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What Are The Steps To Play The Game?

These days’ people are so busy earning their day to day life that they don’t even have a single minute spare for themselves in which they can do the things of their interest. These battles games have become a good pastime for the people, especially in the era of the corona, as in order to live a healthy life; it is advisable not to step out of the house as it can even be dangerous.

Even there are no specifications required to play these games.  A person just has to go through simple steps that will take the players to the gaming platform, and there, they can play the game for as long as they wish. Now we will discuss these steps in detail:

Download the game

As we all know, the steps of playing this game are so simple that a person can quickly learn it. The first step includes just a good internet connection and an android phone in which you can easily download the game from the play store. Once you have downloaded the application, then you have to enter the mobile number in order to start the application and then enter the valid OTP generated on that number. You just have to download the application to play in online DOTA 2 Tournaments.

Get yourself registered for the tournament

Once you have entered the OTP, and then gather all the information you wish to have. The next step is to get yourself registered for the tournament by entering all the details once you are satisfied completely. Now you can just start playing the game when you wish to.

sum up:

These are the basic steps that a person can easily follow and start playing the game by just learning the basic rules of the game.