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What to Consider While Purchasing a Trolling Motor?

There are several things and factors that you are supposed to consider at the time of purchasing a trolling motor. Considering these things will make sure that you get your hands on the best trolling engine.

Bow-mount motor or transom-mount motor

You have to figure out what type you want to choose between bow-mount and transom-mount motors. Bow mount is known quite convenient regarding fishing in the fore-deck or open bow-rider of the bass boat. This spring-loaded mount allows the motor to swing away from the impact properly to prevent damage from the groundings. Visit to know more about trolling motors.

Transom-mount motor adjusts to various heights and angles, so the shaft is changed at the right depth. You need to choose which of these types will be appropriate for you.

Saltwater vs. Freshwater

A saltwater motor is protected against corrosion. It also has better seals on electrical and mechanical components. These features are not available with the freshwater trolling motor.

Shaft length

The standard shaft length is to be 42’’. For determining the proper size of a trolling boat, you need to measure the distance from transom to water and then add 20’’ to select the next closest measurement.


A trolling motor is rated in the pound of the thrust. 72-75lb of the thrust equals 746 electrical power or one horsepower. 12V motor that draws around 60A consumes 720W. The equation of the energy is relatively straightforward: the higher the voltage, the higher the thrust.

Right size

The size of a trolling boat is also supposed to be determined. More giant a ship is, the better. It is also essential to consider factors like current, wind, and wave action. These things are to control the movement of a motor in the water largely. Different people may go for different sizes of the boat. You need to choose yours. Go to to know more about this.