customers and care about what they think/need/want from you or die.

For the first time ever, small business can compete with the big boys. You don’t need a Super Bowl budget to reach the world – you need to be creative and ambitious, and focused and brand yourself to the world. It’s free, it’s simple and it’s accessible. This is life changing. And, it’s not too late – it’s just the right time. You might think it’s all passed you by, but believe me, NOW is the time to create your personal brand.

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